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Reasons why Belle is the Best Disney Princess:
1. She doesn't want a prince
2. Her name means beauty
3. Asserts nerd pride and reads, despite the town mocking her
4. Rejects the good-looking jerk for the kind-hearted Beast
5. Has the ability to break spells with her tears
6. Wasn't born a princess
7. She doesn't need talking animals... SHE has talking FURNITURE
Belle is by far the best princess. She may be beautiful, but she doesn't spend her time maintaining her looks, she prefers reading. She doesn't fall in love with men because of their looks (cough cough ariel, sleeping beauty, snow white, cinderella, etc), but for their character. She's intelligent, kind, brave, and adventurous. She's not satisfied with a hum drum life of low expectations; she dreams of more, of adventure, and of someone who loves/accepts her for who she is. Plus she loves books above all things, above materialistic pursuits, appearances and shallow parties and people. She encourages girls to love knowledge and to express compassion and to not be obsessed with looks and societal standards.
Kind, intelligent, rejects the idiotic Gaston's advances even in a time when marriage was expected only one problem the bestiality thing
[Newest]Belle is so sweet!
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She will always be my favorite! It's not that she's totally devoted to her man, it's that she believes in true love and why wait for something that "might" happen again, when there is someone right here who is everything you could want. I also love that her story is the first story where there is true love. She gets to know her prince and is able to fall in love with him on a whole other level. I also have a huge love for swimming, the sea, mermaids, and red hair laugh out loud. She also had a hand in helping to defeat her villian. If she hadn't stopped Urusala from blasting Eric, boom, movie would be over. She took on a vengeful woman with the power to control the very thing she's in fearlessly in order to protect the ones she loved. She won the love of her man without even having to speak to him. They truly connected in a beautiful way. In addition, she is the only Disney princess to have a daughter, Melody, and to be shown as a child and growing up outside of her original film. She had the best animated series and had the most developed character. Her movies are the only sequals, besides the Aladdin ones, that I watch and enjoy watching. Her character was the original base for all the other independent princesses in future films.
Ariel has been my favorite princess for 19 years, ever since I was a little girl! Not only is she sweet and gorgeous(that beautiful red hair and blue eyes! ), and has the most beautiful voice out of all the princesses... But Ariel is adventurous, driven, and ambitious in every way. She knows exactly what she wants in life and isn't afraid to go after it. Ariel is the only princess to be brave enough to save her prince twice and risk being in trouble for doing so. When Ariel made the choice to give up her voice to be with Eric, I admire her so much for that. "It is better to be without a voice than to be without heart. " When she does meet Eric and they get to know each other, Ariel is able to make him fall in love with her without saying a single word to him. In the end, she is able to have true love, which seemed completely impossible. Ariel's and Eric's relationship and connection is truly a beautiful one! Plus, Ariel is a hopeless romantic, just like me. I absolutely love her and she truly is iconic! Ariel is hands down the best Disney princess!
Ariel is iconic. That flowing red hair/blue eyes combo melts my heart. She longs for something that seems impossible, yet manages to achieve her desires, and is fearless. And of course she has the best voice used to sing the best Disney song. Ariel is beautiful in every way.
[Newest]She is so beautiful I love her
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Mulan shows independence, maturity, bravery, everything a lot of the mother princesses seem to be lacking. She is a amazing role model for young girls, by her being the heroine, saving a whole country and the person she loves, yet putting her family before love, and making her man come to her rather than the other way around. She risks her life for her family, she was never in danger in the first place, not directly at least, yet she goes to war instead of her father to fight, putting herself in danger. She shows intelligence and strong characteristics. The best princess shouldn't be judged on beauty or singing voice, but how much of a role model they are, and show the young girls of today that it's good to be independent, instead of waiting around for true love and wanting to be beautiful.
Mulan truly is the best. Here are the other's flaws:

Cinderella- timid. Teaches other girls that dreams and success come to you, and you don't have to work to chase it.
Opposite: brave

Snow White- idiotic. Despite being told hundreds of times not to accept stuff from strangers, she repeatedly accepts apples from a strange, creepy old woman unsuspiciously wandering around in the forest.
Opposite: intelligent

Sleeping Beauty- bland, lacks a personality. Sleeps for the majority of the movie, and dances/sings for the other parts. A dumbass who pricks her finger on a spindle like Snow White, despite being told all her life never to touch a spindle.
Opposite: Personality

Ariel: Throws away her talent, her family, her friends, and more for a random good-looking guy. Defies her father for love. Sneaks around, and wears revealing clothes (okay, she's a mermaid so I'll let her off of this one).
Opposite: Puts family first, mature

Jasmine: bold, intelligent, awesome. I actually like Jasmine, but she was more of a supporting character in the film. Didn't do much to resolve the conflict.
Opposite: main

Belle: Again, one of the few I actually like. Only problem with her is that she didn't try to fight back much, and didn't actually do anything towards the end. All she did was watch beast die in her arms, then- POOF- back to life. Still, Belle is amazing. A princess who likes to read! Go figure. However, her entire movie revolved around love. Can't there be a princess movie NOT about love?
Opposite: not about love

Tiana: Okay, so I'll have to admit that Tiana is really cool too. Hardworking and humble with a dream. However, she sort of put herself in all of the chaos by kissing a frog. If she hadn't done that, her problems wouldn't have started.
Opposite: caution

Mulan is all of the opposites of these princesses. She's brave, intelligent, has a personality (with a sense of humor), is mature, would die for her family, is ACTUALLY the hero instead of the prince, doesn't center her intentions on love, and is cautious too, not making impulsive mistakes. Don't get me wrong, princesses like Jasmine, Belle and Tiana are AWESOME- like, really awesome- but come on. Don't underestimate Mulan.

She saved China. She saved China. All of the other princess subconflicts sort of revolve around themselves, and people in their personal lives started the conflicts (i.E. stepmothers, beast, gaston, evil queen, Jafar) but Mulan's life had nothing to do with the Hun invasion. She chose to put herself out there and avoid social norms to save her country, which meant more to her than prancing around the ocean and falling in love with shipwrecked guys. Or going to a royal ball. SHE SAVED China. LET'S NOT FORGET THAT.

And sure, at the end she does kind of like Shang, but that's not the central point of it all. And don't use the argument "Oh, she's not a princess because she's not the daughter of a king! " NEWS FLASH: neither is Cinderella, belle, tiana, merida, and more. Don't use that argument against Mulan.
How can Mulan not be the best princess ever? I mean, she is independent, doesn't care what others think, stands up for herself and ultimately saves her prince and China. How many other princesses do you know that don't get saved, but save everyone! And she is so intelligent-it was her smarts-tactics, that saved them against the Huns. Go Mulan!
[Newest]Very inspirational, she teaches young girls to stand up for what you believe in even if it might get you into trouble. She is a nice alternative to the idiotic princesses that chase after princes. She shows courage and intelligence and also is a part of history.
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Rapunzel is by far the best princess/heroine, she is smart, talented, rebellious, sweet, kind, one hell of a dancer and on top of it all she is self-sacrificing. She was kidnapped as a child and went through years of verbal abuse from Mother Gothel before she got the guts to talk to her about the lanterns. It's tough to confront someone who has been manipulating you since you were an infant and even harder to get out of a tough family situation you know isn't healthy for U. She brake away from Gothel with a theif who tried to throw her off her path and stayed strong to her decision. She managed to make an entire bar of "bad guys" open up about their dreams. She saves herself and her companions from drowning and heals them. Then, when confronted by Mother Gothel in the woods she tells her off and continues to chase her dreams. Once she achieves her dreams she finds a new one instead of settling. Then, after she has been tricked by Gothel she puts everything together and never looses sight of what is the truth. Even when she has been deceived she has a gut instinct that is completely accurate. For her grand finale, she tells off Mother Gothel for good and fights her. When Eugene shows up and gets stabbed she continues to fight until she convinces Gothel to let her heal him in exchange for her power and submission. After her hair has been cut and Gothel is about to die she reaches out to Gothel as she falls to her doom, this shows her heart of gold. She then saves Eugene with that same heart of gold and a single tear. Once she is united with her family she is the best princess the kingdom has ever seen! She doesn't judge by appearance, station, or other wise and she encourages everyone to live their dreams! Rapunzel rules! Oh and she is an Artist!
Rapunzel without question is the best Disney Princess ever. She has all the best qualities of each Disney princess.

She has more talent, curiosity, and ambition than Ariel. Rapunzel loves Eugene more than Ariel loves Eric.

She doesn't fall for men because of their looks like Belle. Belle can break spells with her tears, so what, Rapunzel can do that and heal mortally wounded people with her hair. Rapunzel doesn't just read she has interests ranging from mopping the floor to candle making.

She is as tactical and has as much fighting spirit as Mulan. (She fights with her surroundings and a frying pan, her hair is more effective than batman's grappling hook) Mulan comes in close second for different reasons.

Jasmine can claim she didn't marry a blood born prince but Rapunzel didn't either.

Cinderella has faced hardships under the control of her godmother but she is not chained as property for eternity. In a way Rapunzel is a slave to mother Gothel. At the end, Rapunzel almost lost her entire lifetime to imprisonment. Cinderella doesn't resist, Fairy God mother and mice practically do all the work.

Every princess does more than Aurora

Pocahontas is good because she understand the world better than any Disney princess but wisdom comes with time. Rapunzel is a princess who learns quicker than any other princess and didn't get the chance to see the world like the others. But with the short time she had outside her tower she became more mature than most other Disney Princesses. I also admire Pocahontas.

Snow white is just loved by people because she is the first. well Rapunzel is the first of the computer 3D animated princess.

She is hardworking like Tiana.

She isn't spoiled like Merida.

In the Mulan section she is the princess that isn't mentioned in the flaws.

She is beautiful in every way, she is "innocent" and isn't contaminated by the worlds ideals. She loves the world and doesn't take anything for granted. She is pure even in dangerous situations.

Every Disney princess sings but Rapunzel's singing and good nature blows me away every-time.

I like strong-willed princesses and Rapunzel is definitely up there.
Rapunzel is the best Disney princess for several reasons:

1. She's selfless. She attempts to sacrifice any and all chances of future happiness in order to save her true love. No other princess can say that, with the only possible exception being Anna when she guards Elsa from Hans.

2. She's brave. It takes a lot of guts to step out of your comfort zone and try new things, especially when you've been taped in a tower your whole life with only your mother and a chameleon for company. Rapunzel is able to take on a group of thugs her first day out of the house since she was born. That's pretty kickass.

3. She's kind. Rapunzel has a truly good heart, being able to see the good in people such as the Tavern Thugs and Flynn Rider. She is able to see their full potential.

4. She's a good leader. Okay, so we don't see a whole lot of Princess Rapunzel in action, but I think we have a lot of reasons to believe that Rapunzel will be a great ruler of Corona. During the Kingdom Dance scene, the townspeople seem to trust her and to be drawn to her. Her interactions with the children at the end of the movie also lead me to believe that Rapunzel will be a good queen.

5. She's smart. She is able to adjust to the world outside her tower quite easily in an extremely short period of time.

6. She is a strong female character. People like to argue that Rapunzel isn't a feminist princess because she gets the guy. However, Rapunzel's goal was never to fall in love. It just ended up happening on her journey. Plus, Rapunzel and Flynn have one of, if not the best relationship in Disney movies. I love the fact that they save each other. Plus, she didn't get married right away. The events of Tangled Ever After take place a while after the end of Tangled.


[Newest]She is curious and brave
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First of all, Elsa is both a princess and a queen, which is awesome. Also, she has super-powers... who doesn't like super-powers? Also, Elsa is not a helpless romantic, like all of the other princesses. She is mature because she has to be, from that first moment she accidentally struck her sister, and she has to hold all of her powers inside, and not let anyone see who she is for her sister's protection, as well as the protection of her country. And when she accidentally strikes her sister and is forced to leave to the mountains, she doesn't want to go. And she clearly loves her sister. Her voice is beautiful, and her dress is awesome. The sisters save each other, not a guy, which is awesome. Elsa also shows that being different can be a great thing, as evident at the end when she made the ice rink.
Elsa is a very reserved princess, And the most matured of all of them, If you see, She doesn't spend time dreaming, She spends time trying to protect everyone important to her. Her voice (Idina Menzel, please correct me if I'm wrong) has a heck load of a voice, She is perfect for Elsa's matured character. She also has magical powers she may use for the good and for the bad. And she is also very loving, She has a better voice than Ariel's (No offense Ariel's fans! ) and she really gets the emotion of the story so yeah!
If you don't know who Elsa is, you HAVE to watch frozen! I'm a disney princess fan and Elsa, so far is the coolest, literally. Creating snowman, snow, ice, blizzards, you name it. Anything to do with snow and ice, Elsa has it all covered. Elsa has powers over ice, which is awesome! She protects her sister from her powers and its really sad that they can't be together because, Elsa, as an older sister doesn't want to harm her sister, Anna, again by locking herself in her room. Although Elsa was formerly a villain in the movie it's really good she didn't because then she wouldn't of become my favourite disney princess since she would've been the villain.
Elsa is beautiful and her powers and herself has beauty.
[Newest]Elsa she is nice and I like her and + I have a sister
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Jasmine, for me, is the best princess because she wouldn't let herself be pushed into marriage. She knew in her heart she wanted to wait for true love so she did it. She was very cautious being around Aladdin to make sure he didn't just want to marry her for her riches, which shows she has respect for herself. She is also very loving and forgiving because even after she found out Aladdin was lying to her she accepted that he lied so he could be with her and because he loved her.
She is a very strong and selfless princess which makes her the best.
I also like Belle but I really like Jasmine because she is brave and courageous (she tried running away from home) she also is very nice, pretty and she stands up for what she believes in.
The cuteness of Ariel, the intelligence of Belle, and the independence of Tiana, along with her own unique exotic flare... I can see why Al fell for her less than a second within him laying his eyes on her.
[Newest]Almost tied with Elsa VOTE JASMINE NOW!
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Cinderella is iconic. Some may perceive her as weak or helpless, but she is in fact brave and strong. Imagine enduring years and years of physical and verbal abuse and continuing to maintain a positive outlook on life, an outlook in which you continue to dream of a better life. I don't think I could have maintained the same sort of self control and internal beauty that Cinderella possessed throughout her life. And speaking of beauty, she's gorgeous to boot. She is kind, sweet, and gentle, and even attempts to find the good in her evil stepmother and stepsisters, as well as the devious cat lucifer. She greets her greedy and rude and selfish stepsisters with a smile and a "good morning" even when they are so horrible to her. That takes strength and endurance. On top of that, she's witty and funny. She is the type of person deserving of a fairy godmother, someone who can't escape her current circumstances on her own. It is as though her beauty and kindness radiated from her, because why else would the prince immediately single her out as his one true love? (does anyone else wish that the price had a name? ) Anyway, Cinderella's beautiful name reflects the sweet, kind, gentle, and strong woman she is. She never gives up on her dreams and is rewarded with her wishes coming true.
Many people criticize Cinderella for being too passive or sensitive, but this isn't the case at all. Cinderella is witty, intelligent, humorous, and brave. When her stepmother laughs at her when she asks if she can go to the ball too, she defends herself. She tries to make her own gown for the ball out of her sisters' hand-me-downs and actively pursues her dreams, instead of lying around in a coma like Snow White or running away from her problems like Jasmine. And, yes, even though in the end Cinderella needed outside help in the end from her fairy godmother, asking for assistance isn't a bad thing and is sometimes necessary. Besides, at least her magical donor wasn't a wicked witch with whom she made a completely-unfair deal with, knowingly and willingly (*cough cough* Ariel).

Cinderella is iconic, strong-willed, persevering, and sweet. Not only is she one of the most popular Disney characters, but, in my eyes, one of the best!
Cinderella is the most lovely princess in the entire Disney Kingdom. Her voice is very soothing. She can befriend almost everyone she meets. Cinderella has the best personality. She was forced to be a servant and maid in her own house, but she still kept that loving and caring feature inside and continued to be loving, even though she lived in a house with wicked people. She still continued to treat them well, since she is loving. She also has a sense of humor. Cinderella was able to hope and believe for what she wants, and in the end, she got what she wanted: a handsome prince to marry her.
[Newest]Cinderella has always been my favourite my reasons are that one she is kind hearted two she is loyal and honest three she believes in true love and finally some may describe her as a dumb blonde but I think that she is a strong independent woman who believes in things that they actually may come true. I think the moral of her personality is to always be live you can achieve it and it may come true.
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As an Indigenous person, I viewed Pocahontas as a positive racial and cultural representation of Native Americans in the mainstream media, (of which is unfortunately lacking in the media industries and representations) throughout my childhood. Many of the scenes displaying traditional practices and ceremonial conduct, (and how awesome that used to be) instigated a curiosity to understand and be educated about my own culture. Despite being historically inaccurate, surprisingly, the film correctly presented many Indigenous mentalities, philosophies and morals of protection of our mother earth, and maintaining healthy and equal human relationships to those around us. I probably sound cheesy now, but it's just pride in my race and more importantly my culture, which individualizes Indigenous peoples more so than their ethnicity! As a child, (now a teen) I was glad Pocahontas at least was a media representation of indigenous peoples that wasn't some white person playing dress up like an Indian and talking REALLY slowly.
Other factors that my adoration of Pocahontas are her moral strengths, belief in equality, compassion, and wise understanding, as well as her acceptance and willingness to educate others of her perception of the world. Racial representation provided asides, Pocahontas is an amazing role model and a strong woman with goals and outcomes that set to achieve overall happiness and positive life experience. Her happily ever wasn't inclusive to assimilating herself and leaving her homeland to be with John Smith in Virginia (despite Pocahontas II, but forget that ever happened). I enjoy Pocahontas's similar warrior spirit to Mulan, of whom I also favorite, who fought in a war, yet Pocahontas ended a budding conflict or war rooted in racism and human misunderstanding, which is important of a strong, passionate fighter: The ability to stop disputes and choose to not partake in violence or fight. Disney so repetitively carries the theme of actively pursuing your dream; yet, Pocahontas knew to give up her dream of romance and true love with John Smith because it was the right thing to do, and that's a tough life lesson.
I believe Pocohontas is the best heroine out of all of the Disney films. When you watch the film it you quickly fall in love with Pocahontas as she struggles to find the right path for her. I admire her so much. She is independent, strong, caring, kind, adventurous, fun, understanding, loving, mature and very in touch with nature Out of all the Disney princesses I believe she is the best role model. Also her love for John Smith I believe to be the greatest love that any of that Disney princesses have. Pocahontas behaves as if she has lived a thousand different lives but also carries this innocence and purity which makes her very unique to the other princesses. I also lover her appearance, her face in the movie is less expressive than the other Disney characters but it still conveys the emotions she if feeling and I believe the subtly of this makes her character more unique and mysterious. Honestly I think she is the best Disney princess and I think of her as being in a different league to the other princesses. I don't really know why I think this its just I feel her and the movie are so much more deep than the other Disney princess films.
She is very true to herself, and she wasn't afraid to risk anything for what she believed in. She felt she was being told to find love with a man she would actually love, and she did. Sometimes it's okay to not follow the rules. Sometimes you have to follow your heart.
[Newest]Ah yes. The historically inaccurate movie.
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9Sleeping Beauty
How could anyone dislike Aurora? Although most of them think she doesn't do much, that's not true. I mean she didn't get a chance to do anything. Just think if an evil fairy curses you and the fairies bring you up in the woods, is that wrong? Even if it had belle, ariel, mulan, cinderella, snow white, jasmine or anybody else the same fate must have happened to them too. What will she do if the evil fairy orders her to prick her finger? , I should tell you this, she pricked her finger because she was not conscious and was thoroughly enchanted by the fairy's spell and not only she but all the other princesses should have done the same and she was helpless and only because she was helpless and can't do anything or get a chance to do anything it doesn't mean she is low or useless. I just wanted everyone to know that each princess is very special and we should not think that only one or two are the best and beautiful. But aurora is my favorite princess and I am saying this for all the other girls too.
How can you not love Princess Aurora? Even though she has been hidden with the fairy godmothers almost her entire life, she is still so sweet, imaginative, and of course, in my opinion, the most beautiful princess and best singing voice! Lastly, Aurora has the best prince - Prince Phillip has personality and slayed a dragon for her - and the villain, Magnificient, is pure evil - not comic relief - and had the power to turn into a dragon. So yeah, not only is Princess Aurora the best, but so is her leading man and enemy!
Princess Aurora is the icon beautiful princess, with her long wavy hair. Many teens lost her time for get dress even some princess like Jasmine and not be but lucky princess like Belle, but Aurora don't. Judging by the way her fairy-aunt did the birthday party for her, they are worthless when they are human that's mean Princess Aurora as Briar Rose has much responsibles to do. Although, she fall in love at first sight but thinking what will you do if you met who you dreamed every night. Besides, Maleficent was tricked and enchanted her, she just did it because she really love Philip so don't blame her. She is the true princess.
[Newest]Aurora is simply great. People please, she only sleeps for a small PORTION of the movie, not the entire thing. She is sweet, positive and she never knew she was a princess, so that's awesome.
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Anna is quirky, funny, and loyal. I mean, disney really did try and tried with a beautiful effort when making rapunzel and Merida. It was obvious that they wanted the out-of-the-ordinary princess who wasn't princess-like at all and didn't obey the rules and still remained effortlessly amazing role models. Yeah, well they tried once again with Anna, this time going the dangerous way out. They decided to make her... SOCIALLY AWKWARD. Yes, I know, hitting people with frying pans and eating an apple loudly and chewing with your mouth open while the kingdom watching are totally and insanely awkward. But no one in the real world can perform those things in real life, now could they (I mean, unless you really really wanted to...). Anna was just naturally awkward and weird when she met Hans, staring at him too long, calling him gorgeous on the spot, stuttering and stammering with her words. And how did she meet Hans in the first place? Oh yeah, that's right, she tripped over a horse and landed in a boat. She's so clumsy, and I love it. That's what makes her so relatable. She's just the kind if girl who would look up at the clouds with wonder, only to have a bird poop on her head.

She's funny. She makes every line in the movie hilarious in the best way using her awkwardness and even using everyone's favorite: sarcasm. ;) She was just the type if character that kept you laughing and wanting more of her. She still remains womanly serious at all times with the ongoing dilemma if her sister locking herself away and trying to figure out why she likes kristoff when she lived Hans just moments ago. It's just so perfect.

My next favorite thug about Anna is is that she's loyal. Really, EXTREMELY LOYAL to her sister. Her sister one day abandoned their friendship and ignored Anna whenever she asked if they could go play. (Misunderstanding, there was a good meaning behind her neglect). Even when their parents died, elsa still couldn't come out her door to comfort anna. Then on Elsa's coronation, she lets her power go after she just yelled at her that she couldn't marry a dreamy man who was charming and seemed to have so much in common with her even though they just met. I mean, she has been guarded her whole life, so meeting a guy like Hans? It must be true love! (no! ) Her sister runs away and after all of that you know what Anna does? Goes off to try to find her and make things right. How can you argue with that loyalty?

Also, and this is a minor thing, but her relationship with kristoff was just so perfect. I love how they started off practically wanting to strangle each other but then he kinda grew in her and she kinda grew in him. In the end, they could've passed as friends and not love interests just because that's what they acted like. I'm pretty sure that that's important in a boy and girls relationship. You have to be able to be friends, right?

Overall, Anna is amazing and she may not be as beautiful in animation or as special with cool winter powers, but can everybody just forget about elsa and think about who really caused the resolution to the story? It was Anna. Optimistic, awkward, funny, loud, loyal Anna who was always overshadowed by her sister (even in the fandom... Ouch..). That just about covers it. She's perfect to me because she acts like me. She's weird and she's different from the ray if the princesses. Disney truly found their oddball heroine.
If you think about it, who would you rather be friends with, Anna or Elsa? Sure Elsa has winter powers and cool hair, but Anna always has your back and is able to see beauty in everyone. What is more, Anna is able to see her quirks and embrace them, where as Elsa tries to hide them and be "normal." Which is the better image for young girls? Everyone acts like Elsa is so cool because she deals with hard problems. Anna has been through the same load of problems as Elsa. Also, Elsa knew why she was isolated, where as Anna is forced into her sister's self-created exile. Everyone likes Elsa because she has ice powers, but Anna is the one who touched all our hearts and gave the story a happy ending. Without Anna, Elsa would be in her state of self-exile (she would have found a reason to fear herself without hurting Anna). Without Elsa, Anna would have created many more fun adventures. Anna liked the idea of being loved, not Hans himself. Her "love at first sight" was an act of desperation. Just because she can't create ice, doesn't make wielding love and loyalty any less cool. Elsa locked Anna out, revealed her ice powers after yelling at Anna, ran away, and then what did Anna do? Go after her. I love Elsa, but what does she do in her ice castle with o furniture all day?
I love Elsa, but she over shadows her sister only because she has powers. Anna should get more recognition for her pure kindness and genuineness.
What were that stupid Jennifer Lee and stupid Chris Buck thinking? Huh? It's all the stupid directors' and writers' fault. They're the ones who decided to tear the best royal sisters Anna and Elsa apart.
Anna is just the kind of person you'd want to be around, because she's always herself, and one we can relate to. Everyone is amazed with her ability to speak to you when she isn't even real. She's funny and kind, and she is clumsy and just like a normal teenage girl. She is loyal, and everyone loves the way she sings and how cute she is especially personality. I choose her as my favorite.
[Newest]Anna is nice and she has a good heart
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Now, people. Listen carefully...Most of these little girls absolutely LOVE Merida but now it's up to the older people to decide. Every stinking princess out there is either spoiled, being bullied by there mother--or step mother, or just living an average life. Seem the only princesses I care for are Merida, Mulan, Pocahontas and Tiana. Tiana is the only princess who actually works to get her dream. Mulan risked her life for her dad. Pocahontas stopped war between to different cultures, or groups with different cultures. And Merida has awesome hair...and Rapunzel too. But Merida also works hard for her dream. Every one out there just likes a princess because they're pretty or can sing. Merida isn't pretty or can sing, Actually she never sang and she's really pretty in my opinion. So forget that, Merida, sure you think she's a brat, if you do you're wrong. Merida just doesn't like being told how to live her life. Sure, she's not in as bad as a living situation as the others, but what if you were being told to become your mom and being turned into someone else and not yourself. She was picky at times but that shows how determined she can really be. She actually fights herself and doesn't have a boy do it for her. Oh, and she's like belle, (forgot to say belle is awesome) she didn't care about the man--or men-- trying to win her heart. Merida fought to change her destiny and didn't even have a side kick. Except for that awesome hair. I want it so badly. Plus, boys are disgusting and she's the first princess to end up independent! Go Merida!
She wasn't a big hit at first with the little girls, but later her movie was released and she became a big come back. Once her coronation began little girls had swept off their feet and ran for her. She's the only princess so far with out a prince and I really admire that about her. She also fights for her freedom and fights her dad to save her mother. Plus
She's got mad archery skills, I'd bet millions of dollars that she'd beat Katniss, Hawk eye and Robin Hood in an archery contest. I mean, come on, she shot an arrow three times in a row the split an arrow in half! Merida doesn't care about what she looks like (though she is really pretty) and she doesn't have a love story like the MOST (Mulan does not) princesses. I personally LOVE her so much! She's my all time favorite princess. By the way: I'm The biggest Brave fan, and Tangled fan.
Merida is independent, strong- willed and spunky. Just because she doesn't choose to get married at the end doesn't make her deserve the bottom of the list! And her hair is AMAZING!
[Newest]She is brave, loves her family and doesn't need a man.
More comments about Merida

She is no doubt the most independent, strong willed, and feisty. Princess yet. She has changed the meaning of a Disney Princess forever. She waits for no man, and knows how to get where she wants to be. Settling down and preforming "womanly duties" is nowhere in her life plan. She is a role model to all women. She is spunky with just the right amount of maturity and femininity. Her many talents get her so far in life. And she doesn't need a man to help get her there.
I like Tiana because she is one of the only disney princesses that worked hard to achieve what she wants. Tiana is also more down to earth and has experienced suffering (the death of her dad) but she uses that to motivate her. I also find Tiana one of the most mature, despite having her childlike belief on wishing on stars, she realises that she has to work as well, since she has experienced how tough life can be. Finally, she isn't obsessed with the concept of love and her dream is more realistic. Also she isn't reliant on anyone, she uses other for support but stands on her own two feet.
After years of insipid twats waiting around for magic and princes to save them, Walt Disney Pictures gives us a Disney Princess who's not only African American, but intelligent and hard-working. She even saves the frog prince in the end! Gasp!
How can anybody not like Tiana?
[Newest]Her love story is the cutest. It started from a disliking/annoyance to an increasing love, not like the other princesses who just happen to have love at first sight. She's not a princess who needed the saving from a prince.
More comments about Tiana

13Snow White
Frankly, my favorite princess is actually Cinderella, but Snow White is so disgustingly underrated. People call her stupid, weak or say she has no personality, but she is far from it. Snow White is sweet, optimistic and always tries to make the best of everything and see the good in everyone. She is also very selfless, apologizing to the animals after crying and cleaning the cottage which she thought belonged to children. She is always trying to cheer others up. Plus, she is bossy and spunky, which I love. She knows she has the Dwarfs wrapped around her little finger - just look at the scene where she tells the Dwarfs to wash - and has a playful sense of humor - she's always teasing Grumpy. Sure, she's a bit naive, but nobody is perfect, and she was sheltered her whole life.
I love Snow White she was the first princess not to mention I adore her voice and songs
The fact that she is innocent and how she just connects with the animals of the forest and the dwarfs just makes her my number one princess! She is very feminine and I just adore her I can't even describe!
Snow White is amazing. Sometimes I just tell myself what would Snow White do when I'm confused. She is so happy and kind. She also seems to enjoy herself. She has so many qualities that are ideal and I admire her character a lot. I think her character also gets quite a raw deal from some fans that thinks shes some dumb little girl that is shallow and likes cleaning. If they actually thought about her with an open mind they would realise how many amazing qualities she has and also please cut Snow White some slack I mean she was the first ever Disnye princess and deserves kudos for that but she also was a reflection of the time she was created in where women were expected to clean and cook for men. That was womens roles at that time and she was a great role model for women at that time and a lot of the things that she teaches us through songs are still very applicable now.
[Newest]Rather stupid and bland

She stands up against racism, protects her people, looks past and never comments on Quasimodo's deformities, defies the unjust laws, and has a goat. Plus when she first meets her future husband she fights him with a candlestick as her only weapon.
Okay, she fights for the minority and against racism and for her people. How is that not awesome? And she's smart, beautiful without being conventional, and can kick butt. IN A SKIRT. I mean, I love Mulan, but I like the fact that Esmeralda can kick butt without cross dressing. She never judges people and fights for justice. Plus, goats.
She may not be the best but she certainly is the prettiest. I mean she had all of the 3 main guys drooling over her. Plus she has a goat. Case closed.
[Newest]She stands up for what she believes in, has a super cool goat, smart, pretty, and fights racism. She is by far the best!

'I'm a damsel, I'm in distress, I can handle. Have a nice day! '
She's so much more different than all the other princesses because she's independent and you gotta love her snarky attitude!
How the heck did Princess I-Have-The-Personality-Of-A-Hair-Dryer Aurora get a better rating than Megara!? She is one of the few Disney characters to have a character development. She is loyal to her boyfriend and stood up to Hades, a god!
How can you not love her? She's cool, sassy, and sarcastic! She's an amazing character a lot of people can relate to. Her and Mulan are by far the best.
[Newest]She has got to be the best one.. I love the others but she is just... Epic.

Movie: Sleeping Beauty
Royal Connection: Daughter of a King, Married a Prince
Prince: Phillip
Year Made: 1959
Aurora is so beautiful and so is her song "once upon a dream". I love her and all the Disney princesses
I love aurora where's Ariel in number 1?
[Newest]Guys she is listed as "sleeping beauty" in the top ten so vote for that instead of this lower one

I have three things to say to you people.
1: Tinkerbell is not a princess.
2:If we are talking about Nala from Lion King then she is not a princess. She is a queen later on but was never a princess.
3: Fiona is a Dreamworks character not a Disney you idiots!


She builds things from junk, is clever, takes risks and is successful, shows the girls that they can face any challenge as long as they put their mind to it. Go Tink
Um. Tinker bell tried to murder Wendy. So no, she does not fool me with her little "adventure""I have friendship movies". Kids: she is no one to look up to. You shouldn't try to kill someone because you're jealouse.

18Vanellope von Schweetz
Sure all the other princesses have a prince. Does Vanellope have one? No. She was an outcast but still wanted to live up to her goals. Her goal was to win a race not ask, "When will life begin? " or crawl away from the problem like Jasmine, Aurora and Snow White. She also doesn't pine for a prince like Anna, Snow White, Belle or Kida. She also lives ALONE like Aurora, Snow White, Jasmine, Tiana, Kida, Belle, Anna, and every princess ever made. Elsa doesn't count cause she's not a princess, She's a Queen. The others need baby sitters.
She was a princess once, wasn't she? Besides, she keeps being funny even after suffering so much. And she prefers democracy! Which means she's not selfish. What else can we ask?
Jasmine is my favourite but I want Vanellope to be higher on the list.
[Newest]She is awesome. Case closed.

Giselle is someone who isn't a role model to start out with. She isn't smart. Yet she can teach much: She is like the typical 5-year old girl. And then she grows to be brave, make good decisions and have a complex, real relationship. Unlike other princesses who are either hopelessly in love with someone they've never met, she learns that that is not reality.
Princess Giselle is a great disney princess. She loves princes. She loves animals, She loves castles. She likes Phillip, Naveen other princes. She loves all the princes. She loves the castles.
She loves all the castles She knows.
Animated and in action!

Alice is awesome and cute but she is too well mannered for my liking. I get so frustrated when I watch Alice in Wonderland as she just walks through and says "um excuse me" quietly, instead of yelling "hey tell me how to get out of here right now! ". She puts up with way to much.
Alice is extremely adorable x)
Alice is the best ever

I love lions and she is so cute and fluffy. Even though I think Simba is cuter she is my best character in the Lion King. Also the Lion King is my best film ever! And I am desperate to see the musical of it! So my Grandma and Grandpa will probberly take me for a present. Very sweet. I nearly see the film every weekend. I just love the film and Nala. Even though she isn't really a princess, Simba is a prince but she becomes the Queen. She the BEST! In my opinion she should be crowned the best Disney character and have a crown and a big trophy and medal made of real gold. She should be number one. I know all the words to the Circle Of Life, Hakuna Matata and Can You Feel The Love Tonight and I Just Can't Wait Till I'm King. All of the songs. Scar is my second best character in films. In conclusion I thnk Nala is the best princess and the Lion King is the best film ever!
Only one with fangs!
[Newest]Does Nala have a brother?

Jane is amazing. She's intelligent, curious and adorable. She overcomes her fear of a man that seemed to abduct her, to teach him about the "civilized" world and to learn about his. She is insistent on justice and fairness, as seen in her behavior towards Clayton and the poachers. She learns that non-Anglo, "uncivilized" life is not inferior and eventually chooses to spend the rest of her life in the world she's learned about growing up and which is so beautiful, AND also with the boy she loves. I honestly don't understand why she and other non-classic yet awesome nonroyals don't get more marketing.
Jane is literally one of my favourite Disney characters ever. She is intelligent, inquisitive, adventurous, patient, compassionate, funny and sweet. Also just that accent, I could listen to her talk all day. She does not deserve to be twenty second

23Sofia the First
I'm 14 and I watch Sofia too! It helps me shockingly because when she wants to be alone with her mom on Mother's Day it makes me realize that we are in the same boat. I wanted to be with my dad all alone but it made my realize that I now have to share my dad with my step siblings
She is so cute I, m 15 and I watch her show with my little sister
She wears a purple dress and a tiara, she's cute, smart and helpful.
[Newest]She is kind hearted like belle

She is techancally a Disney Princess, so she deserves a place on the list. Some good qualities of hers include her kindness and the fact that she wields a keyblade, which is pretty cool.


26Maid Marian
She's one of the kindest people in Robin Hood. She's nice and clever. Plus, Robin Hood certainly likes her, and who doesn't love Robin Hood?
She is so sweet kind and thoutful she is not my favorit but she is my 5or 6th

Is she a current Disney princess?

28Leia Organa
By far the greatest princess. After witnessing the destruction of her home planet Alderaan by the Darth Vader she aided the Rebel Alliance in defeating the evil Galactic Empire.
Best Princess of all time. Hands down.
I wouldn't really consider her as a disney princess although in episode 4 she is Princess Leia. But still I would consider her number 5.

I know everybody's going to be like: Malificent is a villain not a princess. So sure she's not a princess but neither is Elsa, Alice, an more. But she is technically a Queen. She is confident, funny, strong, powerful, beautiful, and very independent. Who's with me?
I love maleficent in the movie but in sleeping beauty I hate her
She's evil and mean and stupid and dumb and not to mention CREEPY

Kida is amazing. She doesn't have to wear the material things in life, like beautiful dresses and things like that. She has magical powers and a magical necklace that define who she is. If anybody asks you who is the Disney Princess with the single blue gem necklace, everybody will know that it is Princess Kida. Not only that but she can get her hands dirty, when the time has come to it because she is just kickass like that. Also, she loves her people and she loves her father... She is a grand ruler of the people of Atlantis and she gets along with everybody. That is why I LOVE Princess Kida.
Just because she doesn't wear a poufy dress DOESN'T mean she's not a princess. And a cool one at that! Not only does she have magic powers and the coolest kingdom (Atlantis. ' ATLANTIS! ), but she sacrifices herself for the good of her people. Brave, smart, and strong, she kicks Belle's ball gowned butt ANY day.
The original feminist Princess

31Daisy Duck (Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers)
Daisy Duck xxx Sonic the Hedgehog (her best Sega friend)/Kirby of the Stars/Diddy Kong

Daisy Duck vs. Donkey Kong

Imagine Daisy Duck with a Piko-Piko Hammer & on Archie Comics.
Daisy duck well my name is daisy too
Daisy Duck is fat.
Also, I liked that part where Mickey Mouse interacted w/ Daisy Duck which they hardly do nowadays.

Also, Minnie Mouse is very similar in personality towards the overrated Princess Peach just like how Goofy is similar to Yoshi.

Death Battle: Daisy Duck vs. Pac-Man.

Still, imagine Daisy Duck w/ a Piko-Piko Hammer fighting against Dr. Wily.

Well, she DOES have a pretty unique design compared to the other Disney princesses. And she's suppose to be a mix of Merida and Pocahontas, so I'm for it!
I know we don't exactly know anything about her because the movie isn't out yet, but she WILL be awesome. Because it's Disney.

33Princess Charlotte La Bouff
Charlotte needs to be higher on this list!

From the princess and the frog. She is a fun-loving princess and even though is very rich, she had a friend irrespective of her poverty. This makes her a good hearted princess although se looks as if she is spoiled. When Tiana says Naveen that her dream would be incomplete qithout

35Nancy Tremaine

36Jessica Rabbit
Shes beautiful and all but I pretty much sure agree that shes in the place she really belongs

37Princess Amber
Amber is nine and men too

38Princess Hildegard

39Princess Clio

40Princess Vivian

41Elena of Avalor

Amber is nice and men


She's not a princess, no, but I do believe she's worth noting. She's strong, intelligent, and beautiful. And, she's a Disney gal!

Wendy from Peter Pan is so caring, kind and brave. She's genuine and the same age of most of the viewers giving them someone to relate to. The way she is like a mother to The Lost Boys and reads them stories is adorable. She also teaches us that it's okay to grow up, but our childhood never leaves us.
She is prettier than the rest on this list from 11-40. other than Alice because she's great
Is always trying to do what is right even if it means losing her life
[Newest]She is as like as child hood of belle.

46Minnie Mouse (Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers)
Minie mouse, oh she is the beautiful than daisy.

I LOVE Melody, I believe she is better than her mother, Ariel because she is like her father, sings cuter, not as stubborn and spoilt, cuter as a baby, seems to care about others and she is brave.. I used to love Ariel but I realized she was a bit of a bad influence and really spoilt, when Melody came along I didn't know she existed until 2008 and the film came out in 2000, I really want a doll of her now.
Melody has always been my favorite <3 I watched that movie over and over until it wouldn't work!
Melody is just like the average girl. Ariel has always been my favorite Disney princess, so why can't melody fit in too?
[Newest]She is so cute and brave out of the box like her mom in so many ways

48Tiger Lily
I think that tiger lilly is cool.
Oh what a ugly stupid girl. I hate tiger lily.
So stupid I have no words

Eilonwy is actually my second favorite but I'm voting for her because she definitely belongs in the top 10 and she is underrated. People forget about her, just because she doesn't have a poofy dress, or is rescued by a Prince Charming, she is still a Princess and is awesome.
Movie: The Black Cauldron
Reason why I like her: REALLY pretty and funny!
10 words to describe: beautiful, hilarious, tough, spunky, brave, tiny (hey she's like what 12), accented, opinionated, lovable, Underrated, and awesome.


Despite the lack of a poufy dress, Eilonwy still demonstrates bravery and brains mixed with beauty. Plus she's WAY less annoying than her co-star!
[Newest]Poor Eilonwy! Nobody ever knows who she is...

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