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61A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes - Cinderella
62Pink Elephants - Dumbo

Definitely the trippiest disney song

63Town Meeting Song - Nightmare Before Christmas
64Prince Ali - Aladdin
65'Twas Brillig - Alice In Wonderland

My favorite Alice in Wonderland song because of my favorite character, The Cheshire Cat.

66The Summer Song - Frozen
67Kidnap the Sandy Claws - Nightmare Before Christmas
68Arabian Nights - Aladdin
69Higitus Figitus - Sword in the Stone
70Under the Stars - Lion King

Its not a song its instrumental but when you guys are gonna learn that lyrics isn't everything.. Certainly a top 5 song(instrumental)vote 4 it

71Feed the Birds (Tuppence a Bag) - Mary Poppins

This was Walt Disney's favorite song - and for good reason! It is beautiful, haunting, and epic, a work of true genius. - Alpha101

72So This Is Love - Cinderella

This song is the purest representation of what it really feels like to be in love. Elegant, sweet, effervescent.

73Almost There - The Princess and the Frog

This song is amazing, Tiana has a beautiful voice.

74My Lullaby - Lion King 2

This is the less catchy but still better version of Be Prepared. This song is about how gore, screams, and murder are music to our antagonists ears. She is also a much better villain than Scar and is just all around awesome. Too bad this song hasn't been too noticed yet.

75Candle on the Water - Pete's Dragon
76Whistle While You Work - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
77True to Your Heart - Mulan
78Oh, Sing Sweet Nightingale - Cinderella
79I Wonder - Sleeping Beauty
80Just Around the Riverbend - Pocahontas
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