Top Ten Female Rock Guitarists

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The Top Ten

Nancy Wilson
I never paid much attention to Heart until recently. Now, after seeing Nancy through her career from raw, to record label forced mainstream, and now back into her own... I saw she has unparalleled talent. Looking back into her videos over the years shows she's done everything, even though she's been held mostly to acoustic and rhythm guitar. She's so perfect, Nancy could have been a very highly paid session guitarist. Nancy nailed the intro to the live Stairway To Heaven at the Kennedy Center Awards... it shows how artistically and perfect she plays. Besides that, Nancy is very kool, has a great stage presence, and hasn't appeared to have led a self destructive lifestyle. Nancy and Ann are amazing accomplished artists with the greatest talent and depth. They can make almost any song better. "Love Reign O're Me" is just one.
Love the group Heart! I have seen them in concert and what an event--these ladies are amazing and truly know how to rock. Nancy can play like no other woman on the planet in my opinion. When I think of the best female guitarist there is no other woman which comes to mind. To see Nancy at #1 on this chart is deservedly so and right on target. Thanks for getting this one right. Rock goddesses!
Definitely the best female lead guitarist I have ever heard. This lady can really rock and deserves to be the number 1 females rock guitarist. Listen to Heart's tracks especially Barracuda and you will hear for yourself. Awesome stuff

With guitar solos and rock slowly vanishing, Orianthi is truly an inspiration for young people to realize how amazing rock music is; at her young age she plays like none other!
Great at the solos. Just listen to suffocated. speed and melody is definitely one of Orianthi's best qualities
"If I was going to pass the baton to someone, she would be my first choice, "- Carlos Santana. Look for her on Michael Jackson's This is It.
[Newest]Young, fresh and shreds like a boy! Orianthi is THE BEST hands down for this generation.

3Jennifer Batten
One of the best skilled Rock guitar players around the world
The best only serve the best of the best and Jennifer is a perfect example. She rocks!
A veteran of the most supreme proportions!

4Bonnie Rait
No doubt about it Bonnie is the best to ever pick up a guitar!
Her longevity in the business is proof of that as she only gets better!
Bonnie Rait is great
Saw her in Vienna tonight. Still has it 63!

5Malina Moye
Malina Moye is the "sauce" which is needed in today's music!
She is a Rock star with a heart that melts any Rock
Malina Moye is awesome.

6Joan Jett
That is way to many votes for Nancy wilson! Besides, I like Joan Jetts songs more and I like more of them


She should be number 1 I love her
YES! I love Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.
[Newest]She is a rock and roll goddess.

7Susan Tedeschi
I discovered Susan and her virtuoso guitar playing while listening to many other great blues guitarists. The Blues is about emotion, feeling, and self-expression in every note. I enjoy hearing her choices with the guitar on every one of her songs. There are many great guitarists on this list, and the blues players in particular get better with age and experiences. Whether on her own or with the Tedeschi-Trucks Band, her guitar playing continues to evolve into a fantastic form of self-expression the rest of us can enjoy.
Think she is the best current blues guitarist/singer. Checkout "Midnight in Harlem" and "Everybody's Talking". The Tedeschi/Trucks band is unbelievable.
She and her husband just plain rock!!!

8Lita Ford
We are talking rock now aren't we?
Lita out rocks all of these, Joan is a rhythm guitarist and Nancy was good but she backed up the lead guitarist in her band. Lita has always stood front and center. Hard Rocking Women!
Shes the only one who plays more than the same thing here people. She mixes it up ALL the time. Greatest soloist EVER!
Lita Ford is by far the best guitarist EVER

9Ana Popovic
Saw Ana in Key West Florida at the Green Parrot October 2012... This girl Rocks...
THE best female blues guitarist. Also mostly plays her own music.
She both plays and sings amazingly well!

10Jan Kuehnemund
Truly amazing guitarist from one of my all time fave female rock bands... Love her x
Jan Kuehnemund is awesome. I love her
The rock world lost a great one. A true inspiration. MAY SHE REST IN PEACE.

The Contenders

11Allison Robertson

12Lzzy Hale
Even her name screams badass..

13Chrissie Hynde
One of the best rhythm player male or female

14Melissa Ethridge
The whole package! Writes music, great singer and live performer and can play any guitar put in her hands. Every cover song she makes her own. Number 1 on my list by far
Inredibly exciting Rock guitarist, song writer, and singer who can pound the strings off a 12 string guitar, and play electric or acoustic.. Plus play a few other instruments.. I've seen Heart in concert and they are awesome.. But so is Melissa..
Loved her music when I first heard her sing!

15St. Vincent
How is she not at LEAST in the top ten? She's certainly better than Demi Lovato!
Beautiful oddity sound? No problem for her!


16Demi Lovato
I wouldn't class her as a guitarist, let alone a rock one. I'm not hating on her though.
Way too underrated, but very talented.

17Joni Mitchell
Joni is from a different breed she has more folk style music than girl guitarist today. I couldn't put her at 12. Once a poll from rolling stone magizne put out a top 100 best guitarist and Joni was the only girl guitarest on the list. I would put her 4
She practically reinvents the guitar with every album and spends months learning the new chord structures each new tuning produces. No one comes close.

18Pat Benetar

19Sheryl Crow
Bass, acoustic, electric... Name it, she plays it and she plays them well.

20Suzi Gardner

21Neko Case
Queen of the tenor guitar.
Her music is awesome

22Donita Sparks
Donita sparks should have been 2 on the list not orianthi
So many albums by donita sparks and jeniffer gardner
Never heard of any by orianthi!

23Siouxsie Medley
From Dead Sara, she rocks on weatherman!
Just give Mona Lisa a listen...

24Kathy Valentine
She played bass for The Go-Go's, but she's a guitarist first and foremost and a danged good one.

25Kelley Deal
She didn't play the guitar until the was 30, but she can make kick ass solos

26Melissa Auf der Maur

27Kimberly Freeman
Duh shes the greatest

28Korey Cooper

29Gretchen Menn
Just saw the video of her new song "Scrap Metal". Blew me away.

30Carrie Brownstein
I like her style how she rocks the stage! She is perfect!
Amazing guitarist of amazing riot grl band, sleater Kinney!

31Ruyter Suys
Ruyter rocks and her stage presence/ antics are 2nd to none. She is rock n roll.

32Joanna Connor
Just look her up and you'll know why she's the best
She should be way higher up this list! Otherwise, this list is pure BS!

33June Millington

34Jen Turner

35Carol Kaye

36Liz Buckingham
Guitarist for ELECTIRC WIZARD!

37Liona Boyd
World famous classical guitarists

38April Lawton
Lead guitarist for Ramatam in the early senties... She played with the intensity of Hendrix and Beck and had great technical skills.

39Mami Sasazaki
She's talented and still young! Just listen to Scandal's song!

Eljuri is the Best Latina guitarist in the world

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