Top 10 Female Characters From Sci-fi Movies


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1Leeloo - The Fifth Element

I love everything about this character, even that red hair was awesome - Alexandr

2Ellen Ripley - Alien franchiseEllen Louise Ripley is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Alien film series played by American actress Sigourney Weaver.

Smart, hot, strong and just very powerful personality - Alexandr

3Lois Lane - Superman moviesLois Lane is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. Created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, the character first appeared in Action Comics #1.

Margot Kidder was awesome as Lois Lane - Alexandr

4Sarah Connor - Terminator movies

Sweet and cute in original movie but fearless and brutal in its sequel. Sarah is a very interesting character, I love her development - Alexandr

5Princess Leia Organa - Star Wars moviesPrincess Leia Organa, later known as General Leia Organa, is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise, portrayed in films by Carrie Fisher.
6Jean Grey - X-Men franchiseJean Grey, or Jean Grey-Summers, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

My favorite woman of X-Men world with a very strong power - Alexandr

7Mary Jane Watson - Spider-man franchise
8Dr. Ellie Sattler - Jurassic Park movies
9Trinity - The Matrix trilogy

Fast, beautiful, smart... Definitely one of the greatest girls here - Alexandr

10Aeon - Aeon flux

She's cold, she's hot, she's badass and she kicks ass... Enough said what more could you want?

The Contenders

11Maria - Metropolis

Not just Maria but The Creative Man / The Machine Man / Death / The Seven Deadly Sins / - Alexandr

12Pris - Blade Runner
13Quorra - Tron
14Rebecca - Alien
15Anna Gonsalves - Predator
16Jenette Vasquez - Aliens
17Carolyn McAdams - Flight of the Navigator

If you watch this movie, you will see Sarah Jessica Parker in her best role.
Quote: "You've never heard of Twisted Sister?! " (That's not an actual precise quote, but she says something very similar to this. ) - RockFashionista

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1. Leeloo - The Fifth Element
2. Lois Lane - Superman movies
3. Ellen Ripley - Alien franchise



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