Favorite Female Final Fantasy Characters

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21 Marlene Wallace
22 Ultimecia Ultimecia

Ultimecia dons a skin-tight red satin ball gown with a plunging neckline that ends just over the crotch, exposing her neck, chest, stomach and abdomen; only partially obscuring the breasts. A black-fur ruffle travels the edge of the bodice to travel along the collar, the ruffle is largest behind the neck, resting over her shoulders and covering the junction of her black feathered wings (it is unknown whether the ruffle is attached to her wings or just rests upon them). The hemline extends to drag along the floor behind her. Long red-blouse sleeves join with her taloned hands, which are colored purple.

Ultimecia is an immensely powerful and highly developed Sorceress with her personal power focusing on time and space manipulation. This power is shown in the final battle, where she will often cast spells that involve bending space, such as Bio, Quake, and Meteor or absorb fallen party members into time in the battle against her. Furthermore, she has a devastating magical attack ...more - sapphirewhirlwind

23 Cindy Aurum V 1 Comment
24 Lumina

Best character ff needed someone new I just love her, why do people not like her!

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25 Quistis Trepe

She was always so much more interesting to me than Rinoa. She lost her job and her faith, but found it once again in her friends.

As a big fan of FF8, I know Rinoa is the main female interest, but I always had a thing for the teacher. Plus, she's a solid battle member from early on. Go Quistis!

26 Lenna Charlotte Tycoon
27 Rosa

Always been my favorite.

28 Quistis
29 Sephiroth

She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen

30 Paddra Nsu-Yeul
31 Yunalesca

Absolutely one of the hottest final fantasy girls! She's hot, um her face could look better but that doesn't matter when she has a really sexy bodyj(ust look at that ass)

32 Serah
33 Aki Ross

A scientific protege, she was one of the first ever photorealistic computer-generated human characters to be created and used in film and was intended to be the world's first computer generated "virtual actress".

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