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101 September Mourning

I saw them in concert, at a small, local venue. Fantastic!

September Mourning makes great music that matches up with her comic book persona.
The cross-media work is great, and great fun, especially in concert. - Strikh

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102 Horrorpops
103 The Kills
104 The Donnas
105 Ode to LaLuna
106 Goldfrapp
107 Bratmobile
108 Babes In Toyland
109 X Ray Spex
110 Deap Vally

These gals are tremendous! What a voice, and seriously good guitar licks over a driving drum backbone. Good stuff.

111 Crystalyne

Marissa is an incredible singer and this band is trying so many new things with their sound and lyrics and everything. They're not well known but deserve much more recognition.

112 Hunter Valentine
113 Uh Huh Her

Great band! Go Alice!

114 Acid
115 Red Queen

Vocalist is Elena Vladi, she has a very nice voice and powerful growls. I've been a fan for years.

116 The Joy Formidable

Best live band around fronted by this female guitarist, should have been on this list

For a three piece band they create a hell of a huge sound.

Great band which need to be seen live.

117 Scars of Tears
118 Die Mannequin

Fantastic female fronted punk rock band, Love the heavy guitar and Care Failures raspy voice gives me chills when I hear it. I can't believe this band was not already on this list. In my opinion they're the same type of band as The Pretty Reckless but a bit heavier of a sound, which I prefer.

, I Listen to them Long Time ago and forgot their Name.. but I also, can't Unterstand that this page is The only one Listing it up!
Glad I Found it again, thanks

119 Echosmith Echosmith Echosmith is an American indie pop band formed in February 2009 in Chino, California. The band is composed of four siblings: Graham, Sydney, Noah, and Jamie Sierota. Echosmith started first as "Ready Set Go!" until they signed to Warner Bros. Records in May 2012.They are best known for their hit song more.
120 Mazzy Star

Why weren't they on this list? Hope Sandoval was so captivating.

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