Best Female Pop Singers of Today

Which of THESE do you think is the best female pop singers of today?

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1Lady Gaga

Momma Monster ALL THE WAY! How can you not love her?! <3 She is inspirational and has the fashion, heart, love, and everything a person needs! SHE'S A GAGA GODDESS! (^_^)

The Madonna of the 21st century. Taylor Swift's songs are almost monotonous in meaning Beyonce is WOW but does not have the "influence" factor Gaga has Pink in my opinion has one of the greatest voices in pop history but lacks Gaga artistry Katy Perry is a certified All-American as she dominated the US Billboard Charts like nobody has done she pales against the World Icon Lady Gaga is. As much as these artists have strengths and credentials in their own right, Gaga is the complete package.

Out of the whole world of pop Lady Gaga stands out the most. Not just because her totally awesome singing but her outfits, her personality and most of all her love for music and people. My true hero, lady gaga! Mama monster!

Her songs, her style, slay

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2Katy Perry

Katy is probably one of the few real performers/entertainers left in the music industry. Katy has a lot of stage presence, star quality, and charisma. She connects and interacts with her crowd and the audience. She knows how to put on a show. She is an phenomenal entertainer. Maybe not a good dancer, but a incredible performer. Katy's timbre is unique, beautiful, deep, and warm. she has a vocal range of 4 octaves and her voice is powerful, characterful, and soulful and has a feminine vibe and is of a fantastic quality. Katy may not have the best technique (which has gotten better over the years) & may not be in the level of Mariah, Whitney, Beyonce, and Florence vocally, but she is still a good singer/vocalist. Katy writes (and sometimes co-writes) the lyrics of all her songs and co-composes (and sometimes composes) the music of all her songs and she writes and composes many songs for others as well. Katy is a excellent and professional guitarist and has pretty good piano skills. Katy is extremely creative and is involved with everything in her career. she is 100% in the control of her career in all directions. don't even get me to start on the milestones and records that she has achieved/accomplished and broken/shattered and tied in just 7 years of career! ο»ΏKaty has sang gospel, rock, indie, country, lounge, pop, dance, electro, R&B, synth, worldbeat, folk, disco, trap, hip hop, and alternative music genres throughout her career. Katy writes and sings about love, break ups, sex, relationships, empowerment, hope, spirituality, bi curiosity, partying, metrosexuality, and etc... Katy reinvents herself. She went from a gospel singer-songwriter to a underground (and later became mainstream) rock artist/musician to a pop superstar icon. Katy went from the Christian teen of Katy Hudson to the punk rock girl of 'unreleased' and One Of The Boys to the bubblegum, sugary/candy, and party pop star of Teenage Dream to the matured, spiritual, and the girl from next door of Teenage Dream The Complete Confection and PRISM. Katy has the artistic creativity and the musical abilities to evolve and she has a lot of talent. You wouldn't know what is talent even if you get slapped in the face with it. ο»Ώ just because Katy is a mainstream and successful artist/musician doesn't mean that she is talentless. Katy has found her own Record label, I don't think that someone who has no talent will be able to do that.

Katy is the definition of Pop Queen. She knows the formula to a perfect pop song that's a sure crowd favorite. Multi-talented: an amazing, emotional vocalist, a great guitarist, and to top that, a very, very good songwriter. While the general public knows of her fun, light songs, she also has as much number of meaningful, moving tracks. An inspiration to those on the verge of giving up, she is a prime example of never giving up your dreams as she was dropped by a label numerous times before, yet now achieving so much. Katy is the real deal and people have to deal with that!

KATY perry is the best and she is the queen of pop... Her voice is so beautiful and catchy... Like an angel's voice. She is humourous and down to earth unlike many artists, she cares about her fans and she is just the best.. She is the sexiest and the most hottest lady ever.. Others don't stand a chance against her.. She is what every man wants.. KATY RULES

Her music is sensational and lyrics are catchy. There is always a hidden message in her songs

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Think about it. Name the ONLY artist in the industry who is a vocalist and a dancer and a musical genius all while wearing heels and jamming along with an all female band. Name someone who is classy enough to not talk trash about others on social media. Name a hard working artist. Name an artist who can sell out a show in minutes with no album out. Name a timeless artist who can succeed in any generation. Many people want to say Beyonce isn't original. But Beyonce had a style. She is the only person who can perform iconic songs such as single ladies or crazy in love. She is the best female performer of our generation.

Beyonce is the ultimate female. She soars above her contemporaries, and she will continue to do reign as queen.
She has a shining example of what hard work and determination can accomplish. She may not be the best singer in the world, the best dancer in the world, the most creative artist in the world, etc. however, Beyonce is exceptional in everyone of these aspects and that's what makes her a living legend and the greatest entertainer of our generation. She truly is the ultimate performer and she has raised the bar for all current and aspiring singers and performers.

While most of todays pop stars will not have made it in the 60's, 70's, and 80's because they rely too much on their sex appeal and not talent, beyonce is very talented and could be successful in any decade.
Hell, beyonce even slays diana ross, tina turner E.T. C
Beyonce is not the greatest pop star of today, she is the greatest of all time.

To the left, to the left. To the left, to the left.πŸ‘‰β˜ΊπŸ‘

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4Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift actually knows what the music "feels" like. She doesn't just sing words and notes, she uses her feelings to express in her songs. Other singers, I can't hear their emotions through the songs, even if it sounds pretty. Taylor Swift is the only female singer that I like. And that means a lot since I am very picky in music.

Taylor swift is the best female singer. She uses her complete emotion in her songs and all of her songs are strong and she really no the teensge feelings of a girl and that makes her special and she have to be in the first rank

Taylor Swift all the way! She has Talent. But why is Lady Gaga on this list? Actually, why does she even HAVE a career in music?! She is so disturbing. Taylor, on the other hand, is original, able, young, with a beautiful voice, and is sure up for great musical achievements. - TheSudhanva

I love t swith

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pink should be at 1 st, theres no one like her, amazing voice, brilliant performances a true artist, the best by far

Brilliance... Any extra explanation would be pointless, because if anyone has ever truely listened or watched a performance, they would be in awe.

Pink is my favourite pop singer of all time, and she is an amazing person as well. Her voice is unique and beautiful.

Pink has it all, amazing voice, talented writer and her songs have real meaning. She's the best performer in the pop industry right now and she cares about us freaks just like Lady Gaga who is a close second in my mind.

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6Demi Lovato

Unlike a LOT of people in this industry, Demi Lovato actually has talent that doesn't need editing, and her live performances are almost always exactly like the original song. Her songs are inspirational to teens and adults alike, and she's so open about her own experiences and lets it show through her work. She's funny, and has a great attitude towards her fans. Definitely my favorite singer, and she has inspired me, as well as a number of other people. Demi has to be at least in the top 10.

Demi Is The Best POP Singer Ever. I Love Her ALL SONGS. She is my favorite Singer.

She has a voice which is so natural which doesn't need any editing.
Perfect concerts. And yeah, she has what other singers don't have - A personality. She's a huge inspiration and a role model for many youngsters out there. Hats off.

I love Demi Lovato and I with her to be my love of my love and I like Demi song X.

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I don't know why people say that Rihanna sucks! She's amazing! She can sing live (Stay at SNL, We Found Love at Grammy, Only Girl and What's My Name on GMA... ), she is much better than Justin Bieber, One (Die) Rection and other pseudo-arists. Her songs are amazing. We Found Love is the BEST SONG EVER. She's also a Christian (that's true, NOT ILLUMINATI) Even Adele said that she's great! Who will you believe talentless conspiracy theories obsessed YouTubers or Adele?

I thing I love most about Rihanna's voice is how unique it is compared to her fellow singers. She doesn't sound like anyone else than herself, and I think she is in fact a really good singer. YouTube videos don't do her justice, if you heard her live your opinion would change. I used to not like her because I used to think she couldn't sing, then I won tickets to her show, and now I love her.

Rihanna is absolutely amazing. Her voice is one that you'll always remember. I think she should be at least in the top 3 not 7. Anyway, everyone knows that rihanna is certainly one of the best female singers of today.

I really love her voice no other word I want to use for she is really amazing and I love her

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8Christina Aguilera

Christina aguilera 's musical ability is pretty amazing, you can see her vocal performance everywhere without any technical support other female use, she don't,
Incredible voice in "Hurt"...
You are the best...

I wondered why is it that she's not part of the top 10 but she has done so many things and has a achieved a decent success throughout her career. Her voice is her main strength. Her performance are all good. Her songs are very meaningful and inspirational. She has a decent chart success and has been labeled as "The Voice Of Her Generation".

She owns the best voice of her generation and the ones coming after, she can make such a great performance as performers who don't sing, but she actually sings like a goddess

A true Pop Diva with one of the best recognizable powerhouse voices that transcends through time and every genre. She's the successor of Whitney and Mariah in terms of being a champion of melisma with a wide vocal range. A voice that is both powerful and empowering. No other pop contemporaries can match her vocal talent. She needs to boost her career with another song (not as featured artist in this decade) and bring it to the top of the charts again.

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She is just so amazing! She doesn't get her voice computerized & sings live! Lady Gaga is rubbish & Madonna is to old fashion! Thios is the order:

Madonna, Briteny Spears, Beyonce', Shakira. Soon Lady Gaga will take over Shakira, make sure that doesn't happen, folkes! I'm an 11 year old boy & am Shakira's biggest fan! I think Beyonce' has the best voice, but Shakira's is my fave! I hate the other freemason twits!

Out of all these females, she's THE ONE that has had it the hardest since she had to crossover and she's THE ONE that has fought the hardest to get to where she is (not like these other females that buy hit songs.. except for gaga) and still she's THE ONE that stands out the most globally. She might not be as popular in the US but she's pretty much got the rest of the world in a bag. You go SHAKIRA!

Shakira is an amazing singer and very beautiful woman everyone likes her song because another artist have not the quality like shakira love very much god bless you

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10Britney Spears

She's just got this quality that makes her seem so accessible. She's the girl next door. Friendly, cute, laughs a lot. Seems down to earth. She pretty much embodies everything America finds attractive. She's got a unique sound everyone always recognizes as hers. Her music is about having fun and not too much more. Exactly what Pop should be.

Britney spears is just amazing all around. She came out of nowhere and became the biggest star like ever. She also went through a tough time and stopped singing and performing but now she made an amazing come back and that's hard to do. She is by far the biggest pop star, but not just that britney spears will become a legend.

She is Britney Spears. Think of a popster and who is the first person that comes to mind? The original international superstar, Britney Spears. She is one of the top-selling female artists ever and she has sold more records than anyone who is in the top ten right now. Her music videos, performances, songs, VOICE, quotes and interviews have all made her the icon that she is today. She is also very relatable because of the tough times that she has gone trough. She is an honest, hard-working and incredible artist, performer and person. Britney is arguably the most famous woman on the planet and she has stayed humble and driven to success for over 15 years. Britney Spears is the ultimate female pop star.

She is the best...

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?Sabrina Carpenter

Because she is amazing sorry your dad past

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Adele is a true artist, she does not need autotune, her live performances can touch listeners souls in a very deep way, and this is what music is all about touch the soul of your listener... She's humble which is a characteristic of a true talent, there's no true talent without humbleness... After all that said, her song writing will reamind for the decades ahead... She is remind us of the time that for somebody to have a record deal you'll need talent... The time when Withney got hers and before... People are full of celebrities... We wan't artists... Quality!

Girl you are the best singer in the world don't let anyone bring you down you will always be special and will go down one of the greatest singers ever

You have an amazing voice you are my biggest female singer inspiration. Every time I hear one of your songs it is always just so good they seem fake. I love to sing also and when I listen to you it just just proves to me more of what I can become. I LOVE YOU ADELE, NEVER STOP SINGING!

Adele is like tots amazing! She really needs to be a #1 singer.

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12Selena Gomez

Selena sucks. I met her once and it was awful. I witnessed the meetings of the 5 people in front of me, too. Here's what they were like:

Number 1: Chinese girl, around 25 years old. Black hair, brown eyes, and obviously had a tan. Selena takes one look at her and says, 'You're ugly. You really should get a life, because that tan is disgusting.' She cried, and Selena called security. They hugged her and said Selena was always like that, and they have been her security guards for 6 years.

Number 2: A teenage girl around 16 years old, brown hair, green eyes and really sexy. She made me horny, and I'm a girl. Selena's eyes bulged out, and she grinded against the girl, and put a hand in her panties. The girl pushed Selena away, but Selena made out with her. The girl called her disgusting, and ran away. I watched her go in the bathroom.

Number 3: A man 27 years old. It said so on his coat. Selena called his coat lame and took it off. Then she licked his crotch. He bit her.

Number 4: Selena insulted a 6 year old girl too tears. She told her she was ugly, fat, worthless, an ass, and messed up.

Number 5: Selena told a man she wanted to see his dick.

Me: I told her she was disgusting, and she hit me.

I saw them all in the bathroom (The bathroom was unisex), and the 1st one was crying, the 3rd one was tearing up, and the 5th one was saying the touching rule to himself. I was forced into sex with the other 2. I tried to fight them, but it felt so good and it was clear I wouldn't win, so I stooped.

People don't think she can sing well she's better that Rebecca black and she's beautiful and even if she doesn't get too far in the music buisnees (which she already is) she has a huge acting career and even if she didn't wanna act anymore I think she could become a model. SELENA GOMEZ IS AMAZING

I love selena gomez...

She is the best πŸ’œ

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13Ariana Grande

I love ariana! She is an amazing singer and an amazing role model. Personally I think she is one of the best vocalists in modern music today. No one is slaying like ariana right now. She has 5 songs in the top 10, one of which has only very recently been released. Shes rising in the industry and people will wonder what has hit them! GET HER TO NUMBER ONE!

She sings great live or not and is the most beautiful person inside and out. She is under estimated but give her a chance!

Your totally right they should give her a chance she's pretty and a great dancer

She is so amazing! Ari is like one of my most favorite singers and actresses ever. She should deserve to be in the top 5. I love her voice so much, it's just plainly beautiful. When I first saw her playing the role of 'Cat Valentine' on Victorious, I automatically knew that I would love her in the future. And ever since I have seen the very first show with her on Victorious, I was in love with her (I don't have a crush on her).

Sorry I mean gross... Not grow.

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14Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd is pure perfection. Her voice is perfect! I LOVE her so much! Her accent is so cool too! She has such a fun, bubbly personality, every single should be like her! Brat forever

Huge lesbian crush on her <3 I absolutely love, love, LOVE her music! She has AMAZING talent and just every song that she has is wonderful! I'm a fan forever <3 LOVE HER!

I love Cher Lloyd she is just strait up amazing. She is so talented. I wish I was her.

I love her so much!

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This list is all wrong. Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Rihanna are R'N'B singers not pop.
Anyway Madonna is always the Best!
Everyone knows it but doesn't want to admit - Alexandr

Madonna paved the way for everyone on this list. She shoulld easily be number 1. She has been in the industry for 30 years, constantly making hits, pushing the boundaries of pop culture, being the star that she is and she is the greatest musician of all time. She definitely would be a billionaare if she didn't donate so much to charity, as a matter of fact, she has her own! Being a fashion icon, Madonna can wear whatever she wants because she is 'Madonna'. Now that says something. With hits from "Holiday" to "Like a Virgin" to "Like a Prayer" to "Frozen" to "Hung up" all the way to "Gimme all Your Luvin'" Madonna's music defines the 80's, the 90's, the 2000's and the new decade. Why isn't she number 1?

You're messind with me right? 63! She is called the Queen of Pop for a reason! She should be number 1. She is on a whole other level than any of these artist. She has paved the way for most people on this list pusing the boundaries of censorship, and not caring about other people say. She, with her money, has also started a charity and donated much money to several others. She also is a fashion icon, bringing many new styles to the mainstream world. After 30 years of constant hit making, movie making, world mending and life brightning, Madonna continues to make music today and is said to have just hit the billionare mark (Propably not anymore due to the ton of money she just donated to chime for change). Artists like Lady Gaga, Briteny Spears and Beyonce wouldn't be who they are without her and this is why she should be no. 1.

My parents think she needs to start acting her age.πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘΅πŸ˜

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16Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding takes pop to the next level. She has an amazingly unique voice that is unforgettable and a lot of her songs are catchy and meaningful. She does much more than just pop songs. She has been credited as an amazing guitar player and dj. Her typical music styles are pop, dream pop, folk, and folktronica. I think that she should be more well know but she is stil an rising artist.

I love rock, metal, rap-rock, punk metal, nΓΌ metal, alternative metal, alternative rock, and anything along the lines of those. For the longest time, I couldn't stand pop and I'd wanna puke every time I turned on the radio. But then I discovered Ellie Goulding, the only pop star who's music I actually enjoy, and that's coming from me. Good on you, Mrs. Goulding, you've managed to gain an unlikely fan.

Ellie goulding is the best singer ever! My favorite song by her is " Animal " because it is so wonderful! She has made tons of songs that I LOVE.

Ellie goulding songs

1. Animal
2. Starry Eyed
3. Goodness gracious
4. Atlantis
5. Human
6. Stay Awake
7. Under control
8. Without your love
9. Lights
10. Anything could happen

Eagerly awaiting her newest release.

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Why isn't she in top ten?

Ke$ha's songs all are on the top off the charts. Tik Tok was one of the most played songs on the radio

Kesha is the best pop princess

Some of her songs are really cool!

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18Alicia Keys

No doubt a great woman and musician with a breathtaking voice

Alicia is way better then ladygaga that's for sure

Best singer ever... She should be #1... No way lady gaga is in front of her, let alone #1... ALICIA KEYS IS AMAZING.

Class act and genuinely talented without gimmicks.

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19Mariah Carey

She is able to write and produce 14 songs to hit #1 on Billboard Hot 100 in ONE decade. Her whole career had 18. She gained 2 Grammys and 4 #1 singles by her DEBUT album. Don't say she is better just because she started first, Mariah is a bomb from the first year she entered the music industry. 5 octave voice with amazing colour. SHE CAN STILL SING if you see how she had done on #1ToInfinity concert that was a big success. What do you want? Catchy songs? I present you Honey, Dreamlover, Fantasy, Always Be My Baby, Heartbreaker, We Belong Together, Touch My Body, Don't Forget About Us, which are just a small example. A heartfelt ballad? She had a lot, but, Vision of Love, Love Takes Time and My All, I Don't Wanna Cry, Thank God I Found You could tell you enough. A song to dance to? Someday and Emotions would be amazing. An inspiration? Hero, Make It Happen, When You Believe, Can't Take That Away, and a lot. Song with raps? She had a ton, with Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, the Brat, Young Jeezy, T-Pain, you name it. Don't mistake me, she wrote songs with real emotions, and could make you shiver. Not only that, her underrated songs had a lot of lyrical gems she WROTE. Underneath The Stars, Close My Eyes, The Roof, My All, she might be one of the underrated songwriters but you'll soon understand that she slayed with it.

Simply the best singer... has had her shares of good and rough vocal eras, BUT overall, one of the most impressive vocalists ever on the planet. Just listen to the "If Its Over" performance on the Grammys which she sang within the first few years of her career. After that (the RANGE, emotion, quality in her voice, musicality... ) she could have sang songs with a 2 note range and I would still think she's the best!

Her voice is legendary, and she is the reason many younger singers sound the way they do. She inspired a generation of diva wannabes, and has subtly reinvented herself over the span of 23 years. Plus, unlike many contemporaries and big-voice divas, she writes almost all of her own music.

She is the best better then all the rest

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20Christina Perri

She is absolutely the best. Actually, have the singers/songwriters on this list have their songs written for them. Christina doesn't. And there is actual photo proof that Katy Perry smokes. It's just... Does no one know what talent is anymore? How is she number 30? She may have only two albums, but they are both filled with beautiful, touching, songs. She is sophisticated and talented, and puts a bit of herself into all her songs. Vote Christina Peri!

Although not extremely famous, she has an amazing voice which she shows off in jar of hearts

Keep doing your thing Christina. I love you.πŸ’•πŸ‘πŸŽ€

She's a decent singer, no doubt. - velitelcabal

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