Best Female Pop Singers of Today

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The Top Ten

Lady Gaga
Momma Monster ALL THE WAY! How can you not love her?! <3 She is inspirational and has the fashion, heart, love, and everything a person needs! SHE'S A GAGA GODDESS! (^_^)
The Madonna of the 21st century. Taylor Swift's songs are almost monotonous in meaning; Beyonce is WOW but does not have the "influence" factor Gaga has; Pink in my opinion has one of the greatest voices in pop history but lacks Gaga artistry; Katy Perry is a certified All-American as she dominated the US Billboard Charts like nobody has done she pales against the World Icon Lady Gaga is. As much as these artists have strengths and credentials in their own right, Gaga is the complete package.
Out of the whole world of pop Lady Gaga stands out the most. Not just because her totally awesome singing but her outfits, her personality and most of all her love for music and people. My true hero, lady gaga! Mama monster!
[Newest]Lady gaga is weird but has a really good voice. She is weird because she wore a meat dress.
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Think about it. Name the ONLY artist in the industry who is a vocalist and a dancer and a musical genius all while wearing heels and jamming along with an all female band. Name someone who is classy enough to not talk trash about others on social media. Name a hard working artist. Name an artist who can sell out a show in minutes with no album out. Name a timeless artist who can succeed in any generation. Many people want to say Beyonce isn't original. But Beyonce had a style. She is the only person who can perform iconic songs such as single ladies or crazy in love. She is the best female performer of our generation.
Beyonce is the ultimate female. She soars above her contemporaries, and she will continue to do reign as queen.
She has a shining example of what hard work and determination can accomplish. She may not be the best singer in the world, the best dancer in the world, the most creative artist in the world, etc. ; however, Beyonce is exceptional in everyone of these aspects and that's what makes her a living legend and the greatest entertainer of our generation. She truly is the ultimate performer and she has raised the bar for all current and aspiring singers and performers.
While most of todays pop stars will not have made it in the 60's, 70's, and 80's because they rely too much on their sex appeal and not talent, beyonce is very talented and could be successful in any decade.
Hell, beyonce even slays diana ross, tina turner E.T. C
Beyonce is not the greatest pop star of today, she is the greatest of all time.
[Newest]I hate you so much I like becky g better she can buy you 100000000000 times
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3Katy Perry
Katy is probably one of the few real performers/entertainers left in the music industry. Katy has a lot of stage presence, star quality, and charisma. She connects and interacts with her crowd and the audience. She knows how to put on a show. She is an phenomenal entertainer. Maybe not a good dancer, but a incredible performer. Katy's timbre is unique, beautiful, deep, and warm. she has a vocal range of 4 octaves and her voice is powerful, characterful, and soulful and has a feminine vibe and is of a fantastic quality. Katy may not have the best technique (which has gotten better over the years) & may not be in the level of Mariah, Whitney, Beyonce, and Florence vocally, but she is still a good singer/vocalist. Katy writes (and sometimes co-writes) the lyrics of all her songs and co-composes (and sometimes composes) the music of all her songs and she writes and composes many songs for others as well. Katy is a excellent and professional guitarist and has pretty good piano skills. Katy is extremely creative and is involved with everything in her career. she is 100% in the control of her career in all directions. don't even get me to start on the milestones and records that she has achieved/accomplished and broken/shattered and tied in just 7 years of career! Katy has sang gospel, rock, indie, country, lounge, pop, dance, electro, R&B, synth, worldbeat, folk, disco, trap, hip hop, and alternative music genres throughout her career. Katy writes and sings about love, break ups, sex, relationships, empowerment, hope, spirituality, bi curiosity, partying, metrosexuality, and etc... Katy reinvents herself. She went from a gospel singer-songwriter to a underground (and later became mainstream) rock artist/musician to a pop superstar icon. Katy went from the Christian teen of Katy Hudson to the punk rock girl of 'unreleased' and One Of The Boys to the bubblegum, sugary/candy, and party pop star of Teenage Dream to the matured, spiritual, and the girl from next door of Teenage Dream The Complete Confection and PRISM. Katy has the artistic creativity and the musical abilities to evolve and she has a lot of talent. You wouldn't know what is talent even if you get slapped in the face with it.  just because Katy is a mainstream and successful artist/musician doesn't mean that she is talentless. Katy has found her own Record label, I don't think that someone who has no talent will be able to do that.
Katy is the definition of Pop Queen. She knows the formula to a perfect pop song that's a sure crowd favorite. Multi-talented: an amazing, emotional vocalist, a great guitarist, and to top that, a very, very good songwriter. While the general public knows of her fun, light songs, she also has as much number of meaningful, moving tracks. An inspiration to those on the verge of giving up, she is a prime example of never giving up your dreams as she was dropped by a label numerous times before, yet now achieving so much. Katy is the real deal and people have to deal with that!
KATY perry is the best and she is the queen of pop... Her voice is so beautiful and catchy... Like an angel's voice. She is humourous and down to earth unlike many artists, she cares about her fans and she is just the best.. She is the sexiest and the most hottest lady ever.. Others don't stand a chance against her.. She is what every man wants.. KATY RULES
[Newest]Katy Perry does the best songs in the music industry. her lyrics make sense and her voice is like beyonce's one of the best singers in pop. Katy is the best.
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4Christina Aguilera
Christina aguilera 's musical ability is pretty amazing, you can see her vocal performance everywhere without any technical support other female use, she don't,
Incredible voice in "Hurt"...
You are the best...
I wondered why is it that she's not part of the top 10 but she has done so many things and has a achieved a decent success throughout her career. Her voice is her main strength. Her performance are all good. Her songs are very meaningful and inspirational. She has a decent chart success and has been labeled as "The Voice Of Her Generation".
She owns the best voice of her generation and the ones coming after, she can make such a great performance as performers who don't sing, but she actually sings like a goddess
[Newest]Christina is talented, pretty, and inspirational. She has an amazing voice and can sing like magic. And plus she can do impressions. Amazing!

pink should be at 1 st, theres no one like her, amazing voice, brilliant performances a true artist, the best by far
Brilliance... Any extra explanation would be pointless, because if anyone has ever truely listened or watched a performance, they would be in awe.
Pink is my favourite pop singer of all time, and she is an amazing person as well. Her voice is unique and beautiful.
[Newest]Pink has a good soul in her voice. Do not get why she hasn't released more songs.

6Demi Lovato
Unlike a LOT of people in this industry, Demi Lovato actually has talent that doesn't need editing, and her live performances are almost always exactly like the original song. Her songs are inspirational to teens and adults alike, and she's so open about her own experiences and lets it show through her work. She's funny, and has a great attitude towards her fans. Definitely my favorite singer, and she has inspired me, as well as a number of other people. Demi has to be at least in the top 10.
Demi Is The Best POP Singer Ever. I Love Her ALL SONGS. She is my favorite Singer.
She has a voice which is so natural which doesn't need any editing.
Perfect concerts. And yeah, she has what other singers don't have - A personality. She's a huge inspiration and a role model for many youngsters out there. Hats off.
[Newest]Demi Lovato has the best voice ever. She has a powerful voice why touches your heart.

She is just so amazing! She doesn't get her voice computerized & sings live! Lady Gaga is rubbish & Madonna is to old fashion! Thios is the order:

Madonna, Briteny Spears, Beyonce', Shakira. Soon Lady Gaga will take over Shakira, make sure that doesn't happen, folkes! I'm an 11 year old boy & am Shakira's biggest fan! I think Beyonce' has the best voice, but Shakira's is my fave! I hate the other freemason twits!
Out of all these females, she's THE ONE that has had it the hardest since she had to crossover and she's THE ONE that has fought the hardest to get to where she is (not like these other females that buy hit songs.. except for gaga) and still she's THE ONE that stands out the most globally. She might not be as popular in the US but she's pretty much got the rest of the world in a bag. You go SHAKIRA!
[Newest]The best of the best.
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I don't know why people say that Rihanna sucks! She's amazing! She can sing live (Stay at SNL, We Found Love at Grammy, Only Girl and What's My Name on GMA... ), she is much better than Justin Bieber, One (Die) Rection and other pseudo-arists. Her songs are amazing. We Found Love is the BEST SONG EVER. She's also a Christian (that's true, NOT ILLUMINATI) Even Adele said that she's great! Who will you believe talentless conspiracy theories obsessed YouTubers or Adele?
I thing I love most about Rihanna's voice is how unique it is compared to her fellow singers. She doesn't sound like anyone else than herself, and I think she is in fact a really good singer. YouTube videos don't do her justice, if you heard her live your opinion would change. I used to not like her because I used to think she couldn't sing, then I won tickets to her show, and now I love her.
Rihanna is absolutely amazing. Her voice is one that you'll always remember. I think she should be at least in the top 3 not 7. Anyway, everyone knows that rihanna is certainly one of the best female singers of today.
[Newest]Rihanna is so good. She is amazing. She just takes over music like the boss. She is so much better than Adele, Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé. KEEP IT UP RIHANNA.

9Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift actually knows what the music "feels" like. She doesn't just sing words and notes, she uses her feelings to express in her songs. Other singers, I can't hear their emotions through the songs, even if it sounds pretty. Taylor Swift is the only female singer that I like. And that means a lot since I am very picky in music.
Taylor Swift all the way! She has Talent. But why is Lady Gaga on this list? Actually, why does she even HAVE a career in music?! She is so disturbing. Taylor, on the other hand, is original, able, young, with a beautiful voice, and is sure up for great musical achievements.


Taylor swift is the best female singer. She uses her complete emotion in her songs and all of her songs are strong and she really no the teensge feelings of a girl and that makes her special and she have to be in the first rank
[Newest]Taylor swift sings with a soulful voice which is amazing. Love her country and pop.
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Adele is a true artist, she does not need autotune, her live performances can touch listeners souls in a very deep way, and this is what music is all about touch the soul of your listener... She's humble which is a characteristic of a true talent, there's no true talent without humbleness... After all that said, her song writing will reamind for the decades ahead... She is remind us of the time that for somebody to have a record deal you'll need talent... The time when Withney got hers and before... People are full of celebrities... We wan't artists... Quality!
Girl you are the best singer in the world don't let anyone bring you down you will always be special and will go down one of the greatest singers ever
You have an amazing voice you are my biggest female singer inspiration. Every time I hear one of your songs it is always just so good they seem fake. I love to sing also and when I listen to you it just just proves to me more of what I can become. I LOVE YOU ADELE, NEVER STOP SINGING!
[Newest]Awesome voice, great lyrics.

The Contenders

11Britney Spears
She's just got this quality that makes her seem so accessible. She's the girl next door. Friendly, cute, laughs a lot. Seems down to earth. She pretty much embodies everything America finds attractive. She's got a unique sound everyone always recognizes as hers. Her music is about having fun and not too much more. Exactly what Pop should be.
Britney spears is just amazing all around. She came out of nowhere and became the biggest star like ever. She also went through a tough time and stopped singing and performing but now she made an amazing come back and that's hard to do. She is by far the biggest pop star, but not just that britney spears will become a legend.
Was marked as the female version of Michael Jackson. simply the best artist of the 2000's. VH1 named her as the third most influential artist of all time next to Michael Jackson (1st) and Madonna (2nd). she gave us one of the best performances in live stage.T.V. ratings went on high when she was the main guest. her Vegas show in 2014 was the best selling tickets of the history of vegas. all of her albums got high debut. and had a 105 million albums sold worldwide and 200 million records sold world wide.
[Newest]She has the spirit of conga fines and the courage to change herself and her looks in front of her audience. She changes her expressions very clearly without using her words. She's a truly talented singer.
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12Ariana Grande
She sings great live or not and is the most beautiful person inside and out. She is under estimated but give her a chance!
Your totally right they should give her a chance she's pretty and a great dancer
I love ariana! She is an amazing singer and an amazing role model. Personally I think she is one of the best vocalists in modern music today. No one is slaying like ariana right now. She has 5 songs in the top 10, one of which has only very recently been released. Shes rising in the industry and people will wonder what has hit them! GET HER TO NUMBER ONE!
She has 3 songs out.. 2 have been in the top ten. You all just wait. She will rise to the top!
[Newest]I really love ❤ Ariana Grande's music. I think that haters should stop hating, I think she is nice (I've never met her). My favorite songs that she sang is the way, problem, love me harder, one last time, etc. She is the best and I really want to meet her if its possible.

13Selena Gomez
People don't think she can sing well she's better that Rebecca black and she's beautiful and even if she doesn't get too far in the music buisnees (which she already is) she has a huge acting career and even if she didn't wanna act anymore I think she could become a model. SELENA GOMEZ IS AMAZING
I love selena gomez...
Selena is beautiful and talented and she is very hardworking even though she had some trouble with her relationship with Justin she still focused on her career and she should be one of the most talented, beautiful and amazing singers in 2014
She is sucks. Her songs are totally useless. Her fans keep saying she is hot and cute. I think she looks like a kid.
[Newest]I love Selena she's amazingly talented and beautiful 😍😘

14Mariah Carey
Simply the best singer... has had her shares of good and rough vocal eras, BUT overall, one of the most impressive vocalists ever on the planet. Just listen to the "If Its Over" performance on the Grammys which she sang within the first few years of her career. After that (the RANGE, emotion, quality in her voice, musicality... ) she could have sang songs with a 2 note range and I would still think she's the best!
Her voice is legendary, and she is the reason many younger singers sound the way they do. She inspired a generation of diva wannabes, and has subtly reinvented herself over the span of 23 years. Plus, unlike many contemporaries and big-voice divas, she writes almost all of her own music.
First of all, let me just say that no one on this list has the vocal range as big as hers, and the quality that makes her voice set your hairs on end. Mariah and whitney are forever number one, and I do respect all the ladies on this list, but mariah is number one by a hundred miles.
[Newest]I really love Mariah.. Simply because... She knows everything... In the music...

15Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus she so talented :)))) she has 4 records all with very good music and good taste :)) she is a very good singer! Here are my top 8 best songs from her :)) 1. Can't Be Tamed 2. Robot 3. Who owns my heart. 3. Liberty Walk. 4. My heart beats for love. 5. Two more lonely people. 6. Stay. 7. Scars. 8. PARTY IN THE USA love ya miles :))
Miley is a great singer unlike selena gomez.she actually can sing at favorite.
She is good but not more than Avril Lavigne. She must be in no.2.
[Newest]She needs to be Hanna Montana again. Only grown up!

16Cher Lloyd
Cher Lloyd is pure perfection. Her voice is perfect! I LOVE her so much! Her accent is so cool too! She has such a fun, bubbly personality, every single should be like her! Brat forever
Huge lesbian crush on her <3 I absolutely love, love, LOVE her music! She has AMAZING talent and just every song that she has is wonderful! I'm a fan forever <3 LOVE HER!
I love Cher Lloyd she is just strait up amazing. She is so talented. I wish I was her.

17Christina Perri
She is absolutely the best. Actually, have the singers/songwriters on this list have their songs written for them. Christina doesn't. And there is actual photo proof that Katy Perry smokes. It's just... Does no one know what talent is anymore? How is she number 30? She may have only two albums, but they are both filled with beautiful, touching, songs. She is sophisticated and talented, and puts a bit of herself into all her songs. Vote Christina Peri!
Although not extremely famous, she has an amazing voice which she shows off in jar of hearts
She is a great singer even though she isent as pretty as ciara rihanna katy perry mariah carey sevyn streetervand even more but she is pretty herself in her own ways

18Alicia Keys
No doubt a great woman and musician with a breathtaking voice
Best singer ever... She should be #1... No way lady gaga is in front of her, let alone #1... ALICIA KEYS IS AMAZING.
Alicia is way better then ladygaga that's for sure
[Newest]Class act and genuinely talented without gimmicks.

19Avril Lavigne
Pop is not my first choice in music, but it has its place and its easy to listen to and sometimes, like in the case of Avril Lavigne, the lyrics are good, relevant, meaningful and worth knowing and understanding. This is really a great, informative and thought provoking and carefully thought out site my China, but perhaps you could include a top 20 list of other genres also? That would be so cool. Your audience would increase and I can see you have a passion for music obviously, so you should explore other genres, for yourself, for your soul. When I was 16 I only knew what the radio taught me. But then I learned about other music. I remember it was just called 'alternative' and I remember most of it was so difficult to listen to and I didn't want to. My ears were so accustomed to a particular sound, a particular formula, it took a long time. But over the years I have investigated Jazz (the old original masters), Reggae (also true old school, original masters), punk (still struggle with that, but words are worth it as well as the expression of raw frustration), Trip Hop, Post Punk and most recently old school, hard, real hip hop (not to be mistaken with R&B) and frigid (which I am still in the process of digesting and it's a challenge). But I love your site! And how you talk about these singers. So do yourself a favor and experiment with other genres, but make sure you are listening to critically acclaimed bands and stick to it until you get the essence (even if it takes a few years and you only listen once a week for an hour) and make sure you find out the words, especially if you can't hear them. Good luck my friend!
I love Avril, she's the best of all singers. She rocks ;-) Especially in COMPLICATED and she is so Beautiful. And she has a voice a sweet as sugar

[Newest]No. 1 singer at my singers list

20Ellie Goulding
Ellie Goulding takes pop to the next level. She has an amazingly unique voice that is unforgettable and a lot of her songs are catchy and meaningful. She does much more than just pop songs. She has been credited as an amazing guitar player and dj. Her typical music styles are pop, dream pop, folk, and folktronica. I think that she should be more well know but she is stil an rising artist.
Ellie goulding is the best singer ever! My favorite song by her is " Animal " because it is so wonderful! She has made tons of songs that I LOVE.

Ellie goulding songs

1. Animal
2. Starry Eyed
3. Goodness gracious
4. Atlantis
5. Human
6. Stay Awake
7. Under control
8. Without your love
9. Lights
10. Anything could happen
Ellie is the best. Just can't stop myself from listening 2 only her... love you ELLIE

21Kelly Clarkson
An amazing sense of music, with brilliant songs which are both touching, and inspirational are what define Kelly Clarkson. She has that born-for-singing voice which you can listen to all day. And as another listener mentioned, she has so many catchy songs that you never forget her. You listen to one song, then listen to another which makes you think "This one's more awesome", and the next time you listen to the first one, you feel "Nah, this one's more awesome! , I'm confused."
She not only helped me through hard times, but also has a beautiful, unique voice and an amazing personality. She's made me- more than once- split a gut laughing so hard.
a vocal range of over 3 octaves, and an incredible versatility, she's the only one I've heard who can sing anything

22Whitney Houston
This woman's vocal range and voice is perfect, love her
Whitney houston is the best and will always be
The best she has the most selling albums that hit number one
Listen to how she sings, her range of her vocals are just un-believable. I do not believe anyone can top her.

23Lana Del Rey
Lana is great! She's beautiful she isn't at all stereotypical and her music is so unique and beautiful. You feel connected, even ANd that is amazing
It differs from the others and stands out with a unique voice and freedom of expression. Her appearance and messages glorifying the freedom of choice and the weight that this freedom carries.
She is simply the best, her voice is unique like her style and her songs are so significative. She must be in the top 10!
[Newest]She does songs which tell stories, show feelings and have a meaning. She doesn't sing about being a skank or take drugs. She should be Number 1!

24Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer is much better singer than Beyonce or Mariah Carey. Her songs are much more interesting and unique


An amazing singer, actress dance, fashion designer... Etc

Flawless women!
[Newest]She is the worlds most beautiful women I like her so much I like her all songs and she is the greatest singe from all of them jenny is the best I love you jennifer

25Little Mix
The are the best I want to be in there band
Most talented artist I've seen live! Sounds just like the studio version. and they dance amazingly too!
I love them. Every single one of their songs are great. My favorite band.
[Newest]They are all great singer's and good leader's, I love them!

Why isn't she in top ten?
Ke$ha's songs all are on the top off the charts. Tik Tok was one of the most played songs on the radio
Kesha is the best pop princess
[Newest]Incredibly talented and has had an incredible amount of chart toppers

She's cute talented and everyguys dream girlfriend, her songs have so much meaning in them and at such a young age, if that's not talent, I don't know what is
She's little but she's coming for the crown
Lorde is so awesome
[Newest]I love her music

28Leona Lewis
Leona Lewis is so underrated.. She has the voice of an angel and a face to match. Plus she's humble unlike most artists...
Leona Lewis sings like no other female singer does.. She has her own personality, and she isn't the model of the perfect pop star, but she's great. Also, her songs are romantic & original, and she doesn't need autotune to sound good.
I think she is the best!

29Becky G
Come on she is so awesome even though she's new or ( I think she is) she is a talented singer. Listen to can't get enough tell me what you think about or even play it again tell me what you think of that cool song. come on guys? Isn't she great?
I love you becky g I'm the number 1 fan come to my house and I will always love you!
I love Becky G she's a good singer

30Natasha Bedingfield
She caught my attention with unwritten, and since then I am a great fan of her and love her taste of music

31Florence Welch
She's the only artist in today's music world that should be called a musician. Her voice is purely amazing. She HAS talent
She puts more emotion in her songs than other contemporary pop singers together.
! My favorite I lubb her so much she is a beautiful singer hashtag#Lesbian Crush! :X

This list is all wrong. Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Rihanna are R'N'B singers not pop.
Anyway Madonna is always the Best!
Everyone knows it but doesn't want to admit


Madonna paved the way for everyone on this list. She shoulld easily be number 1. She has been in the industry for 30 years, constantly making hits, pushing the boundaries of pop culture, being the star that she is and she is the greatest musician of all time. She definitely would be a billionaare if she didn't donate so much to charity, as a matter of fact, she has her own! Being a fashion icon, Madonna can wear whatever she wants because she is 'Madonna'. Now that says something. With hits from "Holiday" to "Like a Virgin" to "Like a Prayer" to "Frozen" to "Hung up" all the way to "Gimme all Your Luvin'" Madonna's music defines the 80's, the 90's, the 2000's and the new decade. Why isn't she number 1?
You're messind with me right? 63! She is called the Queen of Pop for a reason! She should be number 1. She is on a whole other level than any of these artist. She has paved the way for most people on this list pusing the boundaries of censorship, and not caring about other people say. She, with her money, has also started a charity and donated much money to several others. She also is a fashion icon, bringing many new styles to the mainstream world. After 30 years of constant hit making, movie making, world mending and life brightning, Madonna continues to make music today and is said to have just hit the billionare mark (Propably not anymore due to the ton of money she just donated to chime for change). Artists like Lady Gaga, Briteny Spears and Beyonce wouldn't be who they are without her and this is why she should be no. 1.
[Newest]There's only ONE queen and that's Madonna!

33Carrie Underwood
She's fantastic singing anything
She can sing anything

34Victoria Justice
She is absolutely flawless. She can sing, dance, play piano, and act. My biggest inspiration right here.
I love her. She's so flawless and beautiful. I wish I can be her!
I love her music dance moves and style.

35Gwen Stefani
Why is Modonna On The List, she ruined the sexy and I know it song at the superbowl, she's like 75, and she is certainly not a singer of TODAY! I love Hollaback Girl! Go Gwen Stefani!
I miss her song and she is better then Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus is bad

36Lea Michele
She is my favorite singer! She is awesome!
Have you ever heard her? She is amazing um next barabra Streisand think so!


She is such an amazing singer. definitely not autotuned because she has performed live several times perfectly. She really is my idol.

37Idina Menzel
This is the best of the best! She sang let it go in frozen!

38Shania Twain

Sia's voice is the best...
She must be on number 2! (whitney is the number 1for me)
I live sia's music especially chandelier

40Celine Dion
The biggest selling female artist of all time
Hi voice is like angles


Ke$ha is my boo (: I wuvv her. I like her glitter obsession... and yeah. Tik Tok on the clock.
I know she can't sing lol But the majority of her songs are AWSOMEEE! and shes a great person to check out her interviews!
Kesha is the best at least she should be at the top ten. She sings better than katy perry
[Newest]! ! She is Amazing! I listen to her songs almost everyday!

She has touching so he and a great voice, can't see why people don't listen to her songs very often
She writes good songs

44Elizabeth Gillies
Elizabeth Gillies is AMAZING she has the best voice ever especially with Ariana Grande
I am a half arianator half gilian I like ariana better but liz has a really unique voice

45Fatin Shidqia
She is just number 1 diva in world. She has everything that someone need to be a diva.. Great voice, good composer, best style and beautiful face.. What next?
16 years, winner x factor indonesia with unique vocal, muslim and humble
She's young, good voice, great talent best attitude and make everyone so happy and fun.. And she's have fantastic Fans of Fatinistic
[Newest]Like your voice fatin shidqia

46Marina and the Diamonds
Marina is such a awesome singer! I love her songs and they are amazing! She's really pretty and popular over on fandoms or social media (tumblr, dev, Facebook, etc)
She has got a wonderful voice and her songs are AMAZING!

47Sarah Geronimo
Go sarah G. We filipinos know that you're the best among them all. She's the best singer because she can sing different kind of songs. She sings with passion and with pure talent.
THE POP STAR PRINCESS OF THE Philippines... go sarah!. sarah can sing, dance, act, and be a model... all of the quality of the can be founded to sara
Simple. Humble. Versatile, promising actress, beautiful, lovable. She's a complete package of an artist

48Hayley Williams
Hayley Williams easily in top 10 whether people vote for her or not. The only reason they are not voting for her is they probably don't recognize her by name...but as lead singer for Paramore
Hayley deserves to be higher on this list. SHE IS THE PRINCESS OF POP-PUNK. Her voice is amazing! She can emulate all sorts of emotions in her voice!
Hayley is the best. With her band beside her, her incredible voice is unstoppable.

49Iggy Azalea
She's great the song fancy is off the charts and her new single with a Ariana grande is a hit she's awesome
She is the best white female rapper out there. she is awesome!
She is the best female rapper out there. She is awesome!
[Newest]I'm so fancy like izzy azalea

50Aria Tesolin

51Rita Ora
Rita Ora should be top, she's amazing! Love her so much. The best singer ever.

52Carly Rae Jepsen
Your voice is remarkable and legendary. Your singing mode makes me dance and purely amazing..
She has the most amazing voice out of everyone here and her songs are awesome

53Agnes Monica
She is a beautiful diva
She is singer, dancer, songwriter, producer, actress
She is supertalented
She had many awards
Best Asian Artist of all time
Because She Is Amazing Singer In The World
Shes good singer,
Shes good dancer,
Shes the next diva in the world,
Shes good actress from asean,
BY: TWITTER: @mulrend

54Tina Turner
though I am not the greatest of her fans, she has great potential and is a true star

55Kat Deluna
Kat Deluna is Toppest Pop Singer. Her Songs are Rocking

I think that Ciara has the perfect combination of effortless vocal ability, on point dancing and chart success, it seems a shame to see her below the top 40

Though not the biggest fan of her, I see potential in her and know that she is a great singer
I love her voice and songs so much.

58Kylie Minogue
Hesrd heartbeat feat Enrique Iglesias? THEN GO NOW

59Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra is best singer also she is the best actress in the Bollywood movie. She was a model then become actress in the movie. When she enter in Hollywood to become a singer. Her first song was My City. I like the song but her voice is ok. She move her way up her singing out better. That I like about her. She well do her best the singing job of her life. I love her very very very very very very very much.
PC is the new sensation... She is going to be the number 1 poping singer coming days... Wait and watch
PC is the Best.
[Newest]Priyanka chopra is the best. She is new, but soon going to rock the world.

60Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Unique singer with very unique voice.
I love her Dance/Pop songs


61Jessica Simpson
I miss her so much

62Sara Bareilles
Wow...I'm very disappointed. Nobody didn't include Sara Bareilles in this topic?! She's an amazing singer and person. Her song is very relate-able and catchy! Her wordsmith is awesome! She doesn't follow the hype and make party music, instead, she makes real life situation music.

63Linda Perry
Linda is an amazing musician. It's been over 21 years since Linda's band "4 non blondes" hit # with the song "What's Up? "I can't believe it! She also writes for singers like pink and Christina aguilera
Just such a great talent! Love people that give a message and that are true to them selves:) But helps that I can listen to you Linda every day! God Bless

64Bridgit Mendler
She is so awesome and I my role model
She is the greatest she can act and sing and good luck is a big hit

65Geri Halliwell

66Miranda Cosgrove
I love miranda she is the best singer in the whole world I would love to be her I have got all her songs
She is so funny and so good what she does


68Alexandra Stan

69Bonnie Tyler

70Sarah McLachlan

71Samantha Jade
She is an Australian singer with and amazing voice!

72Laura Branigan

I have never heard someone with a more powerful voice -- I cannot understand why she gets lower than Beyonce.

74Hilary Duff
She definitely deserves to be on the list she amazing!
I love her shes the best!

75Naya Rivera
Absolutely amazing. Love her on Glee. She makes the show so much better. I also love her single "Sorry" I put it on replay 24/7. I love her.

Shes amazing n bubbly... trouble is a friend and anything I'm not
Lenka is the emperor

77Debby Ryan

78Ashley Tisdale

79Shelley Smith
She has a huge vocal range and a great dancing ability
My name is Felix, I am great at football and love Shelley Smith, she has a great voice, I fall into a trance when listening to her.
Amazing. please Vote 4 her. She deserves the best

80Natalia Oreiro


82Siti Nurhaliza
The Voice Of Asia

She should be in top 10!
Nice singer and styles

84Jhene Aiko
Really she's the best female singer right now. I don't see how people are sleeping on her.

85Amel Larrieux
Amel is the real authentic voice inately she owns it it flows like butter.We see it everyday real talent overlooked and as it be what the media keeps throwing in your face you except as truth knowing real singers have been over looked, real entertainers, overlooked how easy to keep crap in your face you begin to believe it. Who knows what bey had to do to get where she is it clearly wasnt pure talent.

86Mary J Blige

87Aura Dione


89Keri Hilson
Keri Hilson is so talented that she has a great voice than beyonce

90Rebecca Black
Because she is saying friday she is already worse, what's wrong with saying Friday. It is the best day of the week
Her other song is better

91Colbie Caillat
Love! Awesome voice and sings with such passion. Have loved Colbie before most knew her name!

92Sarah Brightman

93Joslyn Sky
She sings so beautiful and her voice is unique and different! She writes amazing and beautiful songs from the heart and she creates these wonderful, soul touching stories in her lyrics that we can all relate too. She is upcoming but she went to bad boy records and she has a bunch of hits not put yet, I heard some and I really believe she will quickly strive to the top! She is a real and true artist, just not known through the whole world. But give her a chance she will show you all what she can do with her music and your going to love it, trust me guys! She's the one. Next big time pop star.


95Krisdayanti (KD)

96Norah Jones
Original voice and songewriting!

97Elen Levon
She has a strong voice

98Chrissy Costanza

99Julia Sheer
Beautiful and nice voice

100Sam Bailey
Amazing voice deserved to win X factor

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