Top 10 Female Singers of 2011

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The Top Ten

Taylor Swift
Every time I have a bad day, I know I can just go home, turn on my ipod, and there will be a Taylor song describing exactly what I'm gong through. Sometimes you just need to know that you're not alone, that other people have been through it all before you, and come out the other side, happy and smiling ))
Taylor is AMAZING. Talented, funny, smart, kind, caring, beautiful...
It's a surprise that they even compared her to any of these artists!
Taylor can sing like nobody's business, plus she has heartfelt, touching, wonderfully written lyrics :) She has had many hit songs and she was the CMA Entertainer of the Year!
Taylor is one of the best, wait she not just the best she way better then any of the other female artist that are in this list. I would vote for her any day because she is my favorite singer, she makes me want to be with her on stage, in the bus and at her recording studio. I LOVE YOU TAYLOR! YOU'RE #1 ON MY LIST.
[Newest]Taylor Swift is my favorite singer. I turn on my T. V to enjoy her musics. I love her HAUNTED and all other. She is superb.
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2Lady Gaga
she is such a great singer, entertainer, and an all around artist. with her stunning preformances, and amazing vocal voice, and don't forget her insane dresses! GAGA FOR EVER!
I love GaGa so much and I think she's the REAL queen of Pop! I love her songs that deal with loving who you are and being happy with that! Plus, Born This way is the BEST album of 2011! Listen to it! IT'S AWESOME FROM THE FIRST TO LAST SONG!
There is absolutely no way she can be listed behind Taylor Swift. Lady Gaga's voice is the best!
[Newest]No one can ever replace Gaga. Aside from Beyoncé, she was, and still, is, one of the best I've ever heard. Her studio versions aren't laced with auto-tune and her live voice isn't any different from her studio versions. Unlike certain singers, she has a strong and powerful voice that sings every note perfectly.
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3Jackie Evancho
Jackie Evancho is the most phenomenal singer we have had the pleasure to witness in a very long time. She not only sings a song, she becomes the song and entrances her audience with her amazing stage presence, charming personality and charisma.

She showed amazingly and purely, she wish to be a huge star of classical crossover music, she has the really focus: Debut Platinum Album Oh Holly Night. Golden Album Dream with me. The must-see&hear recordings of performances in Houston (Ave Maria - Schubert), Dallas (The Lord's Prayer), Atlanta (The Impossible Dream), Nessun Dorma in AGT, BGT etc. Really beautiful her PBS Great Performance Dream With Me In Concert. The Christmas carol and song album The Heavenly Album. And her often performances at peace, philantropic and protectionist happenings. The impressive entry to the stages all over the world.
Biggest-selling debut artist of 2010; at age 10, broke Michael Jackson's record as youngest artist in US chart history to have a Top 5 and Platinum CD.
[Newest]I have been a devoted fan from the first time I heard her sing. Its unreal, have never followed a singer let alone as young as she is. I think their is more to this than we love her her music, we love her like our own family!

4Katy Perry
She's really talented, and all her songs are somehow related to my life.
She's stunning, and everythings good about her.
So if this is a competition, SHE SHOULD WIN! <3.
Katy Perry Has Set Records No Other Artist Has Ever Came Close To. She Has More Than 5 Songs That Have Each Gotten Over 4 million Bought And She Is About To Set Michael Jacksons Record And She's Just So Talented And Beautiful She's All Natural Inside And Out! So She Should Be Number One And She Cares For He Fans Other Singers Are In It For The Fame Like Lady Gaga Stole Money From The Japan Fund That She Set Up! How About That For Your " Monster Mom " Cause She is A Monster For Singing Songs About Going Against Go And Being Apart Of Illuminati Vote For Katy Perry Who Sings What's In Her Heart Not Because It Sounds Good! She Does It For her Fans Not For The Fame Vote For Katy Perry And I'm Not Hating On Gaga I'm Just Speaking The Truth. Love You Katy :{D
I love her much than any female singer and I like her songs like fireworks, teenage dream, I kissed a girl, waking up in vegas, california girls, peocok, thinking of you
[Newest]I really like her songs & she's pretty so:

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Rihanna has the best voice ever, and has some cool hairstyles
love the way you lie part one and two... the best...
she is one of the best... she has a remarkable voice.. and she from the caribean so that gives her a 10!
[Newest]She awesome sexy amazing at singing almost the best singer
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Adele is one of my greatest role models. She is an amazing singer, she is not afraid to be what society considers "fat" and even though she is struggling with the surgery with her throat, I still love her music. She will not be singing till about 2014 which is quite disappointing but I still will stay by her side as the years pass/
She's so amazing even in a live presentation, she doesn't need to be thin to be a good singer, she's the best.
She's the most awesome singer ever... Perfect blend of passion and beauty..!
[Newest]I just love Adele's voice.

Beyonce should be at the top final! She is the best live performer out there and has a stunning voice
Beyonce is such an outstanding performer. Not only is she a fantastic actress, but she is the most talented, and gorgeous female artist in the world and she should get more appreciation for her work.
She should at the top she clearly has more talent and more money than all put together!
[Newest]Beyonce should be #1 She is the 4th queen of pop as you know.
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she's very sexy and very talented in singing and dancing and most especially the way she perform in live music, she is the best singer for me and I really love her so much because of her excellent performances...
I love shakira her way of singing and her look and think that she should have concert in india
Hot and very talented
Perfection is the best word to describe how awesome she is
[Newest]She is very beautiful

9Selena Gomez
She has a great voice and her songs are reasonable and her lyrics are great. She loves her fans and her songs are also very inspiring. I have been her fan since I heard some of her first songs! I have all her albums and I know all her songs. She is very talented. I love Selena!
I love Selena Gomez and I am a BIG FAN of her because she follows her dreams even if people tell her she won't make it even if people tell her shes not good and she loves her fans, her family and friends she make a song for them called "Who says". I will always be a fan of her and I'll always support her whatever she does and she will always be my role model. I listen to her all the time and I have all her albums/She is very talented and inspiring. Her voice is amazing her songs are amazing she is amazing her songs have really good message she is kind. She helps people she is a ambassador of UNICEF. I LOVE YOU SELENA. Can't wait for her Hit the lights music video to come Shes awesome.
Selena should be the first on the list! She's so amazing and her songs are meaningful and deliver a great message. Her voice is incredible and she is so kind and is really beautiful. She's so inspiring and is my role model.
[Newest]Selena gomez is a top singer
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10Britney Spears
When I ex-my boyfriend It doesn't matter I get sad I will turn my Ipod touch go on youtube I didn't know I goes her song Baby One More Time and Till The World Ends after that I go to her VMAs Performance I shocked a O* My Gos* I'm A Slave 4 you and a Satisfaction will never forget even her performed and her looks


I love britney spears she is my favourite singer ever she has got a really nice voice and she sings heaps of good songs she the best of her is inside of her
... she is always the best... her performance better and better as she made a new one... I guessed the best is in her. . .
[Newest]One of the best artist on the earth...

The Contenders

Pink is so inspiring and I can't belive she's having a baby she'll make a great mother and she's worked hard to get to where she is. I LUV P! NK
Epic shes the best person I ever heard her concerts are amazing shes an inspiration to every one I personally think shes the best singer ever she will be an amazing mother just like she is a amazing singer I love pink so much and I will for the rest of my life.
She's amazing in every way! Her concerts are incredible, she never mimes, is always true to herself and gives so much to her adoring fans!
[Newest]Just one word: AMAZING

She is amazing and beautiful. I love her voice as well it is moving and inspiring. She has helped a lot of other famous singers get were they are today and helped loads of kids because they can relate to what she is singing about. And everyone loves her videos they are funny, inspirational, and help some people get to grips with life.
She's just really awesome and really good at writing songs and very talented
She is one of the best singers. I'm always listening to her. I have all of her C.D.'s! All of my friends can agree.
[Newest]Kesha is actually better than lady gaga, cause her songs are really good, and there is something in her which isn't in others!

13Jennifer Lopez
I love her she has such a good voice I would love to see her, she can really pull some move on the floor when she gets down their, how does she do it? God if was her I would feel so good, she is so lucky to have a figure like that.
How does she do it? Does she work out to get it or is it natural? Every one loves her even me and I'm a girl, gee if I was a boy I would be chasing after her. I bet she is good singing live I would love to go and see her somewhere x
Amazing singer best singer she can move that body on the floor and here song into you is cool
She has awesome voice

14Miley Cyrus
She's best till now. She should be in higher step than selena gomez. Because miley's musics are meaningful, passionate, lovely, pure, different with each other & blah, Blah, BLAH! But selena's musics are just passionate[more than miley's sometimes]. Most of them doesn't mean anything at all. They look like each other.E. G: most of her songs start with it & you. & they are copy of miley's. Hit the lights looks somehow like permanent December [So let's go go go all the way & it's the mad mad world trying to... ] & there's others that I've forgot their names (sorry about that)...


I've been her fan since 2006. Through years and years, fans like us grow up with her, but it doesn't mean we FOLLOW everything she does. I don't know about the others, but I love her to pieces. Her smiles sparkles up the whole place. Her amazing voice still shines through. Her music is honest and true. She also has a lot of rock songs that always make you dance along. I can't go a day thinking or talking about her. Finally, if this is a competition, we should vote for everyone because of their talents. If I make you click 'vote' for Miley, then thank you. :) x Smiler Forever.
She's the only singer I know that pours her soul and heart when she sing and writes. She's original. She has the most unique voice. The tone to her voice is unlike any other singer out there. She's the first teen singer that I grow up with and still love her till today. She's beautiful. She makes mistakes and learn from it because she's real. She doesn't pretend and she's one of the singer I know that have her family close to her.
[Newest]I don't like miley cyrus

15Jessie J
This right here is the kind of SOUL that the world needs more of. The song "who you are" is as close to perfect as you can find in today's music scene... Breathtaking... Charged with such tangible emotion. Completely unique.
Her debut album was amazing and really brings across real life and different attitudes toward people and the things that surround us. The album varies in genre switching from indie to soul in a matter of songs. She cares about the music she doesn't just grab the first lyric sheet in line and sing it like Britney Spears.
Being a good singer and a kindly person, and most of her songs are saying. "Stand up" for the "LOVE", forget about the "Price Tag". And remember "No body's perfect" just be true to "Who you are"

16Demi Lovato
I think she has an angel voice. She can reach the highest note and I love her songs. She also plays instruments, she acts, she dances, she inspires millions of people and she's SO beautiful. I don't know just, perfect.
She is amazing! She inspires so many people and what she has been through is... Amazing! She is SO BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED. , I COULD WRITE A BOOK ABOUT HER. Demi Lovato Should be NUMBER ONE.
Definitely best all around. She can perform, act, dance, inspire, and best of all SING. I dare any of these other singers to just try and hit the notes she does. Good luck! (you will need it)
[Newest]How she not be number 1?!

17Avril Lavigne
She can seriously sing guys! She has talent- her songs are so deep and have a strong meaning to them. She's true to everybody. She deserves to be in the top 10
She's got talent! She can sing better than any female artist! Love you avril..
Love her she is like my fave and I would love to meet her and she has the best voice and I like think she wins everything because shes just that cool

[Newest]Shes the best, HANDS DOWN

18Nicki Minaj
I think that nicki minaj should be higher because she can sing and rap really good and her song super bass and moment 4 life is awesome. Also for a new artist she did really good and she is one of the only good female rappers. Before I heard Nicki Minaj I didn't really like rap but because of her I have like 30 rap songs on my iPod. Also she has a lot of different types of music and she is a really good writer.
Nicki, Is a really strong creative singer. She is amazing. Enough said.
She can sing and rap perfectly and her voice is like never boring it goes up and down all the time it's really entertaining and catchy
[Newest]Best rapper that's for sure

19Shreya Ghoshal
Good looking...
She is my favorite female singer till date, before that I didn't listened to any female singers. Her voice is so sweet and mesmerizing. She should be among the top five. She is way better than the so called Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez.
Shes got the most melodious voice in the indian film industry.. You say it and she can sing it.. Wether classical western o rpop...
[Newest]My all time favourite singer...

20Kelly Clarkson
She's an amazing singer... She deserves to be number 1 because she's so original and she's a great singer and artist! Please help kelly make it to the top!
Three words. EPIC. AWESOME. TOTALLY AMAZING SINGER. She is an awesome singer.
I just love her songs. Kelly Clarkson forever.

21Cheryl Cole
I absulutely cannot believe she is down here but anyways she has a beautiful gift of singing and was once was on one of the most famouse girl bands called girls aloud. She was obviously the best singer in the band. She does a lot of types of songs and had otten so many hits whilst on the band also had beautiful solo songs such as fight for this love and parachute. NOT ONLY ALL THIS BUT SHE ALSO IS ONE OF THE BEAUTIFULLEST LADIES IN THE WORLD after kelly kelly.
Cheryl puts all of her feelings into her songs which even make it better and more alive. I still cannot believe they put girls like jessie and nichole, jenifer and also a singer called carrie who is unknown infront of cheryl. Come on people cheryl deserves better! Cheryl is the best.
I love you cheryl cole I love your all song

22Hilary Duff
She has such an unique voice and she is so pretty!
She is also the role model for me, she's very kind and wasn't spoiled (like today's singers are) and she is married
She wont sing now and I think you all know the reason (if not then it is a shame! )
But she will definitely come back
And really, taylor swift number 1?
She is SO boring!
Hilary is the best!
Class singer
Definitely one of the best and she is better than all of your choices
And I completely agree with the previous comment so there is actually no need for me to write!
Hilary duff=the best!

23Amy Lee
In a vocal competition only Adele and Gaga could ever hang with her stuff. Anyone can coat there voice in Reverb (save Rebecca Black). The true testament of a singer is there live vocal performance. The top 5 in order should be Amy Lee, Gaga, Cel Dion, Adele, and Hayley Williams.
She is sometimes a bit shy and a bit sensitive but at the same timeshe is so strong and full of confidence. She loves her band and she is really bonded with the members of it. She has an angelic voice and she can reach really high notes. There were a lot of times that just by her voice she made us cry! Only a few people appreciate her art but for us that we follow her to every step she does, she is a goddes! I have nothing more to say. We love Amy!
Amy Lee must be numer 1, none is even close, and by the way she composes all Evanescense songs, her live performance is epic

24K.S. Chithra
She is a versatile singer.
Best singer in India

25Nicole Scherzinger
I really LOVE NICOLE SCHERZINGER she's the best singer.
I cannot believe she's down here but anyway she's still the best.

26Victoria Justice
She's better than them

27Celine Dion
Best singer of all time and she has one of the best voice of our time :)
She should be on the top of the list have you ever heard her song my heart will go from the soundtrack of titanic which is also famous now also and known
Best female singer of all time her hit note is amazing (all by myself )
She is better than Taylor swift

28Helena Paparizou
She is young beatiful, and very good performance

29Carrie Underwood
I think that Carrie Underwood is the best she should be at number1 her voice is AMAZING and she is SO pretty! I went to stadium of fire and she was amazing she sounded so good just like she does on the radio and on her cd's with no editing
One of the best vocalist EVER! She's so classy! She's indeed one of the best country artists out there! Her songs are SO GOOD. PLAY ON CARRIE UNDERWOOD!
After her performance of "How Great Thou Are" on this year's 2011 ACM Girls Night Out, there is not one singer on this list with the voice and the class to match, who can hold a candle to her.

30Regine Velasquez

31Mariah Carey
I love her so much I need her in my life
I love her voice she deserves to be the number one... No one here can go higher or lower than she can...
Nobody in this list compares to her soulful voice... She's the best... But I really don't know why she's number 61 when she deserves first place... She is the best in the planet... Get that you all...
She has the best voice on the planet.. As you can see there's no one that can compare to her voice type that is very rare... Like duh when you listen to her voice she is way way better than all of this singers... She deserves number 1 on the list... Vote for her if you like her..

32Lana Del Rey
She is so so amazing and has a good voice and my favorite song is summer time sadness you should hear it it's so cool
She pretty much kills it.

33Aria Tesolin

34Charice Pempengco
She got an awesome voice that makes people give her a standing ovation
Charice got a stunning voice. , can sing high pitched songs of celine, whitney, etc in live performance. ,

35Sunidhi Chauhan
Most versatile and talented

36Agnes Monica

37Florence Welch (Florence and the Machine)
She is absolutely amazing, she writes her own mystical, enigmatic lyrics and, unlike many other women on this list, she is an excellent singer, who is even better live than she is on the album!
The most underrated singer of the past few years. She is original, talented and sounds even better live than she does on the albums!
Way more than underrated, and a much more talented (and creative) singer than most of the women on this list. I.E. brittany Spears.

38Sarah Geronimo
She has a high voice ever, she always compared with celine and whitney because she can sing their songs,
She is extraordinary, she is the best singer I have heard ever...

39Hayley Williams
I still can't believe she wasn't on the list! Where do you live people?! Hayley Williams is the vocalist of her band -Paramore- which she really loves. She is SO beautiful and we can all recognize her by her red, or most of the time, orange hair. She is so confident and strong and when she is on the stage she is full of energy and she gives everything! She is one of the greatest singers on the planet! PLEASE VOTE!
Lady has a great voice!
I just love her, she great

40Ariana Grande
Just check her YouTube videos as she clearly has a lot of talent and sings better than most on this list. It is tough to deny that if you see the videos. Also she is a talented actress who works hard.
She is my biggest fan and she is a really good singer, and the best actress
Ariana grande is the best singer in the world and the best actress!

41Alicia Keys
I love Alicia Keys
Wow! She's all the way down here!

She's amazing!

42Kate Bush


44Lea Michele

45Pia Toscano
The passion and power of Pia is evident every time she steps up to the mic. Her big ballad vocals are simply cathartic. It would be hard to find another voice so rich in tone and broad in range. Every cover sounds like an original.

46Christina Aguilera
She is an amazing singer! 'I' absolutely love her especially in the movie BURLESQUE!

She is really talented, simply the best for those who enjoy soft, cool and soothing music. The music has a jazz fling to it original in every aspect. The vocals are amazingly incredible and Sade's voice is unmistakably remarkable and distinguished. Music for all times.

I love your songs

49Carly Rae Jepsen

50Emeli Sande

51Kim Taeyeon
Ost queen of south korea

52Stacy Angie

53Willow Smith
Amazing, shes nine and is known around the world. What will happen when shes around 19?

54Cher Lloyd
I love you and I love your all songs

55Jordin Sparks

56Neeti Mohan

57Kavita Krishnamurthy

58Melanie C

59Marie Fredriksson

60Emilie Autumn

61Chiara Malvestiti

62Pixie Lott

63Naya Rivera

64Lata Mangeshkar
Lata is an inidan singer. She is best singer in india. I love her in lata mankeshkar ji.


66Susan Boyle
She who has been called the Queen of Ballads can also sing jazzy blue songs and rock and roll! She isn't a singer who sings just one type of music.

67Iggy Azalea

68Shalmali Kholgade


70Kate Voegele

71China Anne McClain

72Lzzy Hale

73Perrie Edwards

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