Female Singers With the Best Range

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Jackie Evancho
Most beautiful voice I have ever heard. Sings like an angel.
Just when you think her voice cannot possibly get better - it does. Her highs give you goose bumps, her lows catch you off guard, and the color of her mid-range puts a smile on your face every time. She was born to sing. She is destined to be one of the great vocalists of all time - she is definitely one of the best of our time. I cannot even begin to imagine how she will sound by the time she is in her 20s... God is such a show-off, sometimes!
Jackie's vocal chords and physiology have been carefully analyzed to discover how she does it, but she is normal in every way. Experts suggest that there may be additional neural structures in her brain, gifting her with an ability to project emotions by driving her body to produce the 'right' sounds.
Whatever is going on, it works, as evidenced by the millions who have experienced the 'Jackie Effect'. I am one of them, and can attest that it is real, and it is wonderful!
[Newest]It's not the number of notes in her range, but the clear, consistently pure quality of every note within that range that makes her such a great singer.


2K.S. Chithra
Chithra's romantic lusty singing voice and talk voice in all range is incredible one
K.S. Chithra is a most beautiful, talented, brilliant singer with best range

3Agnetha Faltskog
Ms Fältskog has a wonderful range. Many people don't know that she has both high and low voice/register. This can be heard on her Wrap your arms around me album.
What is striking about her voice is the purity. It is so clear and recognizable. Once you hear a song, you are sure it is her.
See the live performances of her, it is unbelievable to hear that the range and quality is exactly the same as the records. The best female singer until now and for ever.
[Newest]No doubt her voice has great range. While so underrated, her vocal ability rank is supposed to be higher in all lists.

4Aria Tesolin

5Yvonne Muentener - YVE
Splendid singer and songwriter. Incredible range and energy. The lyrics are full of common sense served in a funny crazy way. She's brilliant and unique!
In my opinion she's the most fantastic singer.
Some people become a famous star with not even 20% of her talents.
[Newest]She surely is the most powerful singer with the widest range and the best lyrics. Congrats to Switzerland!

6Mariah Carey
She is the BEST! Forget the rest!

7Whitney Houston
Oh Come On! Whitney was named as the Queen of Voice. Her 5 octaves are unbeatable. You can't ignore or deny real facts!


3 octaves and perfect clear pitch.

8Celine Dion
she has 5 octives aswell.

9Kari Ryan
Sh is not the biggest know singer, but her range is out of this world! She is capable of 7 octives.

10Sarah Brightman

The Contenders

11Karen Carpenter

12Tori Amos



15Gladys Knight
Brilliant Lady of Soul. Exceptional Diva and True Legend. It's Gladys Knight


16Dolly Parton

17Tina Turner

18Amy Lee

19Sarah McLachlan
Her voice makes you drift away...


20Joni Mitchell

21Floor Jansen
Floor has the greatest range I have heard on any singer. She can hit a wide range of high and low notes and can sing in so many different styles such as contemporary, belting, classical and screaming. Check out her work with After Forever, ReVamp, MaYaN and Nightwish.

22Regine Velasquez
Wow, this diva should be up there on the list

23Jennifer Nettles

24Caterina Valente
Best range next to Uma Sumac

25Sarah Vaughan
Has the greatest range.

26Ann Wilson

27Cass Elliot

28Meav Ni Mhaolchatha
Meav has an incredible range--5 or 6 octaves at the very least! She doesn't struggle to reach the highest or the lowest notes, either, they just come naturally.

29Lea Michele

30Audrey Gallagher
I love her singing. She can sing anything and make it awesome.


31Beyoncé Knowles

32Ariana Grande

33Leona Lewis

34Christina Aguilera
If I'm not mistaken she has the biggest range for a female following mariah Carey. But this sexy little thang can sang like no ones business. Her power and passion are un matched

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