Top 10 Female Singers With High Voices

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1Jackie Evancho

Simply the most amazing, beautiful voice I have ever heard.

Jackie hits those high notes with such ease and purity, never shrill or nasal like some, and she can sustain them longer than most. And she is so much younger than most artists posted here, so who knows how far that exquisite voice will take her.

Occupation: Soprano. Sings high, on-pitch, with the smoothest voice in music. Just unplug the auto-tune and use it for a doorstop.

I've heard her and she is simply amazing. The good Lord has definitely blessed her with that beautiful voice.

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2Mariah Carey

Mariah carey hits a 5 octave and that's just awesome.. Yes there are people who hit higher than that but her popularity says is all.

Mariah once reach the highest note that ever produced by a human before it was broke by Georgia Brown.

Emotions is a great song and she hits the whistle tone perfectly


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3Celine Dion

Celine has power in her voice. Mariah carey used to. Celine has the same vocal range today. I have to say that celine dion is the best female singer in her genre.

Celine Dion was able to sing before and until now. Therefore that makes her the best highest pitched artist.

An incredible vocal skill.
She is amazing, some songs: all by myslef, I surrender, the power of love... Show us that she has the best voice!

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4Ariana Grande

I really love Ariana Grande she is like the absolute best. She is my favorite singer I just adore her so much. I don't mean any offense but her voice is really high-pitched which makes her unique. I love her voice though it is so controlled. I also think she could be a opera one day. (No offense) She is so: good, beautiful, unique, great dancer, and great singer.

Why is Ari all the way down here?!?!?! For a fact she at least needs to be higher then Rihanna, in fact why is she up that high, she can't even do whistle notes, this list so wrong in every single way.

NEEDS to be Top 3!
Think about it, her career as Cat in Victorious and Sam & Cat would be hard for normal people but was easy for her! If a normal person would do that for a whole series or even a episode, they'll crack their voice at least 100 times.
HER VOCALS ARE AMAZING. In every song she is featured in, she shows the highest vocal in the song.

High notes are great

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5Whitney Houston

She is so good man I sang I have nothing At my school talent show

Whitney Houstin Had a power to Her voice. When she sang It Moved People. her Voice can never be mached.

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6Demi Lovato

I know she has to be #1 because she is so young and with the powerful voice I don't see any young celeb with that much of a powerful voice like her

Demi should be up around number one or two because her vocals are just beyond amazing!

Number 1, her voice is just simply the best

Demi is a big singer and spectacular woman!

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7Christina Aguilera

Best voice in the music industry! Her voice gives me goosebumps and everything about her is pretty... and when she steps on the stage everybody's amazed on how she can sing! There's no other like CHRISTINA AGUILERA! And that's how music should sound!

She's a live legend! Her voice is inhumanely phenomenal, so strong, so soulful! Just face it, divas like Whitney, Mariah, Beyonce are definitely amazing, but Christina is the best gift that the whole music industry ever got in history!

She is so good, even live. Not many artists can do that. She is just great

Her voice is unique.

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8Sia Furler

My favorite voice of this list, the way she can control it is simply amazing and very unique

BEST, her voice is amazing and when she sings it's like she brought heaven back down to Earth.

Love her voice, always first on my chart. And herr songs go with her voice, exept her voice would be a little better if she was singing for god.

Sia is the real meaning of perfection

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9Dolly Parton

Love Dolly. She's my all time favorite. Awesome lady!

10Shreya Ghoshal

Because she is absolute perfection. Just listen to any song of hers. Goosebumps

She hits the wayy highs when she sings. She has the ability but she doesn't get to use it often because of the songs that she sings.

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Beyonce is the best singer she has been singing for like almost twenty years and she is still fit beautiful and still has an amazing voice people should actually vote Beyonce.

I seriously do not understand how is Beyonce not in the top 10? She absolutely has one of the highest, most powerful and versatile voices in the music industry today andher dozens of awards prove her success as a singer. whether live or recording, her voice stays the same, high, smooth, powerful and heavenly.

Beyonce is the best singer. She tops Christina, Ariana, and Mariah. She's an effortless singer and an incredible performer.

Beyonce should be in top five not eleven

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12Charice Pempengco
13Perrie Edwards

She should be on the top 10. She is has a vocal range of a soprano but she is not on the top 10. Like duh, charice and demi, they are only mezzo-soprano and though they have powerful voice, Perrie has a more powerful voice. She need to be on the top 10. Mixers, perrie not in the top10 is unforgivable, right?

She deserves to be in the top ten because when she hits high notes it sounds so pretty

I guess she should be on number 1...Her songs will really give you goosebumps...I guess she is younger than demi but still hit the high notes so perfectly which even demi can't do (I am sorry for that but first I am a mixer and then a lovatic)

Perrie is the best

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14Aria Tesolin
15Amy Lee

Hands down one of the greats. Not because of range but because of her unique and haunting vocal style. Also writes her music and is good at having material that suits her. Nobody can successfully cover Evanescence songs with the same finesse that she gives. Also, killer piano skills.

She has a very great voice, not to mention notes that she can hit. She sounds around the same live, and is also from a different genre of music, so others can enjoy that great quality too if they do not enjoy pop music or what is popular now.

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She has her own style of singing and the originality. Her voice is perfect and easily recognizable.

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17Cyndi Lauper

Her voice is just from other planet. Is the voice of the angels.

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18Agnes Monica

Agnes Monica Is a Great singer in Indonesia. I'm so proud of her because she inspiring me to catch my dream

I'm so proud with her voice.. Higher voice and can broken many glasses around her

She has 5 oktave range. Great singer
She is gorgeous and multitalented

19Belinda Carlisle
20Toni Braxton
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