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Anni-Frid Lyngstad


She is just the bees knees. Hands down. Her voice appeals to all kinds of people around the world, of all ages. She is a beautiful person inside and out. Long live the princess!
Even though Abba was a bit before my time, I still think their music is the best. And frida has always been my best of the best
A warm, versatile voice, an amazing stage presence, a taste for intelligent music and meaningful lyrics, those are but a few of Anni-Frid Lyngstad (Frida)'s qualities. Her musical career spans over forty years - and it's probably not over yet. She's simply one of the greatest talents in music history.


Anni-Frid Lyngstad my love!
She is obvioulsy the best singer of all time. Her voice is fantastic and angelic. She has an incredible vocal range. She can sing really low and really high. Agnetha Faltskog is also very good, but I think the best abba songs are the ones were Frida is the lead singer or when they sing together. Her bests songs are Knowing me knowing you and Fernando. Plus, she is an amazing dancer :) and she have pass trough a hard life : two divorces the death of her man and of her daughter. She IS the real Queen of the music
Velvet... Pure magic! Her voice is as adaptable as any I've ever heard. She is capable of ANYTHING anyone can write for her.
Beautiful rich warm voice, versatile (could go from soft and gentle to a strong ringing tone)and a great range. Listen to her singing jazz and you'll see how wide her range was. A siren's voice.
A Lady who's voice captures not only your heart but your soul too, Her singing versatility makes her voice a delightful experience!
Versatile and warm, with an unusual talent to emote the songs she sings. Be it her ABBA songs or her own, in English and in Swedish, she is an expert in her craft.
Anni-Frid is the beautiful dark haired superlady with the wonderful voice in ABBA. Please vote for her, dear ABBA fans.


A woman with a beautiful voice, straight forward and plain speaking, no hissys or spray tans with her. period.


Dear Frida is an inspiration to us all, a genuine person who's taught us all, believe in better.


Great singer, great voice!
Beautiful Lady.
A warm person in heart and soul
Each time I hear her voice my heart is feeling joy, emotion and a lot of love.


A voice that is so versitile it goes straight too your heart!


She's very beautiful and a brilliant singer. My favorite forever!


The Greatest Voice Ever - Put the A into Abba.


I only can say: thank you for the voice with the music. The magic voice.
Best voice ever! She's got so much emotions in her voice. It chills you to the bone. You can't describe this beautiful sound, you can listen and just say WOW! So mesmerizig!
Anni-Frid Lyngstad the best woman
She should be #1. THE voice of the 70's