Judy Garland


All time favourite! She's an amazing singer which will forever be remembered. Her voice is deep, rich and classic- really unique. I think everyone remembers her as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. I'm sure everyone was amazed by the soundtrack right?

She was a wonderful singer, in her youth and as an adult. Seems like this list is based on modern singers and how you can have Demi Lovato and April Lavigne before her is insane. Was the list composed by teenagers with no adults having any say!

Back on the Yellow Brick Road to the top ten of The Top Tens List, where she belongs! If you enjoy strong vocal music, take a listen to an upcoming young girl in the Netherlands (Holland), Nita Blanc, who is popularizing Judy Garland.

Seeing Judy so low on the list shows what today's generation deems as talent. It's sad. Today's modern vocalist have none. No one is trained anymore. No one can sing with vibrato anymore. Singing is more than cheap gyrations.

Frank Sinatra once said that when Judy Garland sings she dies a little. That's what makes her the best singer in the world: she gives her all she holds nothing back.

The listeners of a wider range of music appreciate the vocal quality of Judy Garland's singing it is impressive she is ranked in the top 100, considering media dispersion was much less efficient when she was "at the top! "

It is obvious that the voting on the poll is being largely undertaken by younger people. This lady is an iconic legend and had one of the best voices of the 20th century. Over 90 years after her birth she is still remebered as one of the giant of entertainment. She will still be remembered when many on this list are long forgotten.

Quoted by a fan appraising Nita Blanc singing "Jar of Hearts, " which also can be applied to the legendary Judy Garland: "No one can sing THAT good! "

She is by far the best singer of all time. It was a sad day when she died. Her legend lives on though through her children and her amazing movies and songs. Love you Judy!

Some artists rated higher are popular today... Judy Garland is an icon and legend who will endure in our memories much longer.

How quickly we tend to forget such icons. There is no one like her, and little room for comparison.

My wife thinks she is the best. I put her in the top 2 of the finalists.

natural and beautiful voice, you can really feel her songs

Somewhere over the rainbow! That's all that needs to be said

I know most people voting here were born after 1990 so go figure. But Judy, Ella F., Barbara S., Sarah V. Are all-time greats. They sang longer than most of these light-weights' entire lifetime.

This gal could sing like no one else before or after.

Why is Judy so far down on this list?! Blasphemy!

one of the Best female singer in the late 1950's.


Definitely over the rainbow.

She is great, and so is Lisa

I love the way she sings.

Open your eyes people!

Judy Garland provokes lots of images for fans who had the distinguished priviledge of seeing her perform live and in the media of her day.