Kate Bush


I like Kate Bush because she is not conventional.
In her early years she really wasn't afraid to push limits, both vocally and in terms of song-writing.
Later on her voice became so rich and emotional.
A singer, song-writer and producer who wasn't creating music just to fill another album.

Kate Bush has one of the most beautiful and individual voices in the world, she is an amazingly talented artist, writes and sings her own material and makes music because she loves to and not just for the sake of selling another album.
She has been incredibly influential on the music business and because of her individuality has encouraged more women to perform, write and produce their own music.

You have the greatest most influential British singer songwriter musician producer dancer etc at number 270!? Below Selena Gomez, Cheryl bloody cole and VICTORIA BECKHAM. ARE YOU INSANE!? Congratulations, you have successfully produced the least credible list known to man. Next time leave it to the experts.

I am happy there are some Kate Bush fans here. I just listened to Sarah Brightman a little since I don't know her well and all I could think of was 'I prefer Kate Bush'. Sorry, I may be wrong but Kate deserves some love.

She is the best. I grown up with her. Also, my daughter listen her with me and she is now 5 years old. I must vote! I was waiting to mush for her next album, but she finally done it. Bravo for Kate.

Kate has been one of the most influential artists ever. She deserves to be included in the top ten. A voice that makes you shiver...

261? Totally crazy. She has been a major influence on modern music and is so much more than just a beautiful voice. This just shows how unknown and under appreciated she is within mainstream music.

Kate is the greatest Female Artists of all time for me! She wrote all of her own songs and is a musical genius!

Amazing artist and definitely my favourite singer of all time! A very worthy winner and an amazing talent.

Kate Bush is the Queen of the Art of Pop. Deep, creative, hard working and sincere.

The best singer on this list... How is she below katy perry and adele... Also one of the best song writers EVER!

She's so talented and beautiful.
She's inspiration for all musicians.

This is ridiculous! Kate's amazing voice, musical talent and charm should put her in first place! A crap disney singer 59 places above her? Ludicrous.

A true legend. Her voice and words have followed me on all my journeys. She has been the angel on my shoulder throughout my entire life.

Kate is a great songwriter and has incredible range in her voice.

Both otherworldly and emotionally compelling and most of all a total original.

Kate Bush is awesome!
She deserves to be the NÂș One! - Pointdexter

Kate is a great dancer too. - ssmith88

I find it offensive to find her in this position. Obviously this list is not serious.

She should be on the top 10. she is better than everyone mentioned - RickyReeves

96? Kate Bush should be AT LEAST in TOP 10!

Listen to "Under ice", "Jig of life", "Get out of my house", "Hello Earth" "The dreaming", "Sat in your lap"or the most mainstreaming "Deeper understanding", "Cloudbusting"... She's the best still.

Damn, ignorant youth don't know who Kate Bush is...

Kate is amazing, how was she not on here before?

She is the creator of this new wave in alternative pop, she in fact, has inspired every artist in the world.
I Bow to the greatest artist of all times.