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I agree that Madonna does not have the range, the power, or even the "texture" of Celine Dion or Mariah Carey. But that doesn't mean she's a lesser singer. Her interpretation is amazing - just compare her version of "You'll See" with that of Susan Boyle, a singer with better technique and range. But the most important thing is she sings with emotion and passion - and she can convey those emotions to the listeners, which is all great singers should be doing, not showing how high a note you can hit or how deep a voice you possess.
She is the best performer among all entries here. The only one whose career spanned for decades. The only one left of her contemporaries and has continually pushed wannabe younger singers to the side.

Yeah, she does not have the best voice and she never claimed to have one. But the fact is, she is still standing after decades while the great voices have gone and faded away.
. . . She had sold over 380 Million records just in 28 years!, she kept Michael Jackson off the charts!, she just pasted the ABBA this year, and she's the best selling FEMALE artist of all time. . . People needs to wake up. . Because your pushing my love over the borderline


It takes more than having a few octaves to be a singer.

The Queen of Pop is the greatest female artist/singer of all time. She is a legend along with artists such as MJ & The Beatles.

Her accomplishments are unmatched and she is the most influential female singer in history. As a result of her music she has defined an era for a generation of people but has also defined the 21st century music artist.

Her songs are unbeatable and she is the most versatile female musician around. Having done Pop, Dance, Electronic, Jazz, Classical, Techno, New Jack swing, R&B, Disco, Dance-Disco, Gospel, Pop-rock, rock, Folk, Latin-pop. She has done it all and has more than earned the right to be the number one. 'There is only one Queen and that's Madonna'
Madonna not even in the top 10 are you all mad? Madonna is the sum of all women, has been every women and continues to show what women can do! Her music and vision continues into a 4th decade and is still successful and continues a legacy making her one of the few all time greats... Love her
All-time Queen of Pop, every aspiring and famous pop stars idolize and looking up to her, she achieved so much and had a fair share of controversies but it won't put her down, besides her almost 2 decade career speaks for it, she's a genius because she writes her song, produce her songs and her album, best-selling albums, sold-out concerts and tours, a powerful icon
She is the best pop artist to ever grace the planet. Her vocal's are fantastic and she know's how to hit high note's. One of the only female pop star's I respect.


Madonna is the best! and should be number one, she is the only female pop star with most hits and the one who keeps on singing and touring, the other girls have stopped and their career have gone down. Madonna queen of pop!
Madonna doesn't care what people think and she will tell you exactly what is on her mind and she is not afraid to push the envelope. Madonna rocks and is a legend in the music world. In my opinion Madonna is and forever will be #1! May Madonna always be the Queen of Pop
Madonna #17? It's a Joke? Laugh out loud! Best Selling Female Artist EVER? Hello!
Queen of Pop!
Her albums are so fantastic you cannot even compare?
I own every single one of her albums and I am so proud to!
She rocks.. She's the star among stars;
No way she is at 15th! She is much more than a singer.
Her place should be in the top 3. Every single album has been a success. She has influenced music, fashion, art in so many ways!
LMAO again this list must be voted by Britney Spears and Lady Gag fans, LMAO Madonna can't sing but Madonna is smart enough to know the fans are dumb with bad taste and would buy her product. Madonna knows she can't sing but a smart business woman that made millions off the dumb.. Haha
Madonna has a great range, she sings live while dancing and running around the stage and yet every note is perfect and on key, very few other singers can sing perfectly, while dancing like Madonna can, and at age 54 she can still fill up a stadium, that says a lot.
Madonna is the most successful female artist of all time with she has sold over 300 million records worldwide and she is the most successful solo artist in the history of Billboard Hot 100 chart. She can sing every song. She's the best.
Ok, she has not the greatest voice of all the time, but music is communication. She used every possible mean to catch feelings. For instance, you can hear really gifted singers performing Evita, but only Madonna can rise your emotion in a simple but effective way.
15? Gimme a break?! Half the top ten I've never even heard of! You can't really take this kind of poll seriously if it's clogged up with little local artists that couldn't even give away their cd outwith their border!
The queen of the Universe! The most incredible singer of the world! More than 200 million albums sold. The most incredible show of the planet, Sticky & Sweet Tour. She's the QUEEN! And I say, Madonna always imitated but never duplicated!
Madonna was the Billboard number to the second position, behind only the Beatles, the list of greatest artists of all time Hot 100, making it the most successful solo artist in the history of the Billboard charts.
I've seen Madonna live and she is a PHENOMENON!
She dances NON STOP for hours and still sings to perfection!
OMG She Is A Goddess! :) <3 x


She is the icon of empowerment have you people forgotten this woman was the one who open our eyes to the rights we possess! She should be higher up on this list, I'll admit the ones above are as great as the next, but Madonna is Madonna am I right!
The Best. We don't need anyone else but her voice. Who doesn't like her is simply because can't understand her importance and can't understand what she wants us to feel listening to her creations. That's all.
How can the REAL best female singer of all time not even be in the top 10? She is the epitome of female singers. She is most certainly top 10 material. Madonna, I think that the other people here actually have "hung up" on you.
I love Madonna just the way she is! There will never be someone like her cause she's the best! All the others have to take note of what she does! Long live our beautiful queen Madonna! I'll love her till the end!
She is the Ultimate performer and show queen. To see her live in concert is an experience that will and has never left me. NO ONE CAN COMPARE! She paved the way for Celine, Mariah and all those other girls.

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