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461 Kirsten Flagstad

The most powerful operatic voice in history - LateBloom

462 Katie Noonan

Lead singer for Australian band "George". She has the strongest voice I have ever heard. Her range is AMAZING. She should be number one.

463 Annika Norlin
464 Lindsey Haun
465 Susanna Hoffs

How is this possible? If you can't have in mind songs like "Manic Monday", "Waiting for You" or "My side of the bed" when you are looking for the greatest voice, you still have a lot to learn about music.

Front Woman for the greatest female band ever, The Bangles

466 Sandie Shaw

Who compiles these lists? I am assuming this is an American site. You Americans missed so much when you refused Sandie a work permit back in the 60's. She then concentrated on Europe, Canada, South America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa who all welcomed her with open arms. Should be much much higher.

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467 Jennifer Holliday

One of the best singers of all times. Very under rated and it is a shame that her success did not last. The emotions that come through when she sings is very unique.

She is the only singer with emotion! Plus, her voice booms outs on pitch, in tune, and sounds loud and amazingly perfect!

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468 Maddy Prior

Steeleye Span's magnificent voice, none better anywhere!

469 Anna Nalick

She has one of the best ranges I've ever heard, like Sarah McLaughlin or Tori Amos. And she's a songwriter, and all others like Beyonce and Mariah Carey would be nowhere without people like Ms. Nalick. "Breathe(2AM)" is absolute GENIUS.

I Agree! She should be at LEAST #20, but I think She's not as good as Beyonce.

470 Mary Pascoe

i totally agree! she reminds me of like if sarah mclachlan and tori amos had a love child. lol! such a pretty voice. :-*

471 Natasha Bedingfield

Natasha should have been in Brittney's spot. She is awesome!!

472 Katharine McPhee Katharine McPhee

Katherine so far is the best her voice is inccredible and she is indeed very beautiful

She should have won America Idol. As good as most on this list

473 Phyllis Hyman

Although she never got the recognition she deserved she was an excellent singer.

474 Despina Vandi
475 Carolyn Dawn Johnson
476 Ashlee Simpson Ashlee Simpson Ashley Nicolle Næss, known by the stage name Ashlee Simpson, is an American singer-songwriter, actress, and media personality.

Ashlee is my idol! I will always look up to her! She is such a strong individual and I strongly admire her for that!

477 Rachel Alejandro

Rachel Alejandro of the Philippines is one of the best female vocalists in the Philippines. The sultry singer can belt. Her musical genres and fortes include pop, ballad, rock and can sing r&b. Rachel's voice is comparable to western voices like Shania Twain, Toni Braxton, Barbara Streisand and can sing songs of Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Dionne Warwick. She has attained popularity in the Philippines by acquiring the 1992 Best Female Vocal Artist for the song " Nakapagtataka". Her song "Paalam Na" won numerous awards including the Song of the Year for 1993. She also won an award in Romania Songfest, 1st Prize.She also received the highest prize and honor when she sang for Philippine Metropop, besting other Philippine singers. Her voice varies and waves, from low to high. Her musical style especially singing live is exceptional. You can notice that when she sings with other divas. Rachel's voice is so western and so powerful! She's simply the best and people must notice that. I ...more

478 Mindy White

she is in the band called lydia, her voice will make you melt

So glad to see her on this list!

479 Sam Brown

Sam is the most under recognized talent of all time, but definitely NOT underrated. Sam had the best vocal of any British female modern singer ever! - joebloggs

480 Donalyn

A Quite Charming Country Singer She only does the Southeast Texas area at present but a Real ShowGirl Always ready to Please the Audience Anytime

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