Tarja Turunen

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Tarja is the absolute best singer in the world. Her voice is unique! She is amazing on stage, you can really feel that she loves her fans!

She's excellent, and is putting out albums at a nice fast clip. Gotta hand it to her, she knows how to compose and she knows her way around musical instruments. She's pretty tough and tours a lot. For me she represents a strong, independent female metal artist who's come into her own. In a way, she outgrew Nightwish who seem to prefer obedient female talent that doesn't demand too much of them (seem a tad chauvinistic, especially since they recently booted Anette Olzon too). Since leaving Nightwish, Tarja has flourished, and I think her albums replace what Nightwish could have been had they not shifted away towards rock pop/movie soundtrack type music. I hope she keeps putting out albums. Loved the Act 1 live album. The coming album Colours in the Dark scheduled for August 2013 sounds amazing from the couple of teasers I've managed to hear. She's my favorite metal diva, and her drummer partner Mike Terrano is a god. My second and third female metal rankings would go to Lacuna Coil's lead, and to the lead from Within Temptation. I don't see commercial pop stars as being in the same league as metal women.

Yep, the metal vocalist who sings opera arias on the side, for fun (NOT, as some arrogant opera fans seem to think, some sort of professional opera singer. If they're too lazy to actually look her up and realize that her music has pounding guitars in the background while someone like Leontyne Price doesn't, well, they're opinions can't be counted for anything then, can they? ). Much better than all those classical crossover artists, in my opinion, who, although they display better technique, for one reason or another always eventually refer back to elements of some generic pop genre for their solo work. One thing I love about Tarja is she has already done so many genres in both her time with Nightwish and her solo work, such as acoustic folk, folk metal, power metal, Eurovision, alternative rock, symphonic metal, and pop, with elements of ambience, gothic metal, industrial metal, electronic, etc. Shame that most singers don't try for variety like she does. Very impressive head voice (because of the classical training, of course); she blows most other metal vocalists out of the wate. Truly the Symphonic Metal Queen. ♥

Tarja is full lyric soprano, a trained vocalists that successfully with her voice alone combines two genres - metal (rock) and classical music. The idea itself sounds odd and easy to go wrong which is far from true in this case. I was a child when I first hear her singing in Nightwish and I instantly "fell in love" with her vocals. She sings beautifully with passion, her vocal range is very good, but the thing that really made her popular is her voice which can sound extremely dark and deep for a soprano, her voice can easily enchant the sounds of an ocean, eternity and loss (Sleeping sun, Dead Boy's poem, Deep Silent Complete) which, I believe, influenced a lot on the genre of the music and most of the albums, she can also sound shockingly mighty and powerful (The Kinslayer, In for a Kill, Wishmaster), and surprisingly she can also sound so angelic and pure (The Wisdom of Wind, Rivers of lust, Kuolema tekee taiteilijan, You would have loved this). Tarja has always had a special effect on the audience around her, I've seen people crying to her singing, I've seen people being moved and affected, I've seen them cheering... She just makes people happy. And overall, with all those qualities I believe she really deserves the title of the best singer if not by votes then by my own personal taste.

Great Voice, great performing skills, great stage presence.

both her music with Nightwish and her solo career is fantastic
especially her singing on "Ghost Love Score", "Ever Dream" and "Slaying The Dreamer" I mean, its divine (and then she is also hot, hottest person in the metal genre (not that its a hard title to get, when you compete against people like Dave Mustaine or Lemmy

Seriously, I can't believe that some people post Pink, Ashley Simpson, Cristina Aguilera, Amy Lee, and more nasty singers above Tarja Turunen, I admit she's not the best, but she's so much better than most of the "singers" that you post on it.

She can sings high notes as well as low notes. You have to hear her sing! It's beautiful.

How come she didn't make it to the top? She is definitely the best female singer on earth. Not only is she a talented opera singer, metal singer, writer and performer but also an amazing person. Here presence on stage is unlike any other, she is charismatic, charming, and makes you feel every word she sings. She is unique and doesn't try be anyone but herself. I hope some day she will get the acknowledgement she deserves as the best female singer.

Tarja Turunen simply has it all. She has an amazing vocal range which she successfully controls due her vocal education. She is both charming and beautiful and she has that special effect on audience, she makes people both smile and cry. Everyone agrees that Tarja's voice is extraordinary, she has a beautiful voice that can touch you so easily. Her voice is high pitched, but still somehow very dark and powerful and it strongly reminds me of oceans.

listen to her and you will understand why she is the best ;-)... she sang higher notes than Sarah Brightman in The Phantom of the Opera (Nightwish - End of an Era)... Most critics thinks that she is the best singer (read wikipedia)

Tarja is the nicest, cutest, kindest singer with an amazingly beautiful angel voice, she feels her music and she really cares for her fans, Tarja is absolute the best singer of the whole world...

Let us start by saying that Tarja's voice is one of those ancient voices we don't hear nowadays, and combining this goddess - full voice with metal and hard rock music shows that Tarja is the brilliant.

A lot of not classical - opera fans said that Tarja's voice is well trained for such music. Tarja can easily owns a song from both genders and she has the most perfect stage charisma I HAVE EVER SEEN!

I can't brain this.. Tarja is not on the top ten? You must haven't heard her songs yet right? The only singers I can rate on par with Tarja are Celine Dion and Madonna.. Don't put Beyonce or Britney above her, it's a disgrace!

Amy Lee is at the 4th place and tarja at the 13th place...

Tarja turunen has a very powerful voice and if she wasn't so proud she could be the absolutely most talented singer in the metal universe.

However she still deserves the first place, and everyone knows how talented she was with Nightwish.

What stupid people who don't understand that Tarja is better than Amy Lee, Aguillera, Breatney Spears, etc!

Amazing star. Gorgeous, dramatic, an excellent metal songwriter/composer/performer. Her live stuff is incredible. I've become much happier with her as she releases albums, and less so with her old group who've lost the essence of what I used to enjoy. Glad to hear there's another album on the way this year! Go Go Tarja, you're the Queen of Metal!

Tarja is one of the best singer in the whole world. With her powerfull and clean voice she has amazed to every person that walks in this world. His charism and passion on the stage. I had the chance to see her live, and was a dream come true. Tarja Soile Susanna Turunen Cabuli, thank you so much for been part of my life and my dreams.

Her voice has helped me go trough so much! Saying thank you to Tarja is not enough.. Even though she is very perfect in a technical way, she has always stuck with me... It goes beyond her voice being perfect in a technical way, she just feels it so much, there's no comparison... You will always be my No 1 Tarja!

The best voice ever, when you listen to her voice it feels like heaven, I love her and her songs! She is great when you listen to her 'soft' songs but is even better in the 'hard' ones

she is the best
i'd never seen a best singer like her, I follow her since she was in her first moments with nightwish and I still think she the most beautiful and talented singer ever. Her voice is unique and powerful, and she always look like a goddes in the stage (sorry if my english is bad &)

Her voice, her smile. her style... She is awesome, very talanted singer and perfect woman. I've heard her 2 years ago and I don't find words to say what I felt at this moment. And I love her now. I really love her! I think she must be only №1.
You're the best, Tarja!

Tarja would leave all these so called singers for dead. She has the best operatic voice I have ever heard and her take on Ave Maria was no less than stunning. A voice this spellbinding really connects with my mind and takes me places I have never been before and places that I would love to go.

an Goddess absolutly I've seen her 2 Times in Germany in May and she is absolutly perfect! Her Voice, her Outfits and her Show was awesome and she love each Fan so much after the concert she came out to give us autogramms and make Photos with every waiting Fan! A Goddess in Person :-)

Her voice is emotional, the power she has is phenomenal, during her time with Nightwish she was already one of the best vocalists but after october 2005 her voice has really came alive.
I've seen her with Nightwish and I've seen her in october 2010, others can only stand in her shadow.
And still she is one of the most social persons which makes her DIVINE ^^ BEYOND

Tarja is the best singer in the world! Her voice is unique and very beautifull! No one can sing better than Tarja! )

ARE YOU KIDDINg' ME? What is with that top 10? Tarja should be 1st by far!
She is much better than the top 3! Listen to Nightwish - Ever Dream, Tarja - I walk Alone and see her live singing Over the Hills and Far Away...