Tina Turner


OH COME ON, Tina is the BEST. Better than all the rest. Better than any one. Second to none. To have watch and listened to her through out her career. Has been simply a joy. Only one Tina voice. Sexy @70. Matchless. Always a joy to hear and see. #1 #1 #1

wow i cont beleive she is not in top 10 or even top 20 her voice is one of the woman voice and rock voice even one of the best voice of all time she is simply the best better then all the rest in the top ten

Why is Tina Turner the best female rock singer of all time?

Four words - River. Deep. Mountain. High

I can't believe she has only 0.8% of the vote

there is only one woman that can tear apart the world... it's my tina... Tina Turner... she is a Mama, a Godess, always and forever #1

Tina is one of the most amazing people she stood up to all of the grief she got from ike turner and kept working and sold more concert tickets than any other female artists.

She beat ike turner and made a massive out come from that with selling more concert tickets than any other female artist to me she is the female version of elvis presley!

The best female rock kick-ass voice there will ever be. There is only one Tina Tuner.

Definitely top ten. She always gives me the chills. And she has an amazing and very powerful voice, even in her 70s.

Tina Turner, nobody will ever be Tina Turner, she was, is and always be the best... she is simply the BEST...

Tina is Queen of RockĀ'roll. She is most beautiful, sexiest, best voice! She is simply the best!

To True! Simply The Best for sure. A legend, one of a kind.

Simply the best rock voice. With Ike or in solo, the voice is a proof of power and emotion.

She's amazing. She should be at least in top 5. Without her, everyone on this list wouldn't be anything. - MEparandriod

Come on it's Tina Turner! Her voice rocks!

Queen of Rock and Roll. Watch any live video and she doesn't miss a note. Amazing singer.

The Queen of Rock and Roll needs to be much higher than just 28

Tina totally should have been Top 10.

Just at place 34? She should be on Top 5!

Powerful emotions in this voice.

Best live performer ever!

No.38 Seriously? This list is supposed best female singer of all time! Tina was singing waay before most of your top 10 were born!

I don't like her

Tina Turner is 37!?!
Go listen to "Golden Eye" or "Dancing In My Dreams"
Before vote on someone.

Thunderdome rocks. What else is there to say. Also love her James Bond songs and her dueting with Ike.

You got tp be kidding. Tina rocked the house at 60 and had nice legs to boot.