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Ikr all their sings are great especially squeeze I love this song

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22This Is How We Roll

This song is so underrated, it's definitely my favourite song of theirs to date! - karnsteins

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23Top Down

This should be A LOT further up the list, this needs to beat me and my girls at least! - karnsteins

Such an underrated song! I love the lyric, "Passed out real and I woke up realer".

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24Leave My Heart Out of This

I love all your songs I wish I could see you I'm your first fave fan I am 9years old and I might becoming to see you perform who are you and my name is azlyn bye have a good day.

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25Stand by You


26Gonna Get Better

A beutiful son, definety it is a song that many people should listen

27Anytime You Need a Friend

They sang it against diamond white for survival and of course they got through did you hear their voices they make me cry ugh fifth harmony?

28Like Mariah

Even though I am a harmonizer and I love all their songs Like Mariah is my ultimate fave;-) It's a beautiful song with a catchy tone.. I love this song so much. All the girls have beautiful and unique voices but I personally prefer Lauren's voice but overall I love all the girls and wish them best of luck for their bright future

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29The LifeV2 Comments
30Don't Wanna Dance Alone
31Write On Me
32Suga Mama

It is a good song for not getting a bad man for you you need a sweet man not some guy that is rude to you and family


This song is my favorite song off 7/27 and it's different than the rest of the album - ericaspiezio

34I Lied

This song is SO GOOODDD! If you haven't already checked out the album, the songs are, that's My Girl, Work from Home, The Life, Write On Me, Squeeze, All In My Head(Flex), Gonna Get Better, Scared Of Happy, I Lied, Not That Kind Of Girl, Dope, No Way, and the bonus tracks are, Big Bad Wolf, and 1000 Hands. This album is so great, Dinah gets to show off her amazing vocals, as well as Lauren, who gets a solo in every song on the album. You should all be 5H fans, they are one of the best girl groups in America! I have to say though that my favorite song has to be scared of happy because of the vocals, Dinah is leading(shes my favorite) and that beat drop gets me so puuumppeddd! check out the album

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35Big Bad WolfV2 Comments
36Tellin' Me

I love this song so much, it should've been released!

37La La La/Latch
38Body Rock
39I'm In Love With a Monster

This song is so underrated! When the song was made, Lauren was barely assigned solos but she got to lead THIS song! I love it!

Now I am actually in love with a monster

This another one of their great songs, should be higher

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40No Way

How is this song so far down?! It's the most beautiful song lyrically

Beautiful vocals and great meaning. Why is this below Uptown Funk (not even a 5h song)?

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