Fighters With the Greatest Fatalities In MK Deception


The Top Ten

1 Kabal

My lovely Kabal came back in deception with awesome fatalities - Magnolia

2 Jade

I always loved this fearless woman but in Deception she is special. Both fatalities are brilliant and very brutal - Magnolia

3 Scorpion V 1 Comment
4 Liu Kang Liu Kang

Many people hated his corpse look but I still loved it. plus his fatalities were great - Magnolia

5 Kenshi

This guy had very professional fatalities. Not to mention his classic Hara-Kiri - Magnolia

6 Mileena Mileena

Mileena had the creepiest fatality in deception plus her voice is true classic. I love her - Magnolia

7 Shao Khan

This guy always look big, muscular and powerful. Here he is awesome with these finish moves - Magnolia

8 Sindel

In deception Sindel looked awesome with both fatalities - Magnolia

9 Ermac Ermac

Awesome fighter with awesome fatalities. I love the way he used telekinesis - Magnolia

10 Dairou

Among all new characters who were introduced in deception he looked really special. And his fatalities were so painful - Magnolia

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