Top Ten Final Bowser Battles

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21Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

This was for now my favourite Bowser battle even better then the rest

22Super Mario Maker

This battle is awesome because you can do what ever you want. From giving him wings, to stacking him on all enemies.

23New Super Mario Bros

Junk the final fight is the other ones are good but this one is too easy

Ok, I liked the creativity of this game and the boss battles but the final one SUCKED a lot. But great game.

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24Bowser - Super Mario Bros.
25Yoshi's New IslandV1 Comment
26Paper Mario: Sticker Star

No matter how much the game sucked, the final boss looked epic. You can't deny it.

27Super Smash Bros Melee

And with this battle, a legend begins...

28Mario and Luigi: Dream Team

You fight Bowser when he is practically a god and can do anything he wants! The music, Adventure's End also rivals that of In the Final, the Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story final battle music.

I'm tired of everyone whining about how Antasma wasn't the final boss. After all Bowser has been through in the previous Mario & Luigi games, I'm glad to see him finally defend his reputation as a villain. This also one the hardest Bowser battles we've had in a LONG time.

29Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

This isn't a final Bowser battle! You're playing as Bowser while battling a darker clone of himself!

Although you battle against Dark Bowser and play as the real Bowser, this battle is still cool.

30New Super Mario Bros 2 (3DS)

Kind of a copy of the Wii version

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31Bowser - Super Mario Sunshine
32New Super Mario Bros. 2

Game and battle had good graphics but were the SAME as the Wii, so not my favorite

Lol copycats. Copy of will version

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33Super Mario Sunshine

While it might have been easy, the overall concept of this battle is ' awesome. There is so much stuff to avoid, from Bowser's flames to Bowser Jr.'s endless barrage of Bullet Bills to the hoop that flies everywhere, I truly love this boss

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