Best Fire Emblem: Fates Characters

Fire Emblem: Fates is without a doubt my favorite game of 2016 (so far, I guess). Its main campaign, that had to be split in two versions and the perfect gameplay were two main reasons!
However the characters of the game were absolutely fantastic as well! That's why I decided to create a list of the ten best characters in Fire Emblem: Fates!

The Top Ten

1 Camilla

I liked that last part you said about Camilla, CastlevaniaFanboy128. It's official. Fire Emblem is a guilty pleasure and a great video game series. And Camilla has quite a unique personality and is pretty intimidating. Other than that, I love her. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Camilla is sweet, tough, and funny. She's a great combination of these characteristics, making her lovable.

Well duuh! Camilla instantly became my favorite character in the entire game and after playing the Conquest campaign I must say that she didn't disappoint me the slighest bit!
She's a personalitywise very interesting character! She is loving to her allies, while being ruthless to enemies and is especially affected by the cruelty of Nohr!
Overall Camilla is tied with Lissa from Awakening as my favorite Fire Emblem Character!
Also...Camilla is hot, just saiyan! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

2 Ryoma

Ryoma is definitely my favorite male character in Fire Emblem: Fates! I mean he's basically a Samurai!
He's always calm and collected! Yet when it comes to battle he is a overpowered machine! Definitely one of the most useful characters in the Birthright campaign! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

Awesome character, and his weapon is so powerful!

As a Fire Emblem fan, I have always liked the characters that are strong leaders and have one of the sacred blades. He is very cool and instantly became my favorite FE character after chapter 25 in the Conquest route.

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3 Kaze

He has Midori, the most moe daughter in all of recorded history! That is why Kaze must be protected at ALL COSTS!

A loyal and cool Ninja. What else?

Kaze Is My Favourite Character in Fates. He is the Number One Waifu! I mean just LOOK at him. He is so handsome and fast. Faster than Sonic! And the Best thing: He is Based on a Ninja!
He Is a Unit who will follow you in every Route. He Is a very friendly guy and very charming too. He has Got an insane Speed and doubles the enemy Allmost every time. His Personal Skill Is really helpfull and This Skill has saved My Other Units a plenty Times.

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4 Silas

He's your best friend that you never knew you had!

Silas is so super sweet and adorable

5 Xander

I must say I already liked Xander from the beginning! He was extremly loyal to Nohr and at times took it to the extreme! However throughout the Conquest campaign he began to question his loyalty as a whole!
Oh, and battles, he's pretty awesome in battles! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

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6 Azura V 1 Comment
7 Charlotte

Charlotte is a BEAST in all my playthroughs! With her psychotic personality and bizekies of doom, she ends up being my favorite character!

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8 Soleil

I paired Laslow with Azura, and promoted Soleil to a great lord. I noticed she has great growth rates for speed, luck, and strength, and she does critical over half the time, so I gave her the Killer Sword. Basically, if I want an enemy unit dead, I just send in Soleil, and most likely she will kill them. Since she is a great lord, she doesn't have a level cap (as far as I know; she's level 32 without any eternal seals, and I'm at Conquest Endgame). Also, I agree, she's definitely the coolest character in the army. I gave her the accessory shop sunglasses and the white bow, and she's always super cheery when she goes into a fight, which is encouraging.

Soleil is a gay sweetheart and I love her so very much

First time I ever got her after pairing Camilla and Laslow she was the strongest person on my team and even killed Garon!

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9 Takumi

Takumi is my favorite character without a doubt. I love his personality, and his design. I litarlly wouldn't play conquest because you have to fight Takumi. It would make me cry too much.. (please excuse my spelling errors)

Horrible, horrible little butter muffin. Moest of moes, I will marry him every time.

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10 Saizo

He's a really badass character! If u use him a lot in battle he can be incredibly helpful! He saved my butt from being beaten countless times! And he can be upgraded to some really good classes!

The Contenders

11 Oboro

Oboro is definitely my favorite character of the Birthright campaign! She gives the Hoshido Army the emotional support and is almost obsessed with clothing!
She has a big hatred on the Nohr Army, as they've killed her parents!
By the way, Oboro is very good in battle and was always part of my team! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

12 Leo

This is kind of wrong, but my character married him in Conquest. I like his character, but I don't really know why I did that

He's similar to a traditional Fire Emblem lord. It's interesting, and it works extremely well.

Leo, the one and only true lover for Takumi!

I mean, he gives birth to Forrest. That's all he needs to be the best character in Fates.

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13 Kaden

It's about time they added a kitsune/spirit fox in the series. (Sorry, huge fox fan here) Plus, he is awesome.

14 Elise

Elise is probably the only Conquest character, that leaved a serious impression on me in Birthright... Chapter 26...
Elise is personalitywise very lovely and just childish, but that's exactly why she's one of my favorite characters! However she has proven herself to be courageous and selfless!
Besides Elise was my best supporter in Conquest! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

Umm she's Elise her retainers are Arthur and Effie who are really good I mean you should always use Elise whenever possible because she is very useful for healing and support and she is very cute! Also very selfless she loves her ONII CHAN! As well as makes friends vey easily as seen in the revelations ending.

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16 Avatar

Capable of learning any obtainable skill the Avatar should already be in your top 5 but with customization boon and banes you can predetermine how you will be using your custom character making it one of the best units as it can be used for any play style. With the stat boosts of the Yato the Avatar is able to beat any fodder enemies with ease and the class exclusive skills dragon fang and dragonic hex are two of the best skills in the game as on has a high trigger rate and the other lowers all of the enemies stats by 6 after combat. Outside of Combat the Avatar is able to support any unit and in these support conversations will almost always help people with a trouble from their past or something they have been struggling with in the present. Corrin has got to be one of my favorite characters if only for the reason that he is me.

17 Gunter

This is just my personal favourite

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18 Sakura

Sakura is the Avatars sister, if you'd choose the Birthright version of the game!
She is extremly shy and self-assured, but is always very kindhearted! She's trying to help the team with her healing abilities all the time! But behind of that she has a strong will, that got shown throughout the story! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

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19 Jakob

Jakob is another character, who is on your side no matter what! He was your butler before the story began!
While actually behaving like a butler in conversations with the Avatar, he can be mean, when talking with other characters! However I still think Jakob was a cool and useful character in battle! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

20 Owain V 3 Comments
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