Best Five Finger Death Punch Songs

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The Top Ten

The Bleeding
This is a well deserved #1. By the way it should be a criminal offense that "salvation" is not on this list.

I find it interesting that although I agree with this song being #1, I am not really too high on numbers 2-5 on this list. I prefer salvation, never enough, and many others instead.
Amazing song gets me pumped when I'm hittin the weights
this song is beast awesome lyrics and the lead singer don't fall to far behind in my top 5. just good song. although I thing hard to see should be number two. I did my own little tests and hard to see scored 162 while the bleeding scored 171
[Newest]Never heard, but will go listen to it now

2Far From Home
Behind the words... Simply the best intro good singing
I will say no more just listen to it and find out yourself


Amazing song which is slightly softer than their other songs but still very impressive
A must listen to, I started listening to FFDP though this song
Far from home is not just the best song from FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH but it is the best song in the world in my opinion, just feel the lyrics and get your self deep inside the meaning, simply beautiful voice and amazing drums mix, I just love this song more than any other because this is the only song, I hear 20 times and I still don't get bore of it! Simply it should be at the top...
[Newest]Awesome song... Starts slowly and then off to blast

3Under and Over It
This is 1 of the best songs I've heard in a long time. The song title says "Under and Over It", But I never get over this song
Absolutely love this song! Sweet guitar and vocals all over incredible! I could listen to this song over and over again
Best list I've seen about 5fdp ever? Totally agree with it but I think maybe it deserved to be no 2 than 3
[Newest]This is one of there best songs

4Coming Down
Listen to this song! Its lyrics are amazing! This song needs to be in the top ten, at the lowest.
It's very disturbing that thing song in #16. The vocals, the guitar, the lyrics, the mid-song breakthrough, all of that is masterful. Bad Company, The Bleeding, and Coming down are not only the best Death Punch songs; they are some of best Nu metal songs of the past few years.
This song is AMAZING. It turned me AWAY from rap so hell yeah, it deserves to be in the top FIVE at least. The lyrics are deep, the vocals breathtaking and the instrumentals explosive. Get it UP!
[Newest]An extremely meaningful and gripping song.

5Remember Everything
This song is amazing. It should be number 1! It shows the softer side of 5 finger death punch(sort of). The bleeding is number 2.
I know it sounds stupid but when I first heard this song it made my eyes all teary. Sounds pathetic but the vocals spoke to me. I could listen to this song all day long.
Definitely their best song. It shows a more emotional and personal side to their music. It gets very deep and truely makes you fall in love with their music. Anyone would love this song. Best ever.
[Newest]I relate heavily to this song, which is probably why I like this song most. and the whole thing is beautiful, especially the chorus.

6Bad Company
Definitely think this is under rated it should be up higher. Very good song.
The Best song, I can't believe its number six, has sick solo and meaningful lyrics
Bad Company by FFDP has got to be my favorite song by them. One of my favorite covers by ANYONE... And this one is amazing!
[Newest]That is a goo song

7Lift Me Up
Was amazing released track from their upcoming album :) with rob halford you should listen to it


Definitely one of their best songs. This song gets me pumped up whenever I listen to it! Needs to be in the top 5!
Amazing song, I listen to it daily, in the morning, after school, during dinner. I'm a big Five Finger Death Punch person! Recommend this this song to any rock song lover.
[Newest]The best metal song of all time

8Hard to See
I love how it is so easy for me to relate to this song. But it is equal with the rest with Bad Company (well the cover) and Far From Home. I much rather "War is the Answer" than "The Way of the Fist".
Guitar hero brought me here, thanks God. Kickass SONG!
Amazing song, I can listen to this song at every mood, this song deserves to be number one, I can play it a thousand times and never get tired of it, love this song!
[Newest]This song should be in no.4,

9White Knuckles
Great song. By the way it is a shame that Salvation didn't make this list. Just saying. My top: 1-the bleeding, 2- never enough, 3-salvation.
This song not only the best their song it is anthem of them them. Its always number one, Hard to see number 2, the bleeding is 3, ashes is 4 and war is the answer 5
The best of 5FDP!! Gonna see them live in a week hope they play this song!!
[Newest]Best underrated song on way of the the fist!

10The Way of the Fist
Beastly song. This is the second song I've heard from FFDP and by far my favorite. War is the Answer, Burn it Down, and Salvation should be on this list.


Awesome song! I just love the lyrics because they are short and sweet. And the rhythm of the song just gets me pumped up every time I hear it!
Really love this song cause it helps me vent anger it is my favorite one by them and I think it should be higher
[Newest]Love this song pumps me up gets me going in the mornin

The Contenders

11No One Gets Left Behind
Without a doubt one of the best songs written about the war in the Middle East. It really gets the message across that politicians are greedy cowards for putting the troops through hell for a lost cause. The chorus is catchy and just awesome in general. "Have you no honor, have you no soul? What is it they're dying for, do you really even know? ; Have you no backbone, have you no spine? What ever happened to NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND? "
The "HOORAH" two minutes in is also probably the single most bad-ass sound ever uttered in any FFDP song ever.
This song should be much higher on the list

12The Pride
Thus is by far their best song!
I know its new and all but it is instantly and awesome song about today's life as a teenager!
Awesome song! One of those which I can listen to when I'm in any mood.
Should be in the top five at least...awesome song
[Newest]Needs to be in top 5 for sure

13Dying Breed
I haven't heard all of their songs. But I have heard quite a lot of them and by far this is my personal favorite. a lot of energy, the lyrics are very good and I love the chorus.

14Wrong Side of Heaven
I'm ashamed of everyone that votes on this site. Obviously this should be top 5 or 10 at least.
How is not in the top 10? Pretty deep song
Why is this song not higher up? Is it because it's new well I is an amazing song that deserves no less thank top 10
[Newest]This song does everything right. Beat, instrumental, lyrics, and vocals are all amazing but more importantly it's hard to not listen to this and be affected somehow.

Top 5 at least...

15Never Enough
Filled with feeling and can explain almost anything. Amazing Song!
5FDP is one of those bands that just about every one of their songs are their best, but they are never going to known over a lot of other bands. I know, its really stupid, but its hard to say what the best 5FDP song is.
I love this song it's clear it's a great song deserves 1st

16My Own Hell
the chorus gets me every time. I LOVE THIS SONG. I'm a prisoner of my own hell m/
This is one of their hardest and best songs. The fact it's not even in the top 10 and coming down is shows the kind of people who listen to FFDP now. A true gem like this shouldn't go unnoticed.
Describes everything I'm going through right now, just isn't a more perfect song right now.

17War Is the Answer
My Algebra (in this instance Study Skills *shoots self in foot*) teacher had us do warm ups and crap like that... one day it was "your fave. song" and I did this... I got a lot of worried looks. lol


I get a lot of worried look when I tell people that this is my favorite song too. Some people just don't appreciate that it takes talent to write and sing songs like this one.
This is one of their best songs, head banging, awesome guitar, I mean really guys come on!

18American Capitalist

19Walk Away
its really awesome!
a good one from 5fdp!
what do you think guys!
This song is so good, can't believe its not higher on the list
Amazing song... I JUST LOVE THIS SONG..!

20The Devil's Own
this song really gets the head to some really good banging! love this song! m/
When it's said and done, WILL YOU REMEMBER!
Easily top 5.
1. War is The Answer
2. Salvation
3. The Devil's Own
4. The Way of The Fist
5. Coming Down

I guess the top songs on this list are too calm for me. they are good songs too, but salvation is a true, heavy, slighly brutal and awesome metalcore-song which fits far better to five finger death punch


Easily one of their best songs
This is simply the best or top 3. I don't think enough fans of this band have fully listened to their albums. They must have only bought the top sellers from 5FDP on itunes, I guess. Of course I'm old-school, and stop by my local best buy or order cd's from amazon, so I don't miss out.

22100 Ways to Hate
Tell me even a single song in this list that has comparable tempo to this song. It is so energetic that they always take a break before or after singing this song in concert. I agree it should not be #1 but it deserves to be in top 5. "i gave you 100 chances, you gave" me 100 ways to hate
Can't believe this isn't ranked higher. People, JUST LISTEN TO THE FIRST 20 SECONDS. It is insane. One of the angriest, most badass songs on my playlist by FAR.
This song is so good. I can not believe that it is number 22. The only reason it is is people must not of heard it. I makes me so mad that if you look it up on youtube their is only the remixid version. The remix is ok but the orginal is just plain B.A.
[Newest]Everyone knows that one person to whom this song is perfectly relatable. This helps an already awesome and heavy song become even better.

23Battle Born
If we can stop judging 5fdp by how much distortion they use and listen to what they are saying, this would be much higher on this list.
Amazing song definitely deserves top 10...
This song is the best song by FFDP with no doubt in my mind, and one of the bets songs I've ever heard, the interments, the melody, the voice the everything is beutiful while still having authority. It must be this low only because of how new this song is

24The Tragic Truth
This song is one of my favorites...
Wonderful tuning and awesome guitar
This song reminds me to keep standing up 5FDP you are my idle
This song had to. Ve written. ABOUT. My. Life I swear. I love this. Song. so much becuause it explains. What. I've been. Feeling for my 26 years of existence.I. could nt put it. Into. Words. Till I heard these lyrics thank you ao. Much for yiur. Music. Guys I. Love. It so much. I want it tattooed. On my body so I. Can. See. It for the rest of my. Life

25Generation Dead

Needs to be at least up behind white knuckles! And then both of them should be right behind the way of the fist!
This song has a killer solo makes me feel like I'm in heaven...

What a song! It is my favourite song for FFDP


Go to hell... Damn it it should be on top 5... Have you people ever listen to this band or just putting your tiny lil fingers on vote..
None of you people have not listened to FFDP if Bulletproof ain't top ten or even five. This song made me hate my ex-wife even more. Absolutely amazing.
Intro. That is all.

29Stranger Than Fiction
Definitely one of their best songs! And should be top 5 for their saddest songs! I'm my opinion..
Are you kiddiNG ME? This song is easily top 10, prolly top 5.

30If I Fall
The hell why is this in 35th position
This should be in the top ten
The guitar is awesome and the vocal is just crazy
This should be in the top three, probably number 1! It's awesome!
Are you serious? This song is awesome! Love it top5 definitely


32Death Before Dishonor
Love this song and definitely think it should be much higher than it is at the moment (35 I mean come on) great song and awesome everything
Amazing song - chorus especially.

33M.I.N.E. (End This Way)
Whoever votes on here sucks that's all I have to say this is at least number 3
Best song from the in my opinion. This should be in the top 10.
Totally agree this needs to be in top 10!
Sad song with deep meaning...

I am a alternative metal fan, love Disturbed, Metallica, and Green Day, and found this band somehow, but most songs are so rough! 'Cold' however is the perfect mixture of peacefulness and metal, also the only song I actually like. Really worth listening to this one.
Best ballad they have ever written. I'm lazy. I'm not in the mood for writing much.

35Meet the Monster
is the third best song!... in my opinion because all the people say the same thing! and this riffs remember me dimebag!... rip dime..

This song is just straight up badass. It has a great riff and starts out strong, plus it has a really badass feel to it. Try listening to it when you're angry.
This song will make you feel unstoppable. Don't live without it

36Watch You Bleed
Come on I mean 47th This should be at least 5 or 6 this song pumps me up so much and you can describe it in one word:EPIC

37Can't Heal You
Noo guys come on! All the ballads in the top ten? REALLY? Some people really don't know good music! This song should be up there with White Knuckles

38House of the Rising Sun
It takes guts to cover such a classic!

39Burn It Down

40Crossing Over
One of my personal favorites this and remember everything both show the reason why 5 Finger death punch belong as the best Metal group because they don't just realese music that makes you angry or rock out there is also really emotional and touching songs and this is a perfect example

41Back for More
Whenever you're ready to give up. No better song than this one N. N
Weird that this song ain't top 10. One of their best songs by far
This song is good to motivate you and for when you are mad

42Burn MF
Best five finger death punch song! Such a brutal catchy chorus!


The song that caused me to like them
Love the song its death punch at there very best

43Dot Your Eyes
Awesome 2013 new album it's all great
Awesome song one of the heaviest I habe heard from ffdp... It's brutal!
Certainly my new favourite Five Finger song! I was a bit weary as their previous two albums didn't match up to Way of the Fist but this proves me happily wrong. The version with Jamey Jasta just kicks even more a**


44A Day In My Life
This song has perfect riffs!


46Hate Me
How can this be 40? This song should definitely be in the top 5.
5. Far From Home
4. Coming Down
3. Hate Me
2. Under and Over It
1. White knuckles
This song not on the top ten come on people have you lost your minds this song is just epic this should be number one

Come on guys I understand that this is a bonus track but when you hear it you realise that it's easily one of their best songs ever!
Everyone listen to this! Its so underrated!


My #1 song by them! Keep up the good work, Ghost!
Of the war is the answer bonus edtion!

50Anywhere But Here

51Cradle to the Grave
Can't believe this isn't in the top 10 at least... At least listen to the song!
This is one of the best metal songs I heard in a long time awesome
Unreal Song! Workout Song for sure!

52A Place to Die

53Diary of a Deadman
How is this not higher up, this song is so perfect!

54The Agony of Regret

55Here to Die

56Weight Beneath My Sin

57Canto 34

58A New Level

59Wrecking Ball

60Matter of Time

61Let This Go
Great song defiantly in my top 10

62My Heart Lied
My dick did to

63I Love Jesus

64From Out of Nowhere

65Wicked Ways

66Mama Said Knock You Out
Tech 9 made it great
Just love this songs
I just love it allright

67Falling In Hate
67? Are you actually serious?

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