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41 They'll Find You - Griffinilla They'll Find You - Griffinilla V 2 Comments
42 Freddy You Terrible C*** V 1 Comment
43 I Got No Time - The Living Tombstone I Got No Time - The Living Tombstone

This is one of the best I have ever heard and it's 40!? What is WRONG with u people!?

V 4 Comments
44 The Finale - Natewantstobattle

Watch this song! I watched it 3 months ago and still cannot get it out of my head!

Just before I went on this website I had it in my head

V 2 Comments
45 Unfixable - Dagames Unfixable - Dagames

DAGames never fails to disappoint - LeiaSkywalker

V 1 Comment
46 Not Here All Night

And the same goes here for this song! Why is it even this low? :,(

What?! Why is this so low!? This is by far the most amazing FNAF song out there!

Fantastic melody and sick beat! Especially love the rapping part.

"Hey there dude, glad you're back!
The last security guard just couldn't pick up the slack,
So now you're the new guy picking up the job,
So just please understand this nightmare never stops..."

This is one of DAGames best songs!

V 3 Comments
47 Springtrap Finale

I think that it's really catchy and awesome, especially in nightcore style.

V 3 Comments
48 Just an Attraction

I just love this song it plays in my head 247 I just love it so much!

WHY IS THIS SONG SO LOW!?!?! This should be at least number ten. BUT NOOO!, people arre so stupid! I believe that tryhardninja doesn't get the credit the deserves. He is the best fnaf song artist EVER! Just an attraction for the win!

I just love it, in the beginning its like the beat is starting.
and it goes on for that for a while, and then you think its going to be a big yell party like
DaGames does, but it's a kinda relaxed I think.

k bye

49 Springtrap Finale - Groundbreaking

This song is amazing! I'm in love with it! It's so catchy and it has amazing lyrics!

V 1 Comment
50 Make This Puppet Proud
51 We Don't Bite
52 Dream Your Dream Dream Your Dream

I love this song, in my opinion it's kinda sad. Anyone else? It's also really touching, too...

I love this song it plays in my for ever and ever I just love it so much

V 2 Comments
53 Tonight We're Not Alone

Love it. How is this song so low? Why? Ack, it's not even worth it ranting about how high this song should be. Welp, if anyone loves this song, don't be afraid and comment under me. Fnaf will always and forever be the greatest fandom ever. Who's with me?

54 Nothing Can Hurt Me V 1 Comment
55 Wake Up
56 Painted Faces

This song really hits my emotional side. I have this strange feeling every time I watch the animation

Why is this so Low. This song as just as much emotion as Balloons.

57 I Will Not Be Moved - Dagames

Awesome song, should be much higher on the list

58 Stay Away from Me

This song is way to awesome to be this low! 0_0

V 2 Comments
59 Llaalala Freddy V 1 Comment
60 The Foxy Song V 3 Comments
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