Top Ten Flavors of Powerade


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The Top Ten

Mountain Berry Blast
Best flavor ever. If you haven't tried this flavor, than your a crazy person.


2Lemon Lime
Lemon Lime Is Awful It Is Horrible


4Fruit Punch
Chris Iverson says fruit punch I drank 3 bottles in 3 days try it

5White Cherry
I had 2 sips of white cherry and though I was gonna puke. Most disgusting flavor of all time.


Love this flavor and it is one of my favorites. Not too sweet and keeps you hydrated.
Come on this is number 1

6Strawberry Lemonade
Awesome. Sour, Strawberry, And Refreshing


8Sour Melon
Chris Iverson says sour melon is my best kind

9Mystic Mountain Blueberry


The Contenders

11Orange Tangerine

12Tropical Mango

13Mixed Berry

14Zero Fruit Punch

15Zero Mixed Berry

16Zero Grape

17Zero Orange

18Zero Strawberry

19Zero Lemon Lime

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