Top Ten Football (Soccer) Goalkeepers

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The Top Ten

Iker Casillas
Iker Casillas is so short compared to Van der Sar and other top goalies. Yet he still can dive and block shots better than most. That's why he is the best goalie in the world.
Casillas is the best goalkeeper the world has ever seen. He can save shots from any angle. He has been in Madrid since 1999 and he is my inspiration and that s why I love him so much and that s why he is my NUMBER ONE!
[Newest]The Spanish legend goalie. How could he not make this list?
More comments about Iker Casillas

2Gianluigi Buffon
He's the best goalkeeper ever seen... He deserve to be the number 1 on the list as he deserve to be a number 1 in the world.
Buffon well be the best and is always the best, better than casillas, casillas just happens to be in a good team, that doesn't make him good!
Simply the best. Maybe his skills are in par with that legendary Ravelli, but still I'll choose buffon over him
[Newest]Italian Legend. He is old, but still absolutely brilliant with his reflex and saves.

3Edwin van der Sar
Van Der Sar... Is an inspiration...
Van Der Sar Living Legend...
He Is World Class Goalkeeper...
The Flying Dutchman...
The underrated flying Dutchman. His inhuman reaction speed and eye-hand/leg coordination are incredible. Not to mention his solid kick.
Nice player
He really showed how goalkeeping is done go go van der sar
[Newest]I can't believe his blocks

4Petr Cech
Great goal keeper. Has proved himself in coming back from a serious injury and still playing at a high level.
there is no one like cech, he is chelsea's best and best in the world
he definitely gets my vote
He is the best, he saves a lot of goals then punts then chelsea scores and they hug Cech
[Newest]Even Messi has not scored against him

5Peter Schmeichel
He is very good goalkeeper he most save in Manchester united. And is very good goalkeeper in Denmark. He is very good goalkeeper in Manchester united and Denmark I like Peter Schmeichel. He is very good goalkeeper
Ever time
Man United Legend
I was just 2 years when he retired but still inspired by his videos!
The Great Dane, a Man. United Legend, was the one who helped United to win the the Trebel in 1999(Premier League, FA Cuppen and Champions League)and helped the national Danish team to win the European Cup in 1992, and he made the saves look easy when took it, Best Keeper in History :).
[Newest]U don't get better then him

6Manuel Neuer
Has anyone forgotten how good this boy is? Maybe not number one, but I thin certainly worthy of a top ten or something!


Why is he seventh, he should at least be no.3, he won the golden glove in 2014 world cup Brazil, best German player of the year and he's one of the three best contenders to get best player in Europe.
Revolutionizes goal keeper game. Is the eleventh field player, very often used as pass giver to change wings. Great. His moving range in the field is unmatched, he is always an option to play to. When defending high he covers literally his own half alone.
[Newest]He should be first he is better then everybody here!

7Oliver Kahn
he kept three penalties in the champions league final 2001 against valencia
2002 world cup German side was no doubt the worst German side ever and the only reason they got to the final was because of heroics from their captain Kahn
He is best goalkeeper in germany.
He won best player and best goal keeper in world cup 2002 at korea japan
[Newest]Best of the best KAHN

8Joe Hart
Joe is a brilliant young goalkeeper- home grown in the best tradition- started his career with Shrewsbury Town.
The best is yet to come!
He is young and great just wait and he will be king
[Newest]The city goalkeeper city might be good but he is poo liverpool fans up city fans down

9Lev Yashin
This guy revolutionized the keeping position. before him the keeper was just a final defender, with him, the keeper became something more which was a vital player in any team. he holds a huge record of clean sheets and is simply the the black spider as he would not let anything beyond him and into the net.
Greatest goalkeeper to ever live. So far, Lev Yashin is the only goalkeeper to have ever received the Player of the Year Award. No one else on this list has managed that feat! Also, the rest of the Soviet team at the time were only half-decent, while all these other goalkeepers play for fanatstic teams with brilliant defenders. BEST KEEPER EVER!
Hes so good they made an award named after him
[Newest]You may not know him but he is a Russian USSR goalie and is absolutely amazing and he is number 1 in a lot of lists so a legend and this is not my opinion, this is according to other websites as well.

10Gordon Banks
won the world cup in 66. lost an eye and still produced sick saves. Greatest ever. Watch some clips
How? Just how is he not in the top 3 with Lev Yashin?
The English goalie in the 1966 world cup and he led his team to victory

The Contenders

Reina is the second best Spanish Goalkeeper and there isn't much difference between him and Casillas. If you are a Liverpool fan then only you would know the kind of saves he pulled off in some matches.
To me best keeper in the prem, when he would leave liverpool, and I know that there are many TOP goal keepers around and when I say that, I mean Very good keepers like neure and lloris but when he leaves how can I put this... One of a kind goalkeeper without doubt he deserves to be in the top ten =)
Reina is the heart of liverpool F.C.
Cassilas and reina led spain to victory
Spain has such awesome players
And reina is definitely one of them
[Newest]I think Reina is 1 of the most amazing goalies in the world
He's made some of the best save ever LIVERPOOL!

12Dino Zoff
The oldest man to lead italy to glory
The oldest goalie ever to win the world cup.
Back then dino zoff was the best

I love him.. He's so awesome
Plus he's from Barcelona! Laugh out loud!
I love him, my father loves him, my brothers love him
My sister loves him
And my mommy loves him
And the whole world loves him!
We all love him
Victor Valdes rules he the best goalkeeper ever and plays for the best team ever BARCELONA with Valdes and Messi Barcelona undefeatable
In 20 years it'll be victor valdes young goalkeepers study to improve their game.

San iker, buffon, neuer are all fantastic and maybe even better than VV in some ways, but the amount of responsibility valdes shoulders for Barcelona is underappreciated and the hallmark of a truly revolutionary keeper
[Newest]Valdes the best goalkeeper

14Guillermo Ochoa
Dude get on it he is the best and he is 22 he is still young
Best goalie he is the reason stars didn't lose against the world masters because he saved so many shots from Messi and drogbra yesterday at miami. That is why he is going to lead Mexico and his team to victory again in the gold cup like 2011 when Mexico won the gold cup against usa.
he is only 22 and he is leading his tem to the world cup
[Newest]He did the best in the World Cup 2010 and 2014

15Ahmad Reza Abedzadeh
I think the best footballer of soccer is Ahmad Reza Abedzadeh. He is the could be said as the king of football he is the number 1 player in the world of football. His shots are marvelous shots in the world. There is no way to defeat him
He best goal keeper
He was one of the best goal keepers in asia, in addition his the best goal keeper in iranian football history! He was a confidence bomb in iranian national team!
Ho is the best
<3 I love you ahmad reza
[Newest]The Best of The best, Eagle of Asia

16Hugo Lloris
Great stopper for TOT
Hugo lloris made a ton of saves in the group stage (France:7 Switzerland:6 Ecuador:4 Honduras:0


He has good reflexes not scared when another player shot

17Julio Cesar
Common he is way better than casillas, he is the best goal keeper ever casillas should be all the way the bottom and they should put a real goalkeeper in the top
Dude please stop watching football then. A person who says Julio Cesar is better than CASILLAS, he's either lost his mind, or he's born brainless! So you are either of them!
#1 should be first no one only the best make a goal on him he better casillas he saves 10 out 10 balls shot by the best striker he's the reason Brazil never never takes a goal he stops all shots inters lucky to have him
he is a great part in the team of brazil because he is the best goalkeeper
[Newest]Despite a 7-1 defeat, I think Germany cheated a bit. he is the best! Aka one of the best.

He IS a legend, he IS the best goalkeeper, he STOPPED almost all the shoots from any angle, from any shooter, he could go out and in and stop every shoot, he could stop it without the hands, HE IS THE BEST, HE IS A LEGEND
He is the most strong and super jump no goalkeeper can match his qaulity and many titles and not many goals coceeded
H Where amer Shafia King of Asia

19Victor Valdes
Victor valdes is a proper goalkeeper for Spain and Barcelona

20Fernando Muslera
After he won 2011 the Cup with Uruguay, one of the best Keeper´┐Ż's in the world, maybe we can see him later in the Champions League with Galatasaray Istanbul, because in the turkish league I can't see much of him...
Way better than most of which are above him in this list, I think he is first or second in the world but not everybody gets to see him.
He is the best keeper of the world and his trainer is Claudio Tafferel, he was the best keeper of galatasaray and Brazil
[Newest]He is good. But he is still young he has lots of years for improvement. He may be at the number one spot by the years to come.

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