Top Ten Football (Soccer) Goalkeepers

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41 Jehn Lehmann
42 Ricardo
43 Craig Gordon
44 Bert Trautmann
45 Francesco Toldo

Ask the dutch national team.

46 Claudio Bravo V 1 Comment
47 Kurnia Meiga Hermansyah

Yes, think that he is not a good goalkeeper for our Indonesia country. we loose to arsenal 7-0 and chelsea 7-1. and the goalkeeper is kurnia meiga who I see the worst Indonesia goalkeeper

He is the best goalkeeper in Indonesia and he's the most succesful in Indonesia. On 7 June 2013 when Indonesia vs Netherlands he ever hold the ball when Robin Van Persie shooted the ball.

Best goalkeeper in Indonesia I really like when he clears the area

48 Ricardo Zamora
49 Salvatore Sirigu

He is a fantastic goalkeeper. He became the next Buffon

50 Sebastian Frey

He's ok for his class on FIFA for the last 5 years so from 14 to 09 he's been rated 80 and above.

51 Mehdi Rahmati V 4 Comments
52 Keylor Navas

Keylor Navas is surely one of the best goalkeepers it should be in a much higher rank than it is right now, he surely was the one that helped a lot to the team of Costa Rica to do so well in the 2014 world cup. And I amsure that he will be a great impact in the team of Real Madrid even he could beat Casillas, believe it or not

He doesn't deserves this spot, he should be rank higher. He was a king in World Cup 2014 for me he deserved the golden globe

Why is he ranked on this spot, he did a fantastic job in the 2014 world cup for Costa Rica. Nominated to the golden glove, he did a great job in stopping penaltis for his team. And in 2014 was transferred to Real Madrid. No doubt one of the best goalkeepers

The Real Madrid's most greatest defender to win la liga

V 3 Comments
53 I Made Wirawan

One best goal-keeper of INDONESIAN NATIONAL TEAM

V 3 Comments
54 Khairul Fahmi Che Mat

Really great keeper... He has done many heroic saves against big teams... One of the best goalkeeper Malaysia has ever had!

He is the best goalkeeper in Malaysia. He save penalty few times... Awesome

Can't judge him by his size.. He always consistant and many of Malaysia fan believe and put a hope on him..

He is a very good goalkeeper in Malaysia

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55 Sergio Romero Sergio Romero Sergio Germán Romero is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for English club Manchester United and the Argentina national team.

He is a great argentine goalkeeper

He should be in the top tens. he made plenty of saves in the final. Germany cheated again! Well... I think so. - ifgy

He is supposed to be on top 5 in FIFA world cup 2014 semi final penalty shootout with Netherlands he save 4 shoots all together and because of him Argentina won maneul neur should not have got the golden glove he did nothing romero should have got it

He great I hate this website

V 2 Comments
56 Shay Given Shay Given
57 René Higuita

He is very good quick reaction and creativity

He is not afraid of any balls hat go at him

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58 Jean-Marie Pfaff
59 Sven Ulreich

Great Keeper from VfB Stuttgart, good reactions, he made 3 unbelievable saves against Hamburger SV to secure the 2:1-Win in the Round of 16.

Incredibly underrated, I can�'t believe he�'s not in the first team of the German national eleven. - DonBilbo1

60 Gilmar (Gylmar dos Santos Neves)
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