Top 10 Football Players 2010-2012

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The Top Ten

Lionel Messi
Come three golden balls in the last three years but four in a row is not easy
Amazing at such a young age, definitely the best player the world has ever seen yet
The best player in the world and in Argentina and Barcelona team
[Newest]No1 can beat him


2Cristiano Ronaldo
He was a portugal player
You are a best player of football player


4Zlatan Ibrahimović

5Xavi Hernandez
Great player in spain

6David Villa
He is one of the great player in the world
David villa is truely amazing superb

7Andrés Iniesta
The 10 player

8Fernando Torres
Fernando Torres! Best player!

9Wayne Rooney
Manchester united team's player
Team player, can play in midfield and attack
The best player of the world, not only for striker but also for midfidler!

10Andrea Pirlo

The Contenders

11Iker Casillas
One of the great goalkeeper and he is the captain of Spain team

12Steven Gerrard

Real madrid's 2nd player

14Frank Lampard

15Edinson Cavani

16Mario Balotelli

17John Terry

18Ashley Cole

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