Top Ten Forgotten Disney Animated Movies

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61Toy Story
62Toy Story 2
63Monsters, Inc.
65RatatouilleV1 Comment
68Inside Out

How the heck is this "forgotten"? It's not even a year old!

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Everyone's favorite princess has to be Elsa or Anna why can,t Cinderella be popular

Not forgotten it was the second diseny movie and the princess you emidiatly ythink about when someone talks about Disney

(So edgy of me to do this) Um, this is the twelfth animated Disney movie lol - Hanasaki

70The Good Dinosaur

How could this be forgotten if it just aired this year? And it was amazing

71Alice In Wonderland

The writers of this movie knew only three letters of the alphabet: L, S, and D.

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72A Goofy Movie

I like this movie mostly because it focuses more around goofy and his son max. - nintendofan126

73101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure

I agree. Some of these sequels are actually really good despite their crappy reputations. - Disney1994

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74Big Hero 6

Only came out last year, SJWs praising it as if it were the Citzen Kane of animated films... How is this forgotten again?

75Cars 2
76Home On the Range

How is this worse than Chicken Little.

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