Most Fun Team Fortress 2 Weapons

The countdown of the most fun to use weapons in Team Fortress 2.

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Come on! It shoots Rainbows and burns people up with the power of magical happiness :D

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2Holiday Punch

I tend to stay away from using gloves as a Heavy because they take away some of the great things the Heavy is used for. However the only thing the Holiday Punch will do differently when compared to the fists is tickle your enemies :D

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3Sticky Jumper

Why is the Sticky Jumper better then the Rocket Jumper? Because there are no limits to the amazing take of into the sky :D

4Dead RingerV1 Comment
5Rocket Jumper

Throwing Base Balls at your enemies just shows that TF2 doesn't give care about realism. Just fun :D

7Wrap Assasin
8Boston Basher

Hell yeah :) sucks so much is good.

9Baby Face Blaster

Some may complain that this is for noobs. Well this weapons is still very fun


This is "Fun-To-Use" Weapons. It doesn't matter how many people hate on this for being noobish

The Contenders

11Sydney Sleeper

You can piss on people from a distance.


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