Funniest Actors and Actresess

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Jim Carrey
While Adam Sandler is just one of the better versions of the typical crude and juvenile comics, a character who acts like a jerk to screw with people and gets away with it safe and easy, Jim Carrey never stops finding innovative ways to go above and beyond. He's willing to go over the top and push limits to make the biggest impression he can, and he's not just assuming that more = better; he actually has the timing and the acting skills to fit everything he does into his characters.

Sometimes he's not for everyone, including people who like their comedy typical and easy, and occasionally the chances he takes are bad ones, but where other comedians are at the mercy of a bad script, Jim Carrey makes even his weakest movies more watchable. His energy can be enough to carry the whole show.
Jim Carrey rules! My favorite Jim carrey movies are
1. Bruce Almighty (Carrey, Carrell, Freeman, and Aniston)Great combo
2. Yes Man
3. Dumb and Dumber
Other favorites are S. Carrell, sandler, farrel, steve martin, anyone on the the office, and kevin james
Jim carrey almighty! Best movies are
Bruce almighty, dumb and dumber, Ace ventura and yes man
[Newest]Jim Carrey is funny in all his movies I've seen so far

2Adam Sandler
Adam sandler is the best actor I have ever seen in my life. I just love happy gilmore, billy madison, bedtime stories and grown ups.

He's that type of actor you always want to jam into a comedy type of movie.
Adam sandler can make your stomach twist into knots through laughter. He is just so cool and his comedy has a relaxed natural feel to it.
[Newest]I honestly don't think he is that funny. he might be in a couple funny movies but I don't think he is funny at all.

3Will Ferrell
He is a comedy master. Everything he says makes me laugh. His Bush impersonation is spot on and Anchorman, Old School and Talladega Nights are some of the funniest movies ever made in my opinion - with Anchorman at the top. I leave you with this: I wanna be on you.
I loved his acting in elf, he can be my buddy! I also enjoy
Him in kicking and screaming. I believe he is one of funniest ones out there!
One of the funniest in the industry! Stepbrothers was to die for! So funny. All of his movies are good. He is a very consistent actor
[Newest]The funniest guy ever

4Eddie Murphy
think about Norbit he should be No. 1


Whatch: coming to america, norbit, shrek "donkey", Dr Dolittle, The Nutty Professor, Imagine That and others please whatch those and you will know eddie murphy.
He is my favorite comedian every time he's on screen I laugh my ass off

5Bill Murray
I can't believe no one else has commented on Bill Murray yet. The GOAT gotta love the man just check the resume: Ghostbusters, Stripes, Caddyshack, Groundhog's Day, Scrooged... The list goes on and on. The biggest and funniest smart-ass in the history of man kind. Everything this man says makes you feel like you're in on an inside joke you have to love this man.


Check me if I'm wrong Sandy, but if I kill all the golfers there gonna lock me up and throw away the key.
Ghostbusters top ten best movies ever

6Zach Galifianakis
Hangover 1, Hangover 2, Due Date and The Campaign make's him unbeatable
He is so funny when he stars in hangover!
He is hero of my life.
I love you. Zach.

7Steve Carell
He pulls off this funny yet lovable awkwardness time and time again, and even without this awkward persona, seems generally funny and positive to begin with. Hard to hate. He's done a great job in The Anchorman
His high pitched somewhat hysterical voice when he says "this is RIDICULOUS! " in Get Smart is hilarious! :D
His body language... laugh out loud!
I love his role in the office, he is one of my favorite actors, I mean like, who hates this guy, his movies are super halarius.

8Ben Stiller
Go ben your a beast he is hilarious.
Hilarious I love all of his movies

9Steve Martin
He is truly one of the best his work in the pink panther series really awesome. I loved the role he played in DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS. His role in the movie and even the story of the movie are awesome.
Not funniest but I like him much more than the rest
Smart and dumb funny

10Robin Williams
Come on. Williams is the prince of laughs


I love robin Williams I'm going to miss him he was awesome :(
Williams should be at least at #4.

The Contenders

11Mike Myers
Mike Myers funniest actor ever! He was so funny in Austin powers! Yeah baby yeah oh behave shagging and mystery are not as good as gold member sadly!
He didn't even make the top 50 list on mandatory. Come on guys! He has got to be in the top 3!
Austin Powers. Enough said.

12Sacha Baron Cohen
What the hell this guy is incredible! My personal favourite comedian is not on that list, it's a beverage and it's carrot juice.
How can you not put Borat and The Dictator on top 10?
Dictator, borat, ali g, bruno

13Paul Rudd
Paul Rudd is completely underrated. He is a genius! So funny.
Paul Rudd is one of the funniest actors! Aside from
Being so charming he, can take any part and just make it funny without even really trying! I love him in my idiot brother and knocked up!
He was hilarious in Anchorman and 40 Year Old Virgin!

14Chris Tucker
He is the best funny and nice actor he is known by his movie rush hour and he is also a stand up comedian and he is one of the best stand up comedian! Chris tucker rush hour, friday, money talk some of his movies hope you will enjoy by watching!
His memorable one liners keep me laughing, and the characters he plays are monumentally hilarious! I mean Smokey... really!
I love this dude so much it's crazy!
[Newest]2 words and 1 number: Rush Hour 2

15Rowan Atkinson
Good and very very good at acting very funny and active as a actor which is very funny and good at what he does.
He can make you laugh even without talking!


(: That is kinda funny

16Martin Lawrence
I thank that he the best cause he funny just like jim carry I wish that he could make a movie with both of them in it!
If it was for me, he would have been in the 1st place...
Martin lawrance would make a good movie with adam sandler and jim carrey hillarious actor

17Jonah Hill
VOTE HIM UP NOW! Watch Superbad, Get Him to The Greek & 21 Jump Street first though!


He had me doubled over for most of 21 jump street.. The guy is a comedic genius
Jonah Hill is the best!

18Jack Black
he is so funny. Don't forget to watch the kids teen choice awards on saturday. Jack Black is hosting it
Jack black has been making people laugh for years in films such as shark tale kung fu panda nacho libre school of rock and more he's also in a bad called tenacious d songs called tribute kickapoo rize of the pheonix and more my favorite song is kickapoo because the young jb gets smacked by meat loaf with the belt which is hillarious jack black is number 1 BABY
He has to be in number 6 or 7

19Tina Fey
I love comedy and Tina Fey is an amazing comedian and she proved that women can make good comedy too.
PS. I also ADORE Zach Galifianakis and Jim Parsons!

20David Spade
Funny actor never been in a bad movie

21Chris Farley
Words cannot describe his humor. He was literally... The best. He truly was "larger than life," and he used that to his advantage. God bless Chris Farley, rest in peace tommy.
Many other funny men have made me belly ache with laughter but, Chris had me do that with tears and gasping for breath. There will never be another Chris Farley.
My total favorite is Tommy Boy. It's to sad that the worlds greatest actor died.

22Jason Segel
He is one of the funniest people alive, he looks like such fun to work with if you look at all of the behind the scenes and bloopers from 'How I Met Your Mother'!
He is just a big kid, so awesome, I aspire to be like him when I'm older :D

23Dan Aykroyd

24John Cleese
Watch the Swamp Castle scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail and you'll understand =D


Fawlty towers. Funniest comedy ever. Not to mention Monty Python films.
God him and mamwel are just the best

25Leslie Nielsen
RIP Leslie Nielsen... you are a LEGEND who will be forever missed. EVERY movies of nielsen is awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome... LOVE you MOST
The Naked Gun Made me laugh like no other movie has. I'm 23, speaking for my generation

26Matthew Perry
Watch one episode of friends everyone and this guy will shoot to the top of this list. Hilarious! Why the hell is Jim Carey at the top, Matthews way funnier
Was pretty funny in fools rush in and is the funniest in the FRIENDS series
He is the funniest on FRIENDS. That is for sure
[Newest]The best besides Robin Williams and Seth Rogen

27Christopher Walken
I can't take any list of great comedians seriously without Christopher Walken. No one can get raped by aliens, read the 3 little pigs or even perform on Saturday Night Live like him! He is a legend!

28James Franco

29Whoopie Goldberg

30Tracy Morgan

31Seth Rogen
How is he not number 1?! Just watching him stand there makes me laugh! I'm not saying he deserves top 5 I'm saying number 1!
I want to smoke pot with this dude!
Top 20 best actors

32Sean William Scott

33Matt LeBlanc
Haha very funny mostly in friends and joey very very funny


34Jensen Ackles
He knows how to be funny without losing his face. Times he acts idiotic you can still find him charismatic, handsome and cute.


so funny just watch supernatural and you will know what I mean.
He is just the best. Very very funny too.
[Newest]He have a great sense of humor

35Will Smith
Now this is a storey all about how my life got turned flipped upside down so id like to take a minute just sit right down ill tell you how I became the prince of a town called bell air (haven't watched the show for a while but close enough)
He is so funny for example The prince of Bel air

36Megan Mullally
Just see her on Will & Grace reruns. Her character, Karen Walker is one of the classics.

37Kristen Wiig
She plays as lola bunny in looney tunes show!


38Dawn French
Now she IS funny. Love her!

39Vince Vaughn
Oh come on, has anyone seen dodgeball, it's my third favorite movie. The other four in my top 5
1. Get Smart
2. Tommy Boy
3. Dodgeball
4. Grown Ups
5. Zombieland
How is he not higher? Wedding Crashers and Dodgeball are both hilarious!

40Chris Rock
He should be voted higher.
He is funny ha ha ha ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha
Rahh Ha ha awesome he rocks yah he rocks and is really awesome

41Liza Kudrow
Phoebe on Friends is one of my all time favourite characters from any show or film. Lisa Kudrow just has this special comedic timing and she makes her character quirky, but not stupid, but still loveable. Some of her work succeeding Friends is also pretty good.

42Stephen Colbert

43Neil Patrick Harris

44Martin Short
Martin Short at 45 is a sick joke. He's the funniest guy in the entire world and I adore the living heck out of him!


His Ed Grimley character made me laugh so hard the first time I saw him, I fell off the couch.

45Robert Downey Jr.
As the best iron man actor ever, he is very funny in tropic thunder and due date
He is so funny in iron man and sherlock holmes why was he not on the list before go robert!

46Aziz Ansari


47David Cross

48Katt Williams

49Donald Glover
Donald needs to be number one! He's my all time favourite and the bits he does in Community are extremely hilarious, with the faces he can make. Not to mention he's an outstanding live comedian.

50Simon Pegg

51Jim Parsons
He makes me crack up every time I watch him on the big bag theory him and all his geeky friends on big bang PEOPLE WATCH HIM IN ACTION HE IS AWESOME!
Come on people.. I want to see him on the first position!

52Kevin Hart
This dude is hilarious I mean common people this dude was in four movies all in one month! Top five easily
Kevin hart dave chapplle chris rock and mike epps should be way higher than this

53Rainn Wilson
Makes me laugh time after time again in The Office! Love Dwight and Jim's rival-like relationship

54Sandra Bullock
She can do action and comedy as well.

She is just hilarious

55Kevin James

56Adam Brody

57Tom Hanks
Cannot forget his comedy in Big, The Burbs. The Money Pit and last but not least, Dragnet!
Tom Hanks is more of a drama anything else
Tom hanks is 57 becuas he is better seres rolls

58Amy Poehler
Parks and Recreation all the way!

59Lucille Ball
Lucille Ball was a comedic genius! Her show I Love Lucy was the first really popular comedy show ever, and I can see many other television personalities on this list. None of them can compare to Lucy. She is my absolute favourite actress, despite the fact I was born ten years after her death. Lucy was beautiful, entertaining, talented and frankly groundbreaking.
It shows how young the voters are. Lucille Ball should be at the top 3. NOT Jim Curry.

60Miley Cyrus

61Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

62John Candy

63Kevin Jonas

64Seth MacFarlane
Funny guy he made family guy and ted
Seth macfarlen is funny I thinck he should be in top ten

65The Three Stooges
Responsible for more total laughs over the years than anyone else on this list.

66Goldie Hawn

67Mike Epps

68Gene Wilder
Funniest actor of all time, young frankinstin, worlds greatest lover, stir crazy, the old Willy wonka and the chocolate factory and more

69Melissa Peterman
She is hilarious at being barbara jean on reba though she spells barbara wrong as barbra(southerners) she's crazy

70Andy Samberg
How is he not in this list?! He is a king and none of the other people are funny. Andy is awesome I loved him in hot rod and all of the Saturday night scetches

71Richard Pryor

72Rebel Wilson
Have you seen seen Bachelorette? Or What to expect when your expecting? Or even Pitch perfect? Even in interviews she is so funny!
Fat Amy, Janice, Becky: Funniest characters of all time!

73Charlie Sheen
For me Charlie Sheen should be on the top of the list
Charlie should be at the top

74Jon Heder

75Nick Frost

76Pauly Shore
This guy was on top he is the sampson of comedians he cut his car in lost the spotlight poor guy I love you man

77Eric Idle

78Rob Schneider
Funniest actorhe can make you laugth until you can't laught

79Rick Moranis

80Bill Hader
He is one of the best performers on Saturday Night Live. His impressions are uncanny and he knows how to react off of others to get a laugh. He's also been in some hilarious movies (Superbad, Hot Rod, Forgetting Sarah Marshall). Bill Hader is talented!

81Parker Posey

82Jerry Trainor

83Drew Barrymore

84Adam West

85Wanda Sykes
Got to see her interview with ELlen!

86Bob Hope

87Charlie Chaplin

88Harold Lloyd

89Marla Gibbs

90Isabel Sanford

91Sherman Hemsley

92Jackie Chan
Are you people crazy this dude should have been in this list along time ago

93Jenny McCarthy

94Samuel L. Jackson

95Chevy Chase

96Robert Gustavsson

97Don Knotts
His bit as Deputy Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show was always the best part of that show.

98Redd Foxx

99Moe Howard

100Amy Schumer

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