Top Ten Funniest Carry On Films That Sid James Has Starred In

Sid James - the King of the great British institution that is the hilarious Carry On... Films. He's starred in nineteen of twenty-nine. His womanising ways and his dirty laugh are what keeps me entertained Here are my personal favourites. Feel free to add your own.

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1Carry On Camping

Plans to take his girlfriend to a nudist camp but things don't turn out the way he hopes... - Britgirl

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2Carry On Loving

Haha! You should watch the cake fight scene at the end of this film. Seriously funny! - Britgirl

3Carry On Matron
4Carry On at Your Convenience

Foreman of the Boggs toilet factory. - Britgirl

5Carry On Again Doctor
6Carry On Abroad

Between this and Carry On Matron. :) Best 2 Carry On films in my opinion. - xpixie

7Carry On Girls
8Carry On Cruising
9Carry On Regardless
10Carry On Cleo

Why the devil is this at the bottom of the list? This is my favourite Carry On Film, so if you're going to make a sensible list about this, at least put it in the top five.
But I guess that's the only sensible thing about this franchise. laugh out loud. - PositronWildhawk

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11Carry On Henry
12Carry On Dick
13Carry On Don't Lose Your Head
14Carry on Doctor
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