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This guy is hilarious. He puts so much effort in his videos and man he is one talented entertainer. I know, I know, a large portion of his fans are stupid 12 year olds but still I love his videos and I think he's a talented gamer/comedian

It is tru that most of PewDiePie's fans are annoying 12 year olds that shouldn't be on the internet. But, his fans do not determine what kind of person Pewds is. He is a genuinely nice guy who donates to multiple charities. His videos are stupid, but amazingly hilarious at the same time. I'm 16 years old and I've been a bro for only 5 months.

I liked the old Pewdiepie. You know, Amnesia, Happy Wheels, that sort of thing. His new videos are still good, but he is not my favorite anymore. - Alpha101

He may have a few 12 year olds but not all of them are 12 for example me I am 15 almost 16 and I love his videos he appeals to people that are very immature much like markiplier

I don't know how people don't find him funny. He always makes me laugh and cheers me up!

A friend showed me Pewdiepie last year and I fell in love after the first bro fist. On bad days, he can help to put a smile on my face. He's super funny in my book. I'm also that rare person that loves to watch others play video games but not really play. He gives me that chance to do so.

Pewdiepie is so overrated. I watch his videos and they aren't anything super epic awesome. Also I don't think he is that funny. - SammySpore

He's the one that can make me laugh even when I'm feeling down. I've been watching him for more than 3 years now and I've never been disappointed for it. He's a great guy and I hope he'll continue doing what he likes and also,keep up the good work.

It really funny how he makes voices for the tools he uses. I watch his amnesia videos and they are pretty awesome. Also, I watched his grudge video and that was hilarious. His only downfall is the cursing

He is a really nice guy, I love him, he is both funny and intelligent, he is the best commentator on youtube,

He knows how to make you laugh he has a great sense of humor much like markiplier and jacksepticeye

Pewdiepie is a funny guy with the worlds most subscribers doesn't that say something he should be first

Don't hate just appreciate

He is just the best youtuber, he plays a whole range of games from happy wheels to amnesia :D he is truly amazing. *BROFIST*

I love Pewdiepie he is a funny and sweet guy and I hope he makes it to number 1

He plays mainly Horror games, His reactions are funny and hilarious, He is a good you tuber to watch when you have a lot of time on your hand

I love his happy wheels videos I think that there pretty funny he has the same laugh as tobuscus

Pewdiepie is so funny like he could make you funny even though it's a bad day. He's always thankful about his bros that he has a lot of subscribers and he is also a good bro. Brofist from the Philippines. All of your bros love you so much and good luck on your charity water

I've loved pewdiepie ever since the first video now I'm addicted!

Pewdiepie is the best he's hilarious and never fails to make me laugh he also is so hot

No one hate but the hell is penguinz0

Pewdiepie isn't funny man

I have always loved Pewdiepie. I don't know why, but he's the only you tuber that I ever really laugh at. He can be a bit inappropriate at times, so I would rate him about PG-13. He's by far my favorite. He also connects to his subscribers by posting serious videos thanking them for everything. He's a good person, and a GREAT you tuber.

Love pewdiepies Harlem shake
I always laugh like hell when I watch it

I wouldn't say he's downright hilarious, but he's amusing, upbeat, and kind to his fans. Kind of the opposite of Cr1tikal as far as his style of humor, if that matters to anyone.