Funniest Disney Characters From Animated Movies

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Genie is one of the funniest and most creative character I've ever imagined. Every once in a while I watched Aladdin and when the part genie appears and starts to make a lot of funny magical things, it's just simple 'never gets old'
The Genie is just so funny, with all of his puns, jokes, and references! "It never fails. You get in the bath, and there's a rub of the lamp" is one of most favorite lines in Disney history. HAIL THE GENIE! :D
You can't go wrong with Robin Williams. Sure his pop culture references are somewhat outdated, but I still get a laugh from them. He also gets some fun songs, "Friend Like Me," and "Prince Ali"(again by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken).
[Newest]He is so funny my dad almost died laughing at him

It's me... Biggest brave/tangled maybe frozen fan... Dory is Hilarious! I can't count how many times she makes someone laugh! ES-CAP-E! Funny thing it's spelled just like escape! That gets me every time, I even happen to be the best friend of Dory's biggest fan
I totally agree! I'm a brave frozen tangled fan also... I want to meet you someday. What's your name?
I love Dory! Without her this movie would be incomplete! Ellen Degeneres is hilarious! Plus, I don't think Marvin would've made it through his journey if it wasn't for her!
"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming", very good and very funny.
[Newest]She's so stupid but in a good way. Good thing there making finding nemo 2!

This is #1. No doubts. One of the funniest Disney characters ever! "Just knock. Why aren't you knocking? Do you think she knows how to knock? " laugh out loud! How do you guys like dory better then Olaf? Not being mean or anything but seriously. I absolutely love his summer song, probably my second favorite song after let it go. Olaf is really funny!
Olaf is funny stop being mean! A snowman that loves summer is the greatest idea ever! Olaf is funnier then dory that's for sure! Olaf has several funny lines. He's number one for me!
Olaf is absolutely hilarious! Frozen I a Disney masterpiece. I love all the people on the list!
[Newest]A snow man who loves summer. The best creative hilarious idea ever.

The first Disney character to fart


Laugh out loud, listen to Pumbaa's singing voice. He's so talented! With his big mouth, Pumbaa sure can be ranked as at least top 10 in opera.

Timon: When he was a young warthog
Pumbaa: When I was a young warthog
Timon: Very good.

Such sexy Disney characters they are.

The sweetest, most loveable little robot we'll ever come across. He can't speak, but you've still gotta love his clumsiness anyway.


There is a reason he is higher on this list than olaf, he doesn't need to talk much to be funny. Plus, WALL-E came from the geniuses at pixar, not whoever decide to last secondly throw in olaf
Ugh no the movie has a good idea but I think its kind of slow. so it doesn't make me laugh
[Newest]Russel, Timon, and Pumbaa sucks

The thing made him funny was his accent I think
First we got to create "the mood". One of my favorite lines in any Disney movie. Love the accent.


His accent makes everything funny. I love him

I haven't even ever heard of this character-who is he/she?
Kronk is really dumb sometimes but that's what makes hime hilarious. Also, His theme song is awesome

"did anyone see my tail" you have to love "how do you spell FBI? " I love Rex and not just because he is a dino he is funny and some what cute
He's so simple minded, that makes him the funniest Toy Story character around.
"Use your head! " Rex yells, "I don't wanna use my head! " Make toy story 4 please!

I'm 14 and my brother is 18 and we still love watching this movie because of mushu he is so hilarious he literally makes your guts bust. If you haven't seen this movie you have to! It is great because of him

Mushu: Say it to my face ya lip noodle
Mushy is hilarious! How can anyone NOT think he's funny. He has a great wit and is an awesome, funny character!
Haha! Mushu makes me ROLF. "dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow." and "Punch him it's how they say hello, now slap him in the behind, they like that." how can you get any funnier!

He's so cute :) How could you not love him
*Russel's voice* 'Mr Fredrickson' and 'Kevin's a girl?! '
Mr. Fredricksen, am I supposed to dig the hole BEFORE or AFTER?
I liked russel very much.

The Contenders


"I've got 24 hours to get rid of this bozo, or the entire scheme I've been setting up for 18 years goes up in smoke... and YOU... are WEARING... HIS MERCHANDISE?!?! " -Hades
Best comedic Disney villain ever!
Seriously, why isn't he on here yet?


12Mr. Potato Head
I like him like he says do we have to hold hands, hey look I'm Picasso, and humour dumpty was pushed by woody.

All hail potato head!


He's smart and knows how to be sarcastic. Awesome!

He don't say a word in lion king but his personality is hilarious. " so what do you think Ed " "oh hmm hahaaha! "
Banzai:We didn't know he was your son did you Shenzi
Shenzi: Of course not what about you Ed
Ed: nods
Ed is so funny and my favorite hyena




18Princess Anna

19The Duke of Weselton
The funniest Disney character ever!


20Captain Hook

The greatest straight man character in all of disney film

22Edgar the Butler

23Honey Lemon

24King Louie

# number 2 after Olaf!

This irate, larger than life parrot is one of the most interesting characters ever made. In 'Aladdin', he is Jafar's long-suffering minion who thought up the plans, did most of the dirty work, and balanced out his brooding with blunt sass. ("There's a surprise. There's an incredible I'm-gonna-have-a-heart-attack-and-die-from NOT SURPRISED! ") He was a great character to begin with. In the sequel, however, he really began to flesh out when he betrayed Jafar and joined the good guys, even killing off his former master at the risk of his own life. That's impressive for one ordinary little bird.

The subsequent comedy came from his status as an anti-hero, how his moral compass is more than haywire, how he'd be the sort of guy who would chain up his conscience, lock him in a chest and throw him into the ocean, only for said conscience to find him again.

The other part of the comedy comes from how much he can suffer in the most inventive way possible. In the film, he's pushing a clockwork powered contained storm generator, but loses his footing and gets pulled into the gears. The timing is priceless. In fact, the writers' motto was "When in doubt, hurt the bird."

Overall, he's an entertaining, larger than life villain-turned antihero. Is it any wonder this angry bird's popularity rivals the Genie's?
Not liking iago is crime! He is so funny! "Well that's attractive" he is so funny

27Prince Hans

Hello. I am Baymax your personal healthcare companion.
Hairy baby! Hairy baby

29Buzz Lightyear
He is funny

What I think of Timon, Pumbaa, Stich, Russel, and Lilo



31Honest John
The villain fox in Pinocchio! Funniest Disney character of all time


33Mickey Mouse
He's funnier than those losers Timon, Pumbaa, Russell, the Lion King casts!
Timon and Pumbaa should die because they're terrorist supporters!

34Peter Pan

Alert in the top ten this Kronk is not funny he is the friend of the emperor who becomes the lama if as funny but should take it out and put Stich

Dug is so cute! Cuteness can definitely lead to humor.

You know what's funny? If that coward were fully naked in 3D.

She's one of the funniest disney villains EVER.


40Daisy Duck


42Wreck-It Ralph
Wreck It Ralph - by his Disney eyes - is so hilarious!

43Donald Duck

44Gogo Tomago

45Cruella de Vil
Shes the awesome woman in the 101 Dalmatians films

46Mike Wazowski
He's better than those losers, Timon Pumba, and Russle combine!



49Vanellope von Schweetz
I posted the cute funny weird and vanellope von schweetz
Cutest and funniest the best!
Cute funny weird in a way?


51Cheshire Cat

52Pain and Panic

53Hiro Hamada

54Prince Naveen

55Thomas O'Malley



How was she not even on the list!? I think Terk is by far one of the funniest Disney characters


Who the heck added this to the list? Despicable me isn't a Disney movie
Agnes isn't a disney character dummies


62Flynn Rider

63The King (Cinderella)






69Big Mama





74Anastasia Tremaine

Ariel can be funny and Ariel can not be funny she sticks a fork in her hair


77Panchito Pistoles
This Mexican rooster is hysterical!

78Lightning McQueen
Lighting McQueen is not funny but he is a good racing and great friend

How is he already not on there! He and Cogsworth provided the comic relief of the movie!



81Mad Hatter

82Jiminy Cricket

I laugh every time she groans and her expressions! Best fairy.
Vidia is awesome and funny. Love her.
Funniest and coolest Disney character ever, surprisingly beats even Genie in my opinion. The Tinkerbell movies are UNDERRATED! Vidia for the win!


85Roger Radcliffe
He is my funniest Disney character of one hundred and one Dalmatians the 1961 Disney animated classic he's the love song composer



88King Triton


90Princess Belle




94The Lawyer from the Aristocats

95Tamara Calhoun

96Rhino the Hamster

97Minnie Mouse
Minnie Mouse is cute and funny



100Queen Elsa
What is Elsa doing on this list even if she is # 83. ELSA HAS NO SENSE OF HUMOR?

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