Funniest Family Guy Episodes


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Road to the Multiverse

Best episode ever what the hell is bird is a word doing on here it's not an episode its a song the episode is called I Dream of Jesus season 7 episode 2

So unique and AWESOME! When you first watch it, it's fun seeing what's going to happen next! Definitely the best one!

2Family Gay
This is just so funny and legit, except for how he was walking

3Back to the Pilot

4Stewie Loves Lois

5Da Boom

6Quagmire's Dad

7I Dream of Jesus
Come on people, THIS is the episode the includes the "bird is the word" song, and many other funny scenes!

8Blue Harvest

9Stewie Kills Lois

10The Juice Is Loose

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11The Fat Guy Strangler
I love the part when Lois' brother walks in on his mother and Jackie Gleason.

12Big Man on Hippocampus

13Sibling Rivalry


15Blind Ambition

16Hannah Banana

17I Never Met the Dead Man

18Quagmire's Baby

19The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou

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