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The Top Ten

One Piece
EVERYTHING is just great! It will never fail to make you laugh. It can tickle your heart!
The most funniest manga and anime ever! I was always laughing when I was watching this and its got everything an anime should have the best I've ever read!
silly luffy acts and his crew reaction are really worth it!
[Newest]One piece is seriously funny.. I love it

Best manga ever! It's funny and random and a great-read for those who don't't like lovey-Dover stuff too much, or girls who are too girly to the point of being annoying. The characters are great and very unique. Also it parodies a lot of other manage/movies/singers/actors etc... So you are bound to come across the funniest jokes.
It it the... Er... The "everiest" anime there is, no way I could explain better. And it's funny. It's ridiculous. It' so evil sometimes that I tremble like a maniac. It is so black-humoured, so much, that I can't believe that there is someone who said it out loud. And you fall in love till the end of your life. Test: a guy who does not appreciate Gintama is suffering (living in blessing ignorance) from the low-intellect disease. But do not forget, the show gets really serious. Sometimes.
This anime makes you think that something is going to happen the way you think it is going to but then it turns out in a totally different yet hilarious way, 'they walk away when someone needs help'. The main character's power are not exaggerated and he is not given the title 'strongest in the anime' so that it is stupid. This anime parodies so many famous people, shows, movies, and manga. They even copied the movie "Saw" for goodness sake! This anime is so entertaining that they have an episode where for the whole time, they are on the toilet, and you are still laughing your ass off.
[Newest]Simply the best most funny anime/manga ever made

3Ouran High School Host Club
Ouran high school host club is about a poor girl who ends up getting a scholarship to go to a really fancy rich school. Though because of her appearence she is mistaken for a boy. By coincidence she ends up breaking an expensive vase belonging to the ouran high school host club and to pay off her debt she has to become their... I forgot what they called it, but it was along thelines of a butler, anyways, she ends up becoming a member of the host club! She becomes good friends with all the members of the group and as they grow closer A LOT of FUNNY stuff happens! If your someone who goes for the comedy/romance thing then this would be perfect for u!
Come on, who can not bust out laughing while reading this? Not only that, but reading about some fine looking dudes do and say these amusing things is worth it too!


Hilarious. You can't stop laughing. And also lovely characters. The story is also awesome. Every character has a story. I love the twins' story. So, Everyone should read this! Especially if you're comedy/romantic manga lovers. It's my #1 favorite romantic/comedy manga
[Newest]Ouran High school host club is romantic and funny show I just love it.

Died from laughter one of my favorite mangas. The reactions are priceless. I totally recommend if you like action comedy mangas.
A whole load of fools with ridiculous amounts of power being bullied and bossed around by babies (one being the child of the demon lord that is).
Enough said
It was so funny I love diz anime AND manga it was the best and it no matter how many times you read it, it gets funnier every single time!
[Newest]Never laughed so much in my life. I Love this manga!

It's one of the absolute best manga's/manhwa I've read, and I've been an active reader for nearly 10 years or more. I'ts hilarious, the main lead is a pretty out of the box type of main hero, he's a funny guy to follow, and he has a mysterious background which is always a plus when it's well thought of. I like how he's also at some points very frightening especially when you see his darker side in combat. I also enjoy how greedy he is but he's still a good guy, gives me a kinda antihero/notantihero kind of vibe and I like it a lot. Altogether it's a story I have enjoyed fully and I recommend it to everybody who likes well made manga, both in the drawings and in the plot/character progression. And a good thing is. I haven't even finished it yet. So hopefully there's a lot more awesomeness to wait for.
Love this manga the hero and his horse are amazing characters. It reminds me of Narutos first 100 chapters. Hilarity and adventures. I wish they would bring out the chapters a little quicker
One the best and hilarious manga ever... You will laugh your stomach out in each chapter
[Newest]The horse is really funny. The protagonist loves money (or is he? )

Sure full of adventures and action, but it's too much funny too
Its funny and perfect for a funny show it teams up with action and adventure well in this anime it is the number 1
It's uniquely done. I find this manga brings out humorous element with subtlety and it's commendable.
[Newest]Awesome manga. Cracks me up so much. Jiraiya for the win!

One of the best thing to do in the world is: reading Yotsuba, eating watermelon in front of an electric fan in Sunday afternoon
Yotsuba is funny in an adorable way. So creative and thoughtful. The funny parts are unforgettable. Great for all ages and both genders, everyone should read it!
You may think that Yotsuba is boring, but it's totally not! She is really funny, and makes every situation fun and hilarious. Not one book that I read in the series that I didn't laugh at all. I cannot keep a straight face around Yotsuba.

8Great Teacher Onizuka
So funny when he get caught by all his friend when he enjoying masturbation.
I can't recommend this enough. It is way too funny and I can't help but wish for more. You have a guy who cares just enough to survive each day. But he's a teacher. Who was a gang leader. One of the very best. Who teaches kids who are problem kids and makes them into caring, wonderful kids. But in stupid ways. It is hilarious, but gets serious once in a blue moon. I'm saying too much. Simply put: It is at the top of my comedy list, which is quite full. X)
It is the most hilarious manga I ever read. Hands down.
[Newest]I remember watching this as a kid and bursting out laughing at the anime.

9Hajime No Ippo
Nothing near it's level. a must read

This manga is a must read, not only HILARIOUS, but inspiring and action packed. Don't put down this manga if you don't like sports, its an amazing comedy too!
A Must read manga guys... You wil laugh your ass out with this one... Each character is unique... And funny in there own way... Cheers
[Newest]Art style was very off-putting. Plot failed to overcome that.

10Slam Dunk
Hilarious, reactions are priceless and he way the characters behave is so funny. even if you aren't a fan of basketball just read it for the sake of laughing
Priceless moments lived with this manga. Recommended for anyone and everyone. A MUST for any manga enthusiast and worth the read.
The most realistic and the best Sports manga all time. No question about it. Other sports manga can't reach its level.

The Contenders

11Oresama Teacher
Every time I read this, I laugh myself to tears.
Every turn if the page makes me laugh! Their art makes it even more funnier. And the characters especially the main female lead, is so funny!
Hilarious. Never fails to make me laugh.
[Newest]One of the greatest manga I've read

12Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Having a baby hitman speaks for itself.

The main character is always being forced into funny (bad for him) situations I laughed the hole time. I recommend the manga over the anime

13Eyeshield 21
Huh huh bros and hiruma's YA-HA love it
I love monta the monkey, when he say ''mukyaa! ''
THE MOST HILARIOUS American FOOTBALL SHOW. Aside from the comedy, the whole show is just great. Go Devil Bats!

One of the most best manga ever that get stuck on you its
A guy that trained so much so that he became bold but he got overwhelming strength in return so almost every time he meets an opponent he knocks/destroys/kills/explode them out in one hit
Because of that
Strong people started to fallow him

Detailed and funny the manga is a bit over actioned plot... But that's the good thing about it
The redraw version of this manga contains amazing art, but what really is great about this manga is that it is always very funny! The story doesn't have a clear direction, but every arc has an intense buildup that most certainly will end up hilarious.
The original version has a very ugly rough sketch art, but it is still funny enough to make a lot of people keep reading it.
Now THIS is a comedy manga. Definitely one of the few that really made me cackle. If the way the main character, Saitama, is drawn isn't comedic enough, then the slapstick jokes prominent within the story will bring anyone to tears.
[Newest]Funny as hell with incredible art

15Hayate the Combat Butler
Full of misunderstandings and madness. When you aren't rolling on the floor laughing, you'll be grinning at the way these characters interact with each other.
Great characterization, funny and witty quips, powerful story. The best in every way
Relational misunderstandings, madness, the robot (8)...
Contains the secret medicine all doctors must study... Laughter

16History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
One of the funniest manga ever written.

I can't... It's too damn funny to describe laugh out loud
The strongest disciple, ordinary and easy frightened, over the top masters and an alien who pulls the strings.. Hillarious

17Ranma ½
Great, best manga I have ever read in my life, with new characters added in all the time varying in character, every time I read I laugh to tears, it was horrible when it had to end with all the characters completely destroying a wedding.
Ranma 1/2 is an all time great manga and in my opinion the most entertaining manga in the word...
It is definitely the most funniest manga out there... I mean it's so funny that its hilarious!
One of the best manga I've ever read. Funny as hell and lots of action and the plot is amazing. If your a manga lover and haven't read this... What's wrong with you

18Angel Densetsu
My stomach always hurts from laughing at reading every chapter! I added this to my own list of funniest manga.
This manga is so very funny but I give a warning don't eat while you read this manga because if you do well you'll know.
One of the funniest mangas I've read. Great work.
[Newest]Unique and funny, exaggerated comedy

19Sket Dance
Seriously the funniest manga. The jokes are well thought out and the timing is perfect. Love the tsukkomi and the faces Bossun makes throughout the series, everything is so silly. Even when I try not to laugh at the jokes I end up barking with laughter.
THE ABSOLUTE BEST! Its jokes can even be better than gintama at times. I say that because it's referred to poor man's gintama a lot, since its character and plot designs are similar. People say its gintama in a school setting but it's not true! It's one of those mangas where they suddenly struck you with sad story. I actually cried when I read the story for the main characters past.
I'd never read something and laugh as hard as when I read Sket Dance. This manga never failed in entertaining me
[Newest]Nothing can beat sket dance

20Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
About one hell of an idiot in a school all about test grades. Where they summon... avatars to fight,...
It is hilariously funny, with comical reactions and characters. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and think you will too!
Unique and funny, filled with adolescent, romance and school life comedy

21Ruler of The Land
Epic comedy kungfu colossal with fan service, it should be in the top ten of the list in my opinion..
One of the best martial arts manga, too bad so few chapters
You never get bored reading this manga the fun and fight are too good

22School Rumble
Harima kenji is just like the younger version of Eikichi Onizuka so much of a manly man he is to good for this world. PLUS HIS FACIAL EXPRESSIONS ARE TO DIE FOR
This manga seriously deserves more votes! I mean come on guys, the new year's chapters were the funniest. And there are so many funny awesome moments in the this manga.
The most hilarious manga I have ever read.
[Newest]This manga is just so damn epic I laughed so much you guys absolutely need to read it!

K-on is SUPER CUTE, amusing and heart warming
This anime is awesome... Must watch even if your not interested in girl bands.
Awesome and heart warming! And very funny!

24Perfect Girl Evolution
This is perceft! Cute sunako in many expression, very funny and romantic!

25Skip Beat
The protagonist (Kyoko Mogami) is a very funny/crazy character herself. It is just SUPER awesome plus FUNNY.
It's one of the funniest manga there is, a must read!

26Cromartie High School
The story about a bunch of deliquents, is the very definition of humour, pure comedy at its brilliant best. Someone once said, the funniest comedian, never laughs himself, similairly you will hardly find any of the protagonists (including a gorilla, a car-sick mafia-boss and a very human-like metal bucket) laughing, instead cold sweat runs down their foreheads, while saying the dumbest things imaginable by human beings, like: What the hell's 'the earth'?

Take the funniest joke you read in any manga, put it in every panel, and you got CROMARTIE HIGH SCHOOL.

27Black Butler
To be completely honest, this almost compares to Bleach and Naruto. It's so funny that if you do not read this then you will never know real comedy. And of course their is no way you cannot love Little Sebas, the best character
One of the best animes to watch, slight humour but not really well known for it I guess, BUT SEBBY! Who doesn't want to just love him!?
A very cool manga, and anime!

28The World God Only Knows
This one is a MUST TO READ! Love the plot, the characters, and smart jokes make all the way to be my most favorite manga! Don't forget Katsuragi. He's my best protagonist by far!

It's hilarious :D It's just without an sense but this makes it even more funny :) It may be that the art is simple but this doesn't matter :) I really loved it and laughed till I fell off my bed :D
Most random and hilariously put together manga ever written in my opinion. Enough randomness to keep one interested and enough order to make one comfortable.

Best there is in my opinion, beats fullmetal, one piece, berserk etc although they all count as my favourites


It's a fantastic manga. One of the best.
Funny manga must read

31Switch Girl
The most hilarious of the hilarious!
I say, every girl is at least a little like nika, if you haven't read, so sad, you don't know true comedy.

32Kyou Kara Ore Wa
One of the best/funniest mangas I have ever read. It is a masterpiece, and it's so funny that you will laugh so hard that the neighbours will hear you (personal experience)
Its funny! But for some reason they haven't update for 2 year.

33Azumanga Daioh
It has Osaka in it. THE Osaka. There is no excuse for Azumanga Daioh being this low, it invented the yonkoma-manga style, it has the greatest set of characters ever to be united in a series, and the inter-character-dynamics are as realistic as they are bizarre. The only manga with a right to be higher up than this is Kiyohiko Azumas OTHER masterpiece, Yotsuba&!
I is the funniest

34Ai Kora
This has to be the funniest manga series I've ever read. Also known as Love^^Collage (or Collage Perfecto in Spain).
Its really funny.. nice story..

35My Name Is Zushio
well it's pretty random but that's the funniest manga I've ever read and I read quite a lot already
You'll laugh at every chapterTHE FUNNIEST MANGA EVER!
Even though its been dropped by the author
Its still worth it

36Golden Boy
A REAL feel to embarrassing

371/2 Prince
Its fantastic manga. One of the best
This manga is funny, even my sister reads this one. (Belive me, she usually don't like manga)
But she loves this one and keeps asking me when the update is.
This is an epic manga
It's really funny and unusual
Read it!
Wicked is awesome

I think it's worth to reading, I don't really like old style drawing, but I still think it was pretty good manga
Good story line with comedy as well. Characters are great, and the battles keep you so interested and are full of action
The story plot and everything else simply amazing
[Newest]Awesome manga the storyline is very cool

39Fairy Tail
Needs a MUCH MORE higher rating. This is like the best anime/manga ever! I love it so much and it's hilarious!
The most funny manga in the world, it is new but it is really famous and popular
How come nobody has said this one yet?!

40Denpa Kyoushi
Greatest manga about a crazed otaku who go offs and gets a job as the worlds coolest teacher!

It have really funny scenes, also fights... And tits!
Bleach should be higher than this!

42Gakuen Alice
Now that's what I call comedy

43Angel Beats
Pretty weird, but some episodes are funny.

44Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo
I've read most of the manga that listed here, I think this one is one of the funniest among all
This manga is very funny.

45Fullmetal Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist has a great plot, but it is so hilarious at the same time! The Elric brothers (don't call Ed short! ), Winry, the military, and just the whole book will never cease to make you laugh!
This has to be one of the funniest I've read (the mane character always goes
Berserk when he gets mocked because he is very small and there are some hidden jokes
Edward and Winry! And Special mention to Major Alex Armstrong and General Mustang! Very funny and exciting manga!


46Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun
Hands down the funniest anime I've seen. Makes fun of all the shoujo tropes!
Its really the funniest manga out there
This is the funniest 4-koma I ever read. you'll be guaranteed to laugh every page

47Excel Saga
Its just a bag full of things that people should think is hillarious, like the overly hyper girl to the random sick girl who dies of nothing.

48Case Closed
I love it! I'm not much for crime and mystery but this is a must watch. With little romance, dry humorous commentary by the protagonist and lots of mystery, it captured me.

49Welcome to the N.H.K.
The sarcastic humor is really something else I've never really seen something pure genuis yet so funny
Welcome to the NHK is about a guy who suffers to be a "hikikaomri" (someone that can't go outside or talk to people) its really good, I didn't read the manga but the anime was awesome, it is one of my favourite animes of all time, and I've watched a ton

50Hunter x Hunter
It definitely needs much more views. Come on! This is like so fun and hilarious!

51Mahou Sensei Negima
This is one of the most funniest mangas I have EVER read. It has made me laugh, laugh and laugh again. This manga follows the story of a 10 old Mage, having graduated Magic College is given the job of becoming a teacher. Of an All Girls. School. The manga is slighty
The first manga I read, I don't know why I started with this but it got me hooked on manga as a hole

Not VERY funny, but really nice. The characters and plot are great. Lots of action, something I love.
It should be a little funnier. like come on!

53Zippy Ziggy
The main character is hilarious


55Kaichou wa Maid Sama
This is HILARIOUS. Not only a great manga by plot, but the jokes cracked are so funny I nearly cried with tears Misaki's mad face and Usui's chibi scenarios are hilarious as well, miraculous comedy here!
It's hilarious with the best plot and characters ever. It deserves more episodes in the anime. The manga is complete and I cried because it was over. It rocks.
I love it when misaki gets mad... 😁 and usui you pervert! :D

56Shounan Junai Gumi
A worthy successor to GTO.

57Violinist of Hameln
Out of everything I've read, this is probably one of the best when it comes to humor. Just the sheer randomness of it at times, and the unexpected yet expected gags. It's honestly great
In this manga, nothing is sacred. Anything can be, and will be, made into a joke ;)
I stop laughing around here and start... smiling... in amusement.

58D-Frag! (D-Fragments)
I recommend it. The protagonist and his family has the best retorts(tsukkomi) ever.

59Midori Days
The absurd premise and colorful characters make for a pretty darn funny series.
This manga had me in splits! Great story, nice and short, brilliant ending, and laughs on every page without being overly ecchi!

60Dragon Ball
Man it has est comedy with side action. I have read one piece but this is more funnier than any of the given manga. please help it rise
Mostly this is a fighting show but some parts are HILARIOUS! This was actually one of the first animes that I watched (except for Avatar the last airbender, which is another funny one). Lemme explain... One of my favorites is in GT when they get... Um... Cursed? By a dancing thingie and then they dance this embarrassing dance (it made me laugh my head off I tell u) WATCH IT!
Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and all of its versions are my favorite manga! It is so funny, Goku is so powerful, and he has one appetite! Vegeta can be quite a sourpuss, so don't try to put him in a pink shirt or perform the alien fusion with him! Bulma will scare you with her craziness! She always has little catfights with everybody, especially Chi-Chi! Krillin (/Kuirin) Gohan, Goten, and Trunks will always amuse you! And Hercule! The human wrestler who took credi for defeating the super villain Cell, will always make you laugh! Read it and see for yiourself!

61Heaven's Lost Property
Amazingly funny, great art, awesome fights, and crazy characters all make this a MUST WATCH though it is ecchi but does show anything.
It's really good and has a great plot despite being ecchi. They don't show anything in the anime. I don't know about manga.

62Houou Gakuen Misoragumi
It's a hilarious manga you should definitely read it!
Kei is a girl who likes girls and hate boys and somehow her mother trick her to get into an all boys school...

63Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
Mixing laughter with motivating students to study. Must read for me!

There are many funny moments through out the entire manga and it as a hole has a generally ridiculous plot but is still a master piece

65Boku No Watashi No Yusha Gaku
Well, I love this manga, it's really hilarious. Except only 3 chapters have been translated. If only someone would finish it.

The really golden aspect to this manga and the following 2 mangas also, is that it is centered around a very plain, very ordinary high school boy who is... over-reactionary to the 'crazy retard' in the stories. Boke and Tsukkomi is what you call it.

And if I could put a manga with only 3 chapters at the top, those must be some incredible chapters, huh?


67Flunk Punk Rumble
Author manages to make a simple manga turn into something that is above others in a transcendental way, love it

68Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou
You'll know funny after reading this. Absolutely hilarious and simple.
I haven't read the manga...But its anime from the first episode is really funny...when I watch it...there is 3 words that came in my mind..."second season please"

69Hana Kimi

70Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai
This manga will have you rolling on the floor laughing from the very first chapter. Along with the unlimited action and a slight bit of romance, you will have tears flowing down your cheeks from laughter.

71Love Hina

It's like a crazy world with crazy characters! It was so funny I read it in a day (true fact).

73Lucky Star

74Parfait Tic

75High School DxD
Well, um. tits. yeah. oh, and it has a super funny story.


77Grandpa Danger
Most what-moments which made me laugh


78Kangoku Gakuen (Prison School)

79Special A
It's pretty great and funny. It warms my heart when I watch it. Manga is complete with a short sequel and anime seriously needs way more episodes. It's funny and amazing.
This is so funny and help me get out of my misery after finishing OHSHC. Definitely recommend, it's one of those things you don't want to leave behind.

80Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko
The only manga that made me laugh uncontrollably for minutes at a time.

81Fruits Basket
Okay honestly. Even though this one is more of a tear jerker, there are a LOT of funny parts! This is what got me into manga and it warmed my heart!

82Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san
This might be more fitting as number 1 but I'd prefer to advertise Boku no Watashi No Yusha Gaku over being accurate.

The manga is about a normal boy who's noble dream of attaining 100 friends is shot down by the retard who demands his attention. Instead he gets like 6 friends, all of them are... weird.

83Pyu to Fuku no Jaguar

84The Legend of Zelda - Wind Waker - Link's Log Book
This is the manga that people mistake Yotsuba for. This MAY be funnier than 4.

85Akuma Jiten

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