Funniest Movie Characters

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The Top Ten

Sherlock Holmes played by Robert Downey Jr

2Homer Simpson played by Dan Castellaneta
He has the funniest scream!

3Ali G played by Sacha Baron Cohen
Before Borat there was Ali G, the wannabe rapper from Staines.

4Tony Stark played by Robert Downey Jr.
Genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist.
The best one-liners I've ever heard!


5Captain Jack Sparrow played by Johnny Depp


This guy pulled of a character that is really to pull of I mean try acting drunk with 20 cameras pointing at you. I dare ya!
You are very funny my mum says I can't watch your movie so make a kids one pleas by yamin 11 thank you

6Agent J played by Will Smith
He's the goofy guy from Men in Black

7The Grinch played by Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey can make just about anything funny. Even Characters that weren't meant to be funny (Grinch, Count Olaf)
I can't think of anyone better to play the Grinch than Jim Carrey. He's a Comedy classic.

8Borat played by Sacha Baron Cohen
Kazakhstan is the greatest country in the world, all the other countries
are led by little girls -BORAT


Give me your tears Cleese or I will take them from you. XD Borat is the funniest movie in the world!


He definitely deserves the 2nd Position!

9Johnny English played by Rowan Atkinson
No matter how old he gets, his humor never goes away. He makes movie actually funny! Rowan Atkinson had been our family's favorite. ^-^
Rowan Atkinson is DA BOMB!


10The Mask played by Jim Carrey

The Contenders

11Austin Powers played by Mike Myers
are you kidding me!? Of course HE'S the best. He's hillarious! WHO THROWS A SHOE! THAT REALLY HURT!
Austin Powers is a comedy classic. How can anyone not agree? He's an ass (in the funny way), but he saves the world all the same.
The expressions, mannerism, an exellent character

12Ron Burgundy played by Will Ferrell
Every chactet will Ferrell played should b tied for number one

13Carrie Mae played by Dana Goodman
"The only magic I know how to work is figuring out how to stay in college for nine years so I won't hae to go back to my parents' farm in Idaho. "


14Chazz Michael Michaels played by Will Ferrell
WF's take on this character is what made Blades so funny, that and his chemistry with JH. Chazz is alternately disgusting, funny, charming, and offensive-and you can't help but love him, anyway.
Chazz made Blades of Glory so funny!


15The Black Knight played by John Cleese

Read that and tell me with a straight face that that ain't one of the best Death Threats you've ever heard!

16Brick Tamland played by Steve Carell
Steve Carrel in his best form
Best Character in Anchorman

17Ricky Bobby played by Will Ferrell

18Mr. Bean played by Rowan Atkinson

19Richie Goodman played by David Spade
This guy is so cute! "Bad idea, too high, CALL 911! "


20Madea played by Tyler Perry
My mom really likes her. But I can see why. You don't mess with Madea.

21The Joker played by Heath Ledger
Why so serious? What, did- did your balls fall off?... Hum?

22Leslie Chow played by Ken Jeong

23Daffy Duck in Space Jam
daffy duck is the greatest comedian of all time

24Uncle Buck played by John Candy

25Daniel Hillard/Mrs Doubtfire played by Robin Williams
Dude (Looks Like a Lady) by Aerosmith fits this movie so well.

26Count Olaf played by Jim Carrey

27Cindy Campbell played by Anna Faris

28Paul Blart played by Kevin James

29Lloyd Christmas played by Jim Carrey
Sometimes I think Lloyd might be a little psychotic. Still, he's funny. You gotta love him!

30The French Taunter played by John Cleese

31Sponge Bob Played By Tom Kenny

32Steve Stifler played by Seann William Scott

33Ezekiel played by Seth Green
Ezekiel the sarcastic amish guy. Even the concept is hilarious even as a bit part in Sex Drive.

34Inspector Clouseau played by Peter Sellers

35Dory played by Ellen DeGeneres
Just keep Swimming!
What is with Men and asking for Directions?
You gotta a problem buddy, do ya, Do ya, DO YA

36Emmet played by Chris Pratt
The Lego Movie was very funny, and this character had the most funniest moments.


What are you going to do with a Lego guy like him? He's cute.

37Ace Ventura played by Jim Carrey
How can you not love him? He's so weird yet so funny. And he's the best at what he does.

38Ernest P. Worrell played by Jim Varney
I love Ernest. He's so goofy but that's what makes him such a loveable character. He more than well deserves a spot on this list.

39John Buttermaker played by Billy Bob Thorton

40Navin R. Johnson played by Steve Martin

41Jake Blues played by John Belushi

42Jimmy MacElroy played by Jon Heder

43Tanya played by Christine Baranski

44Dr. Evil played by Mikes Myers

45Jim's Dad played by Eugene Levy
American Pie is good, but Jim's dad is what makes it great


46Peregrin Took played by Billy Boyd
He caused 100% of the trouble in all the lord of the rings movies. 'What about second breakfast Merry. '

47Clark Reedy played by Jon Heder

48Elle Woods played by Reese Witherspoon

49The Cable Guy played by Jim Carrey
OMG! So funny. OMG! I just said OMG! OMG! I did it again! OMG...

50Foggy Nelson played by Jon Favreau

51Chet Pussy played by Cheech Marin
One of the most classic monologues that still makes me laugh

52Chazz Reinhold played by Will Ferrell

53Brian Fantana played by Paul Rudd

54C.K. Dexter Haven played by Cary Grant
Everything this guy says is quotable. He is hilarious. My personal favorite line is "I thought all writers drank to excess and beat their wives. You know one time I secretly wanted to be a writer".

55Harry Dunne played by Jeff Daniels
"I'm gonna kill you Lloyd." You gotta love Harry and Lloyd. They really are quite the pair.

56Raoul Duke played by Johnny Depp

57Jay played by Jay Mewes

58Frank Drebin played by Leslie Nielsen

59Cleetus "Papa" Klump played by Eddie Murphy
You want your colon clean? Fine I'm gonna clean mine. (farts) There now my colon is clean and I'm talking squeaky clean.
He's the one who always farts.
He is far beyond funny.

60Mike Lowrey played by Will Smith

61Ferris Bueller played by Matthew Broderick

62Fat Bastard played by Mike Myers
I don't think he's one of the best movie characters, but I do think he deserves a spot somewhere on this list. True, he is disgusting but you gotta admit he's still kinda funny, especially when he passes gas and leaves a floater.

63Buddy Love played by Eddie Murphy
He's so obnoxious and he's always trying to get out of Sherman. But I guess that's what makes him so funny. And he's weird.

64Sherman Klump played by Eddie Murphy

65Shorty played by Marlon Wayans

66Kahmunrah played by Hank Azaria

67Fletcher Reede by Jim Carrey
I'm kicking my butt. Do you mind? Best scene in the movie.

68Carl Spackler played by Bill Murray

69Peter Venkman played by Bill Murray

70Bob Wiley played by Bill Murray

71Maxwell Smart played by Steve Carell

72Elwood Blues played by Dan Aykroyd

73Bruce Nolan played by Jim Carrey

74Happy Gilmore played by Adam Sandler
"You're gonna die, clown! " I love that part. But he does get better and wins the gold jacket.

75Napolean Dynamite played by Jon Heder
Napoleon dynamite is the bomb. He is insanely funny. It is one of my favorite movies. Got for Pedro.
Tina you fat lard come get some dinner! LOL its retarded but hilarious!

76Billy Madison played by Adam Sandler

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