Top 10 Funniest Ways To Break Up With Someone


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Say you're going to the restroom, then run.

2Ignore all calls for weeks, then say to him/her I was asleep
Laugh out loud this one is so funny! I was asleep, ya know... I had this great yawn and I just; dropped off! Soz, dude.
Will gonna work for sure..

3Guy - Hey, that's my ex's house! Girl - Wait...THAT'S MY HOUSE!
This one is hilarious! I saw it first on a vine.

4Say "you do want to see a magic trick?" "Poof, your single, and then run away screaming "im a wizard!"

5Say "bye bitch!"

6Pretend you're gay
My friend told her ex she was lez (even though shes not) over text. I felt so bad for him.


Hay... if its the reaction you want its the reaction youll get. It would work.


Actually done this before lol
[Newest]I do this a lot

7Propose to her and when she opens up the ring box there is just a trollface inside!
I did this to my girlfriend and she was so pissed and I laughed so hard!


That is massively cruel. Don't do this.


Laugh out loud. Very funny. But don't try to do this.

8Go on her computer, write a letter on MS paint, wait for her to come back then whilst she reads it, leave.

9Act really happy when you break up with her/him, then leave him/her going 'WTF?'
I was happy so this was hilarious she started to cry but she broke up with me I was lost but still funny
I did that once laugh out loud

10Say you're in love with a -insert celebrity name here- and you're going to find him/her
This wouldn't work - he'd never believe me if I told him I was in love with Lady Gaga!


The Contenders

11Accuse them of double dipping

12Commit a crime and go to prison for a while
I add that it wouldn't work, cause once you go to prison you'll get another partner, now replace partner with "prison rapist", and replace "you'll get another" with "you'll get touched by a", yeah... , don't sound like a good thing to do.


Retarded, but could work.


13Pretend that you're the lost twin brother/twin sister and he/she send you to break up.
Oh my god this would be hilarious! I should do this once!

14Draw a image of her on MS paint of her being murdered, leave it on, then wait for the reaction
Laugh out loud I'm gonna do that to my boyfriend

15Say "it's not me it's you"
I'm not this obnoxious, I think you have to be a little sympathetic in this situation. You can't hurt their feelings!


16Say: "I got my vision back and I think we should break up"

17Play nonstop breakup songs while you are with them.

18Answer his/her call and say "hello oh hey (other name that isn't theirs), I think we should break up"
I would hurt someone if this ever happened to me most likely him!
I would be so mad if someone did this to me!

19You slap him in the face in run

20Say: "I'm in love with my dog, I think she's prettier than you"
That's so funny! You know, it's funny in an insulting way, but still hilarious. If my guy would say that to me I would just laugh! It's so hilarious, come on guys! I actually liked the "I got my vision back" and "pretending you're gay" stuff.

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