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1Listening to Justin Bieber for too long

This is actually a proven way to kill any heterosexual man, if they do not commit suicide first.

Death is a very serious thing. I couldn't believe someone made a list of funniest ways to die. When I saw this I laughed out loud though.

He is the worlds worst form of torture and death. I hope he dies. Enough said...

I wonder if the person was kidnapped and forced to listen to it, as if being tortured by the kidnappers.

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2Dying whilst making a list of the 'Top 10 funniest ways to die'

Going through a mcdonalds drive through and order like 10 burgers 20 fries and take the fries and shove them up your nose and say WOOGLEBOOGLE AND DRIVE STRAIT INTO a pole. - xoxoxGraceLubsYu

You would be dying doing something on your list

Right, I'm typing a list right now and-----

Accidently beating yourself up

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3Telling your parents 'I'M GONNA BE SOMEBODY!!' then getting hit by a bus

This is hilarious! I cracked up when I heard this. This should be number one. We all know your dead if your listening to JB

It's great just like in T.V. when they say I'm gonna be somebody then just get killed.

Ha isn't it funny!

That would be a legendary death

Who will I be after getting hit by a bus? - NexusUnterganger639

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4Accidently beating yourself up

How could you beat your self up? I happen to have a very good looking face and why would I want to ruin my beautiful reflection?

Unless if a demon is inside of you than of course you could beat yourself up.

Me and my friends had played truth or dare and then they told me to do the same thing

Why would you do that? Still hilarious.

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5Attempting to poop but head explodes due to too much pressure

I can imagine this happening. Massive L.O.L. - PositronWildhawk

How long has he/she been holding it in

How horrible would it be to find that guys body?!

#funny made my teacher freak

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6Going through a McDonald's drive through and order 10 burgers 20 fries and take the fries and shove them up your nose and say woogleboogle and drive straight into a pole.

I almost shat myself laughing at this... laugh out loud - benhos

Pretty Good that guy must have been incredibly dumb

Only an insane person would die like this lol - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

This needs to be at the top

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7Jumping off a skyscraper, then being sniped midway

What would that be? Irony? Like you're being hunted by the mob but you want to shove it to them by offing your self first only to end up killed by them any way...

You are shot, almost killed, land in a tree, get a branch stuck in your arm, fall off onto a rock, live, but then die because you tripped on the sidewalk.

Laugh out loud laugh out loud this is so funny

Then it will turn from suicide to murder - Nateawesomeness

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8Being machine gunned to death by a cheesecake

"ahh I will never forget you cheesecake! "

Lol, how in the world is that possible? - Pony

LAUGHED MY ASS OFF SO HARD MAN. Who made this stuff? How about a pickle doing it?

This is why I never eat cheesecake... - Nateawesomeness

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9Having a huge rant about how odd it is someone dying from swine flu, then dying from swine flu

this is so how I would die cause I do this all the time! hahahahahahahahahaha lolz - ballaboi17

That would be embarrassing. It sounds like the kind of thing that would happen to me. - birdechosplash

I feel like that's something I would do...

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10Hard crotch kick

Hey baby wanna get some coffee... aaaaahhhh what the HELL! awwwww (dies) - SmoothCriminal

Hey this is the easyiest way to kill somebody I'll go do this on... - SmoothCriminal

Wow and there is an actual sports player that is in serious problem right now after he got his crotch... Well he's in the hospital right now...

Oh I should do this to my annoying friend

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?Get killed by a Zamboni
?Survive falling from a building but as soon as you start celebrating, get hit by a bus.V1 Comment

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11Threatening a guy online to come round your house (giving away your address) then watching him actually going to your house, with a gun

If someone threatens me... I'd love to do this one! I wouldn't kill the guy though, but I'd laugh my guts out at him pissing himself with knees shaking. It would be more funny if this guy is a Justin Beiber fan.

Funnily enough, this actually once happened. A kid smack talked an adult in a multiplayer game, then the adult lost his cool and went to the kid's house and tried to strangle him to death.

Angry internet users. Laugh out loud.

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12Being hit by a car, then whilst in the air, hitting another car.

I have seen this happen before and I would love to just watch it over, and over. I dare you to watch it one time without peeing your pants if laughter

Watching a marathon of Barney and Dora. Just added that.

This happened in Meet Joe Black

Best list ever!

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13The funniest way to die is by laughing, of course

And at the last moment watch yourself having grown six pack abs! - abhinandannitresrivatsa

Definitely, I laugh way to hard and I hope this to be the way I die. Nice thought.

It is possible and it has happened before. It has almost happened to me many times! - birdechosplash

Well now I know how I'm going to die

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14About to snipe someone on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and being sniped at the same time in real life

That would be epic. ( If you are not the person being sniped. )

That what you get for ruining my perfect kill streak son.

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15Waiting in agony on 12-21-2012, then the world ends the day after

I would laugh my head off... Despite the fact that, you know, Id be dead and all...

I thought it was really rather funny when I read it!
It just stood out too me.

It's midnight? YES! I'M FREE!

His last words before being crushed by an asteroid.

What is so special about that date? - birdechosplash

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16Choking on oxygen.

The one about choking on farts was much better. No offense to who typed this one down.

This happens to me all the time! Pretty sure oxygen/air hates me Love this list so far!

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17Getting stabbed by your three year old

what the crap do 3 year olds think they are - carvandog

That nearly happens in the simpsons when Maggie copies Itchy and Scratchy

I think this explains Stewie Griffin from Family Guy. Ha ha ha. - Pikachulover1

Crap this is scary - TwilightKitsune

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18Falling from the chair

The only way this could happen is if you have severe brain damage or you're on a really high platform.

My friend just feel off a chair she was laughing to death

Umm... I'm falling from the chair a lot, but I'm not dead. Only babies can die outta that.

So ridiculous, how the person falling from the chair and dies, how? - 05yusuf09

Maybe it's on top of the Empire State Building lightning rod or something. My question is how'd you get up there in the first place? - PianoQueen

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19Dividing 0 by 0 on a calculator, which creates a black hole you get sucked in where Justin Beiber is the best singer in the new universe and you commit suicide.

But what if in the new universe Bieber is actually good? - WonkeyDude98

I will assasinate him and be the best, or divide 0 by 0 again and go back to where I came from - TwilightKitsune


Whats a Bieber lol

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20Having a date with a serial killer

"Oh, I really had a good time last night. We should go out again tonight. "
"Yes... Yes, my precious... I can't wait. "
Your expression: O. O
Your thoughts: Oh, crap, bad idea.

Lmao this one's funny!... I would prob be the one to do this because I will meet with anyone that interests me

That's why, don't even try to date Jeff the Killer - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

Jeff the Killer! Yes, I would do this! - birdechosplash

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1. The funniest way to die is by laughing, of course
2. Being machine gunned to death by a cheesecake
3. Dividing 0 by 0 on a calculator, which creates a black hole you get sucked in where Justin Beiber is the best singer in the new universe and you commit suicide.
1. Accidently beating yourself up
2. Listening to Justin Bieber for too long
3. Making a top ten list of this while dying
1. Pooping so hard you rip out your intestines and your appendix bursts
2. Laughing for hours straight over a drunken donkey trying to eat figs
3. You and Pewdiepie die in a plane crash by Smosh

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