Top 10 Funniest Ways to Die


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Listening to Justin Bieber for too long
This is actually a proven way to kill any heterosexual man, if they do not commit suicide first.
Death is a very serious thing. I couldn't believe someone made a list of funniest ways to die. When I saw this I laughed out loud though.


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2Dying whilst making a list of the 'Top 10 funniest ways to die'
That would be kind of creepy!


Going through a mcdonalds drive through and order like 10 burgers 20 fries and take the fries and shove them up your nose and say WOOGLEBOOGLE AND DRIVE STRAIT INTO a pole.


You would be dying doing something on your list
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3Telling your parents 'I'M GONNA BE SOMEBODY!!' then getting hit by a bus
This is hilarious! I cracked up when I heard this. This should be number one. We all know your dead if your listening to JB
It's great just like in T.V. when they say I'm gonna be somebody then just get killed.

Ha isn't it funny!
That would be a legendary death
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4Attempting to poop but head explodes due to too much pressure
I can imagine this happening. Massive L.O.L.


How horrible would it be to find that guys body?!
How long has he/she been holding it in
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5Having a huge rant about how odd it is someone dying from swine flu, then dying from swine flu
this is so how I would die cause I do this all the time! hahahahahahahahahaha lolz


This looks like hypocrasy.

6Accidently beating yourself up
How could you beat your self up? I happen to have a very good looking face and why would I want to ruin my beautiful reflection?
You could only beat yourself up if you were way out of control and whoever does beat himself up would be way out of control. Har had har

7Playing a video game for too long
That's funny but true because you could act like the real world is a video game and step in front of a car and try to flip the car.
That actually was on spike's 1000 ways to die. Sitting for 3 days straight without using the bathroom slows the blood flow, and when you finally get up, the blood flow speeds up to a ridiculous rate and makes your heart explode. The heart was unable to process that amont of blood.
You would die of the lack of blood flow to your buttcheeks
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8Jumping off a skyscraper, then being sniped midway
That snipers really skilled!
What would that be? Irony? Like you're being hunted by the mob but you want to shove it to them by offing your self first only to end up killed by them any way...
Laugh out loud laugh out loud this is so funny
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9Waiting in agony on 12-21-2012, then the world ends the day after
I would laugh my head off... Despite the fact that, you know, Id be dead and all...
I thought it was really rather funny when I read it!
It just stood out too me.
That would probably be a facepalm moment
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10Threatening a guy online to come round your house (giving away your address) then watching him actually going to your house, with a gun
If someone threatens me... I'd love to do this one! I wouldn't kill the guy though, but I'd laugh my guts out at him pissing himself with knees shaking. It would be more funny if this guy is a Justin Beiber fan.
Angry internet users. Laugh out loud.

The Contenders

11Being hit by a car, then whilst in the air, hitting another car.
I have seen this happen before and I would love to just watch it over, and over. I dare you to watch it one time without peeing your pants if laughter
Megumi Shimizu from the horror anime Shiki...
This was literally her death!
Watching a marathon of Barney and Dora. Just added that.

12Death by monkeys
The last thing I heard was a muffled, "EEK, EEK, EEK! "! Roughly translated to:


13Going through a McDonald's drive through and order 10 burgers 20 fries and take the fries and shove them up your nose and say woogleboogle and drive straight into a pole.
Ha ha ha funny!
I almost shat myself laughing at this... laugh out loud


I could not stop laughing! Too funny
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14The funniest way to die is by laughing, of course
And at the last moment watch yourself having grown six pack abs!


Laugh out loud this is joke
Definitely, I laugh way to hard and I hope this to be the way I die. Nice thought.

15Hard crotch kick
Hey baby wanna get some coffee... aaaaahhhh what the HELL! awwwww (dies)


Hey this is the easyiest way to kill somebody I'll go do this on...


Wow and there is an actual sports player that is in serious problem right now after he got his crotch... Well he's in the hospital right now...
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16Reading a full article on Miley Cyrus on wikipedia, then dying from exhaustion.
people need to listen to real music I should be able to die reading about the beatles who were here A LOT longer
True story! Or even worse - listening to WRECKING BALL.

17Falling from the chair
My friend just feel off a chair she was laughing to death
Umm... I'm falling from the chair a lot, but I'm not dead. Only babies can die outta that.
I fell off a chair and laughed almost to death

18Didn't eat in a month

19For the owner of TheTopTens to come to your house and say 'here's for the crap list' and then proceeding to kill you
Sorry owner. No killings, please?
And how do you know my address?

20Getting stabbed by your three year old
what the crap do 3 year olds think they are


That nearly happens in the simpsons when Maggie copies Itchy and Scratchy
I think this explains Stewie Griffin from Family Guy. Ha ha ha.


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21Being chased by camels, then being kicked into barb wire
Laugh out loud this is awesome


LOLS so funny


22Having a date with a serial killer
"Oh, I really had a good time last night. We should go out again tonight. "
"Yes... Yes, my precious... I can't wait. "
Your expression: O. O
Your thoughts: Oh, crap, bad idea.
Lmao this one's funny!... I would prob be the one to do this because I will meet with anyone that interests me
I like it because I like them.
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23Watching BME Pain Olympics, then reacting by vomiting out your lungs
Pretty gross, when you think about it.
Then you have a big mouth

24Making a top ten list of this while dying

25Suffocation by boobies
LOL hilarious... No but seriously it's a good way >:) Come here hun...
I like it! Don't wanna die that way though...
This is the only one I Loled at! I want my boobie back ribs!

26Go out of control on your rollerblades and skate into a zoo full of mad rhinos
I would probly be the one to do this once. I'm love this one too lol

27Taking a bath in the boiler

28Eating McDonald's
Funny my dad loves mcdonalds

29Scream "I'm going to get hit by a car!"
And actually getting hit by a car
And falling off a cliff, then getting hit by a car in mid-air

30Falling out of an airplane with two parachutes just in case, but find out both are faulty.

31Yelling at someone on Xbox Live, promising them you will kill them, then having a heart attack online
The other player would be like 'OWND! '

32Falling off an escalator

33Taking an arrow to the knee
Laugh out loud, Skyrim is awesome.

34Be punched in the face by an egg
I pissed myself at this one

35Climb up the stairs of the Empire State Building to commit suicide at the top and fall back down the stairs on your head
I did that last saturday

36Not getting enough sleep

37Watching Yo Gabba Gabba too much
There are parasites in my tummy! So yummy, so yummy!
I think this could actually happen.


38Getting ran over by a van driven by cats
I can imagine that happening...
Last thing you heard meow screech BOOM
Hahaahah that's really funny!

39Telling someone to jump off a cliff, then them doing it, but you going to the wrong place at the wrong time, and being crushed
reminds me of the joke with the refrigerator... anybody? The lover in the refrigerator, the guy doing exercises on his balcony and the husband

40Being shot to death by BB guns
Kinda stupid, I mean if it was on the newspaper there would be articles like '10 dead in massacra' and really important articles, then
there would be 'man(or girl)shot to death by bb guns'. Embassering in a way.
As long as it's not in the balls I'm fine with it

41Getting stabbed in the back with a carrot
Seriously? A carrot. Yea right!
LOLZ! This is obviously the most HILARIOUS WAY TO DIE :--)

42Being machine gunned to death by a cheesecake
"ahh I will never forget you cheesecake! "
And the cherry pulls the trigger
I love cheese cakes!

43Accidentally jogging off a cliff

44Accidently jogging into a battlefield
Whoops. Should of stayed away from Korea


"TAKE COVER! " 'What'dya say? ' *BOOOM! *

45Catching every lethal disease known to man after being violated by E.T.'s glowing finger
Symptoms of alien molestation may include fear of candles...
Funniest thing I have heard this week
That's his version of flipping you off

46Getting killed by a wolf
Um wolves only kill people if they injured that wolf or they killed another wolf in that pack

47Scratching your butt, but then your hand gets stuck and you flail around and fall onto knife
I can imagine someone doing that.


48Reading this
It says top ten not 500!
That would be pretty ironic and I laugh out loud'd when I read that. Deserves to be higher.

49Crushed by a walrus

50Going parachuting without the parachute

51Twerking On a Train Track

52About to snipe someone on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and being sniped at the same time in real life
Do you get the kill?
That would be epic. ( If you are not the person being sniped. )
"Headshot! " "HEADSHOT! "

53Crashing in Happy Wheels, then getting ran over by a real Segway
God, I want to die this way if I had too
Reminds me of the Segway company owner's death.

54Drowning in poop

55Dividing 0 by 0 on a calculator, which creates a black hole you get sucked in where Justin Beiber is the best singer in the new universe and you commit suicide.

56Listening to the Jonas Brothers over 100 times on your iPod

57Talking for too long
Didn't even know it was possible. Lol


Hahxbdhehcyshwhdicchebqjdhydhwfxysjwjfh "SEVENTY YEARS LATER:" 😵

58Playing Mortal Kombat on console and accidentally going into the tv just about when Sub Zero is about to do a Spine Rip to you

59Watching the earth explode from the moon then to die because you ran out of oxygen

60Getting hit by an ice cream truck

61Flying to Canada and getting hit by a moose as soon as you step off the plane.

62Get beat up by Dora
That would look funny! Just imagine that!

63Having a grenade explode in between your buttcheeks

64Avalanche of naked girls

65Watching the 'head on' advert 100 Times

66Getting AIDS from a Prostitute
Gotta catch them all!

67Falling down the stairs in a bathtub

68Realizing how the universe cannot exist and then ceasing to be
Laugh out loud. Just like Kyle from South Park.

69Gluing your hands to your head and hanging your self with piano wire after taking a lethal dose of botox so it will look like you went crazy and ripped your own head off.

70Staring at Barney all night and/or day

71Fixing your computer and electrocuting yourself when the wire breaks and kills you

72Cursing a seagull for stealing your sandwich, then being dive-bombed by the same gull

73Marrying a murderer/ess without knowing it and then have and affair with her/his best friend.
Ha ha, imagine that. I bet everyone thought this was awful, though. LOLLing!
I wanna shag a pony

74Fall Off a Cliff Somehow Survive Then Die In Shock From the Price On the Hospital Bill

75Getting your finger slammed in the door then get struck by lightning

76Making 1000 origami Yodas and dying after your fingers break off

77Watching the Llama Song
I do live in a cake

78Getting too stressed out on an exam and committing suicide by putting two pencils in your nose and slamming your face into the desk

79Going to a 5 year old's birthday party then the kids eat you

80By reading funniest ways to die

81Getting beat up by an ant who has powers.

82Eat poison wrapped with bacon
Bacon makes everything better! Even poison!

83Being Licked to Death by Miley Cyrus
She will get crushed by the same wrecking ball
Miley Cyrus why you no shut up?

84Going the pub with an alcoholic then the alcoholic gets you so drunk that he is able to exchange livers with you as he just happens to be the best doctor at performing operations in the world

85Masturbating to Death

86Reading a full article on urinals on Wikipedia, then dying from exhaustion

87Dying whilst making love/having sex, or from sex itself

88Checking the fuel level of a car by thowing in a lit match.
That's nit funny that's a normal death in Alabama hey cletus how much gas is in the tractor I don't know (boom) none now billbob

89Getting crushed to death by a vending machine

90Overdosing on pudding

91Eating rice pudding

92Be Harry Potter, reach 4th book, get AIDS.
Voldemort had his chance

93Jump off of a cliff and bounce off of a rock, away from the sharp rocks, but fall into a pool of sharks

94Hugged to death

95Hitting your head on a table after a sneeze and then dying of concussion

96Doing a belly flop off a really high cliff

97Eating toe nails

98Your belt loop gets stuck on a door knob
Then take off your belt...


99Getting Your 'nuggets' Sucked Dry by Leeches
I pissed myself on this one

100Going to KFC eating a rat then catching black death and dying on the table whilst having a heart attack

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