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I'm sickened to see fred in the top ten.
Me: hey smosh is so funny - smosh:Shut up
[Newest]This is the best YouTube series ever!

He is the best. I love all of his skits. I can't get enough of it. Watch his new video Christmas swag, its too funny. He made my day
Ryan higa is so much funnier than fred watch his videos on youtube he is so funny watch "word of the day- pwned" ad all the other ones they are so funny
Ryan higa is the guy who has the account nigahiga its mch funnier than fred


and we will be teaching you how to be a NINJA!
[Newest]He is SO funny. I can't stop laughing at most of his videos. He is really creative and unique!

3Epic Rap Battles of History
In the words of Egoraptor:
History? Pretty smart.
Rapping? Pretty darn smart.
Epic Rap Battles of History?
****ING... GENIUS!
I love the series. Enough said.
Epic rap battles of history

Sparkilz clue ness at the aether 2 always makes me laugh

5Red vs Blue
Truly the most brilliant series with the most amazing plot
Any show that has a well-developed story AND is funny deserves number 1 if you ask me.
I laugh every 10 seconds. Definitely worth watching.
[Newest]Best series EVER! Deserves #1! I can't wait for season 11.

Excellently done! Each episode cracks me up from start to finish.
Abridged, but still tells the story of DBZ. I love it. Just wish they had the time/resources to put them out quicker.
Honestly this is the best series that has ever been spawned in the history of all shows ever. Sometimes I think it's better than the original!
Best Dragon Ball Z parodies ever. Give you an understanding of the storyline and also gives you a thrill ride that you will always want to watch it anytime...
Best, Mindbobling show ever made by any youtube channel (besides smosh).
[Newest]Should be way higher...

7The Yogscast

8Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series
In my opinion YGOTAS is the most original, influential and astounding internet series to date. It has single handedly spawned an enormous cult of abridgers and set a new standard for online series.
Screw the rules, I have money!
Christmas version: Screw the Yules, I have money!

Nuff said.
This series has to be one of the only things that I nearly died laughing at. I don't even know why Fred is even on this list but I think Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series should be swapped with that series.


Is there one list that has Tobuscus as #1?
I love this guy's channels.
Singing beautifully + Nice language + Funny moments galore = THIS IS PURE GENIUS!
Tobuscus. For some reason with spell check it translates to "to sucks" but Toby doesn't suck. He is amazing and funny. If I was Mariam Webster I would add Tobuscus to the dictionary.

10Super Mario Logan

The Contenders

11The Annoying Orange
Hey people! Hey, hey people! This orange IS annoying, but he's funny at the same time. Especially marshmallow! That guy is FUNNY!
Many people have a lot of fun watching this so I am not forcing you too but maybe watch one and see if you like it but if you don't it's okay just try to be open please.
Screw you Annoying Orange haters! I'm sick of people saying they hate this series because the Annoying Orange is so annoying. Uh, hello? He's SUPPOSED to be annoying! This series is hilarious, vote for it now and don't even think of giving a thumbs-down!
[Newest]I hate him period.

12Arby n The Chief
This was a classic since 2007. Master chief has Microsoft Sam. Arbiter with Microsoft Mike. Have a fight against online Jerks. Master chief is the funniest. I do like arbiter though.
This show is one of the few shows who still has its freshness, originality, and funny-ness, after all these years
My roflcopter goes SOI SOI SOI best line ever. *Sniff* memories.
[Newest]Best show ever. So long laugh out loud

13Sonic Plush Adventures

14The Angry Video Game Nerd
He's hilarious :). Love his reviews. The older stuff is better than the newer stuff in my opinion. The second they brought Mike Tekai or w/e his name is in, the show went straight down hill. In the earlier stuff he's funny as hell, but swears almost too much. You'll find yourself sitting there on more than one occasion going, "I don't entirely know if all of what he just said made any sense at all". But the parts that are funny are worth watching the parts that aren't. Kind of makes me understand why all the old games were ridiculously difficult when I was a kid laugh out loud.

So hilarious! They make my favorite videos!

16Nostalgia Critic

I love AntVenom, he is very funny and his videos are great! Never fails in making me happy.
He is the best minecraft youtuber ever!


19Retarded Policeman
Guys Mother: Hi Officer.
Retarded Policeman: Whats happening hot stuff! HAHAHAHAHAHA
this guy deserves 1st on the list!



21Dick Figures


Like... This channel just doesn't have "viewers" just because it's portuguese... but YOU LIKE RONALDO, but you can't remember he is portuguese. Just check this channel on youtube and you'll see what I'm talking about. no kidding, this is sh*t, but the good sh*t! BanalbrothersTV (BBTV) RULES!
oh man, I've watched this guys once and now I'm a true fan, they are the most funny peeps around youtube... a vote in them is a good vote :D
i think their only problem is actually having portuguese languaged videos :P but their always great!
Why isn't this in top 10!? I mean... Banal Brothers TV is way better than "Fred"! If you want to check with your eyes just look for banalbrotherstv on youtube! IT'S GREAT!


24Deep Space 69

25Rucka Rucka Ali

26How It Should Have Ended

27Knox's Corner
Robert Benfer is a genius.

28Top Ten Football Celebrations

29Honest Trailers

30Rhett and Link
They are so funny and they do the most random things and just ♥♥♥♥
Come to, all ye mythical beasts! Arise from your slumber and VOOTE for Rhett and Link!
Very well made videos. These guys are hollarious, and unique. Vote up mythical beasts!

Sky I agree is pretty funny I guess squid: Hey me: No go away squid: I just wanna be your friend Me: Do you have a off button? Squid: yea wanna try and find it? Me: GO AWAY squid: Neve- AHH How do you know my weakness! Oxygen! Me:... Ok and BUDDER Squid: can I have some BUDDER? ME: NOT AGAIN squid: Find my off switch! Me: I HAVE BEEN tHOUGH ENOUGH
Come on sky army we can defeat Smosh!

32Afro Dance

33Indiana Hijackers

34Video Game High School (VGHS)
Really good series, as the characters are dynamic. I find I always enjoy every episode, I can't wait until they release season 3 next year.
This needs to be at the top. I love every episode and so should you.
Awesome, better than almost every T.V. show out there.

35Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?
Man! I used to be OBSESSED with this show.


36Fat Guy Sings Numa Numa

Rhino is hell a funny
Panda man is funny as hell
The Coach is my favorite

38Sports Bloopers

The series is still new and in the making, but so far the trailers are amazing. The animation is extraordinary and the music is so well done! I definitely recommend it!



42Two Best Friends Play

43Girls Tackling Boys

44Mrs. Swan

His series is called =3

46100 Ways to Make Fire



This kid rocks! It's always cool to see what he's up to!

50The Key Of Awesome


52The Bravest Warriors
So freakamazing only 4 episodes though there is a new one every Thursday so if you watch it we can throw a BUTTER LETTUCE PARTY
Its way better than annoying orange, not that annoying orange is funny in the first place. Butter lettuce. Enough said.
Why is this one so low? It's like 40 times better than annoying orange!

53Drunk Minecraft

54ASDF Movies
Random comedy and animation at its best. Everybody do the flop!
It looks like south park


56Awesome series

57Angry German Kid
What? All the way at 58? This deserves to be in the Top 10. He makes me laugh all the time. I mean come on AngryGermanKid82, cool and DIAMTAR ALSO TheInsideFilmer makes the best Angry German Kid videos!




60Zombie George Washington


62chris smoove


Definitely the funniest YouTube series despite it having only a few episodes its still amazingly funny and besides they are releasing more episodes soon. The creative minds who made this series are pure geniuses.

Here is the link to the first episode ever made:


66Luigi Time
Thos song exseshily luigis mansion dark moon are incredible

67Rage Quit
Probably some of the funniest videos I've ever watched, don't know how it's not top 10

68Stupid Mario Bros.
One of the best things I've ever seen. So memorable. Seriousness, humor, tons of video game references, random and light-hearted fillers, and some awesome sword/light saber battles! 75 episodes in 5 seasons, an interactive adventure, and a movie. We will all miss it...
Fantastic series, humourus and epic at the same time.

"Oh piece of'a crap! Another stupid letter from'a bowser! "
They say the deep plot with backstories and such ruined the series. I say that means nothing. A show that can have a plot so deep and yet so funny, a show that can make us laugh for 74 episodes (and shot films) and yet make us cry at 75, a show where people were willing to donate their money to get one last season, deserves to be much higher than 80.

“Why does everyone forget my name? ” -Chowchoshi or something

69Hardcore (PBG Gameplay)
This series is hilarious, awesome, well made, and it features both PBG and (originally) Jontron. Just watch the first or second minecraft season or the terraria season and you will KNOW!

70Microsoft Sam Reads Stupid and Weird Signs

71The Slow Mo Guys



74Yogscast Lalna


76Monster Island Buddies

77George the Rock


The most HILARIOUS Youtuber of all time! He is famous for his Your Grammar Sucks series (poking fun at poor internet grammar) and his what Blanket Series (a parody of the Snuggie). Not to be confused with Youtube channel Jacksgap. Jacksfilm's real name is Jack Douglass, and he also plays Intern 2 on Youtube show MyMusic.

80Baman Piderman
Why isn't this number 1? Its hilarious, Fred is just stupid, so is the Annoying Orange, who would actually sit down to watch Fred or the Annoying Orange?


Check it out on youtube, hilarious, so, so good


82Awkward Black Girl

83Will it Blend

84Game Grumps
Probably deserves to be higher on the list. Egoraptor is pretty funny; and while JonTron may be gone, Danny is just as funny.

85We Are Young Money

86Black Nerd Comedy

Syrus where are my cheetos

88Rolling Into Rocks





93The Online Gamer
Series by Reckless Tortuga! Entertaining for all Call of Duty players & Gamers

Eggs, toilets, fish, baby dolls, chickens, sh, legs, and even blowup sex toys!

95Riley Rewind

96Chunk Dirty
The most more besterest in the world dowg

97Fail Army

98Inside Gaming - The C**t Life
I wanna be an actor

99Villager News

100Hillywood Show

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