Video Games Scarlett Johansson Might of Played as a Kid

Here are games Scarlett Johansson could of played when she's younger and you'll never know which one so I'm gonna guess which one she played. Also her twin brother Hunter Johansson might of played all of this stuff.

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1Super Mario Kart

She probably have played Mario Kart before but only the first two games. - Metts

2Mario Kart 64

I bet she like this one better. Which character does she played as? - Metts

3Super Smash Bros.V1 Comment
4Super Mario Bros.

She definitely have played this. Many people her age have. - Metts

5Super Mario Bros. 3

She probably played this as well. - Metts

6Super Mario 64V1 Comment
7Super Mario World

She definitely have played this if her family own a Super Nintendo. - Metts

8Final Fantasy VIIV1 Comment
9Super Mario Bros. 2

I'm pretty sure she used to own an NES and SNES and played all three Mario games. - Metts

10Donkey Kong

This is an arcade game that is also on the NES which she definitely might of played it. - Metts

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11Sonic the Hedgehog
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