Top 10 Gangster Rap Songs

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61 One Eighty Seven - Dr. Dre One Eighty Seven - Dr. Dre
62 Still - Geto Boys Still - Geto Boys

Copy machine scene song from office space

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63 Thugz Mansion - 2Pac Thugz Mansion - 2Pac
64 Cigarettes - Fort Minor Cigarettes - Fort Minor
65 Streiht Up Menace - Mc Eiht

Soundtrack of Menace II Society. 1 of the best gangsta rap songs iv ever heard

This song is just awesome! Mc Eiht spittin some lines about ghetto life in Eihthype style!

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66 How We Do (Remix) - Eazy-E & Tupac

Best gangster rap ever

Wish both of them was alive to hear this

67 Straight Gangstaism - Geto Boys Straight Gangstaism - Geto Boys

Greatest Gangster rap record ever.

68 Survival of the Fittest - Mobb Deep Survival of the Fittest - Mobb Deep

This is easily one of the rawest, most gangsta songs in Hip Hop. Mobb Deep run gangsta rap music.

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69 Pac's Revenge - 2Pac
70 Money and the Power - Kid Ink Money and the Power - Kid Ink

This is an awesome song! I SO LOVE THIS SONG!
I got the MONEY AND THE POWER once you get a lil they just wanna take you down cause, I got the money and the power..

71 Khoda Nazdike - A2 Khoda Nazdike - A2
72 Kalameye Oboor - Reza Pishro V 2 Comments
73 Ante Up - M.O.P. Ante Up - M.O.P.

In my opinion this song is #1 by far. It will make you hyped out of your mind anytime any day when you listen to it, also the #1 workout song or if you really just wanna punch someone in the face

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74 My Life - The Game My Life - The Game V 2 Comments
75 Let Me Ride - Dr. Dre
76 Divoune 2 - Reza Pishro
77 Smoke Some Weed - Ice Cube Smoke Some Weed - Ice Cube V 1 Comment
78 Hellrazor - Tupac Hellrazor - Tupac
79 10 Lil' Crips - Snoop Dogg 10 Lil' Crips - Snoop Dogg
80 Why Stop Now - Busta Rhymes
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