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1Stewie Griffin (Family Guy)

He's definitely gay! :) He's not bi, he just didn't know who he was back then... He has been with girls, yes, but he never loved them.
You're my favourite Stu!

*bryan and stewie pretending to kiss so they can get out of the army*
Soldier:oh, can I join?
Stewie:why yes...
Bryan slaps stewie

He sure as hell is gay. Stevie got herpes from Brian and also was pregnant. Not only that, but he also thinks that "Rupert" is his boyfriend.

Good thing Stewie's here at the top. He is a great character for this list, and I agree that he's what you believe he is.

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2Waylon Smithers (The Simpsons)

My vote made Smithers #1 I love him

Aw mr Smithers get my vote! :D

duh! he has shown time and time again that he's 100% in love with mr. burns. does no one recall the dream he has about burns lying into his room via window?

Definitely the best gay character ever!

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3SpongeBob SquarePants

One may think he is just overly effeminate, but he even played Patrick's wife in one episode while raising a baby clam! Did you see the look on Patrick's face when SpongeBob inserted a coin up his crack? Why isn't Patrick on this list too?

He takes real care of Gary so he won't leave him. Because when the time Gary stayed with Patrick he just liked him for his biscuit and Gary loved Spongebob because of all the care and love he showed to Gary so Spongebob Squarepants and they both found out when they were doing laundry and then Spongebob took Gary for a walk and Patrick got very jealous and said I thought we had something special

I still love spongebob best cartoon ever

Ask the creator. He is asexual. Ever heard of it?

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4Mr. Garrison (South Park)

It wasn't me! It was mr.hat!

I agree, but it can be nasty with Mr. Slave

5Robin (Batman & Robin)

Robin is not gay! Sure his super hero name is Robin but that doesn't mean anything!

Batman The Animated Series

Is this a joke?

He is not a cartoon character!

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6Roger (American Dad)

He's awesome and American Dad is super funny! I like when Jeff says: "Are you and your dad close? " And Stan is thinking of when he was a kid and he says: "Daddy, will you read to me? " And his dad says: "Who the hell are you? " It's super funny! And Roger is probably my favorite character, but I like Klaus, too.

Roger is so funny, and he is the pet alien on the cartoon American Dad. I love how he talks and dresses up as different personas.

He's the best! He's the funniest character ever!

Actually, he's Bi. Haha - MoldySock

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7Herbert the Pervert (Family Guy)

"Get your fat a** back here! "
Best line ever!

But wait didn't he close the door on Brian for having a petition for gay rights?

The name says it all.

Oh yeah that one

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8Big Gay Al

I love all the gay characters in South Park! But my favorite has to be Big Gay Al.

*The kids are in summer camp and Big Gay Al shows up and the parents stand there in shock*

Big Gay Al: Well are you parents just gonna stand there? This camp is only for campers, silly gooses! *Eye flutter* - MontyPython

I went on his boat ride yesterday and it was fun

He definitely need more love

9Fred (Scooby Doo)

I don't think Fred is gay, but who knows what's happens when Daphne and Fred travel together

Hahaaahahaahaaa. "Time to unmask this monster". Dude, that was HILARIOUS. I started dying in class when I saw this for the first time.


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?Greg (American Dad!)

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11Queer Duck

Queer Duck, he's intellectual
Queer Duck, he's homosexual
Please don't think that he's perverse
He's the patients' favourite male nurse.

He's an influence of Top Cat

12Mickey Mouse

The original him and the Disney Channel cartoons (illustrated ones) are where he likes Minnie. But in the weird animated one, he and his friends always have a smile, even when they're sad! And he never is very affectionate near minnie. - maddyparrot22

Have you ever heard his voice?
and I`ve never seen any attraction between him and Minnie.

Mickey Mouse is one BAD seed to be honest =/

13Marceline Abadeer (Adventure Time)

Marceline admitted that both of them had lesbian experiences, and lesbian affair via her singing in the episode "What Was Missing" in the cartoon "Adventure Time".

I am just voting this to bump Mickey down...

She's a bisexual because she also used to have an idiot wizard boyfriend called ash (he appears in memory of a memory and betty). Anyway she's my love, my baby, the light of my heart but also able to destroy it completely (let's touch wood so that Italian boing T.V. forgets about the existence of I remember you, it ruined my physical and mental health... Kryptonite does nothing to superman compared to what that episode did to my lacrimal ducts, heart, nervous system, sleep, stomach etc.).

14Openly Gaytor

Best Queer Duck character - other than Queer Duck of course.

15Bi-Polar Bear

Ha ha he got big in it laugh out loud. Man I suck - Chaotixhero

16Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time)

They wanted to write her as Marcelines girlfriend

17Peppermint Patty (The Peanuts)

No. Peppermint Patty was in love with Charlie Brown. Charles Shultz made that clear all throughout his comic series' run.

That girl Marcy calls her Sir too!

18Mr. Slave (South Park)

Oh god, really? Mr. Slave is the most underrated character ever!

19Korra (Legend of Korra)
20Patrick Star

Screw you guys patrick is awesome

This guy is so dumb

Patrick liked Mindy in the 1st movie.

Patrick is dumb but in a good way. - EpicJake

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