Top 10 Generating Enemies In Mario Games

This top 10 list is about Mario enemies that generate. Each of them have different ways to generate. No bosses included.

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1Swoopin' Stu (Super Mario Sunshine)

This Stu can create ooze when its destroyed. Then more of these enemies will appear out of the ooze and create more ooze! When there's a lot of ooze, more and more of these enemies generate! They sure make a really big mess! - Super-Eric1993

2Magikoopa (Super Mario World)

It can generate magic from its wand. The magic can either transform things, or generate more enemies. - Super-Eric1993

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3Sentry Beam (Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2)

There are two kinds of Sentry Beams: one generates a beam of electricity, and the other generates waves of electricity. - Super-Eric1993

4Ty-Foo (Super Mario 3D World)

This giant cloud can generate very strong wind by blowing. - Super-Eric1993

5Fizzlit (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

When it flattens its body like a pancake, it generates electricity out of its body. - Super-Eric1993

6Baddie Box (Super Mario 3D Land)
7Bullet Bill Blaster (Super Mario Bros)

It generates Bullet Bills by firing them. - Super-Eric1993

8Blooper Nanny (Super Mario Bros 3)

This Blooper has Baby Bloopers. When the Blooper releases its babies, it can generate more babies to appear. - Super-Eric1993

9Volcano Lotus (Super Mario World)

This flower generates lava balls inside and then releases them in the air. - Super-Eric1993

10Snifit (Super Mario Bros 2)

It fires little bullets out of their mouths. They generate bullets to use them as weapons. - Super-Eric1993

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1. Swoopin' Stu (Super Mario Sunshine)
2. Magikoopa (Super Mario World)
3. Sentry Beam (Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2)



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