Top Ten Ghazal Singers

This list quotes the top ten ghazal singers of all time. They are ranked based on their work, popularity and recognition.

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1Jagjit Singh

Listening him from my school days.His voice feels like God is speaking.His diction of Urdu is unbelievably amazing.His songs are so soothing and having such pain that gives Ghazals a real meaning.He is not just maestro he is God of Ghazals himself. - sumitsinha2000

The delivery and "card" in his voice is incomparable

I think jagjit singh is better than ghulam ali and ghulam ali is also not greater than mehdi hassan

No Competition for Jagjit Ji, out of this world

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2Ghulam Ali

He is the master of gazals and no one can touch his feet

He is my favourite singer. I like his singing!

He is a best singer I love his singing

You are the best singer in this world

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3Mehdi Hassan

The softness of his voice intermingles with the sad poetry to create a very soulful experience.

He was the best of all time. No one can compete his voice. Best voice I have ever heard.

The softness of his voice as well as the perfect singing definitely makes him the top choice for a singer. His ghazals sure touch the heart. While jagjit singh made ghazals famous among the present generation, he can not be classified as a better "singer" than Mehdi Hassan or Ghulam Ali for that matter.

My all time favorite singer... Best voice I have ever heard

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Indian best Ghazal Singer.

The versatile genius, the perfect singer.

One of the grate singer in India

Best singer in India

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5Adithya Srinivasan

I just watched this young lad on YouTube, oh my god! He sounds so good and looks so nice!

Undoubtedly a prodigy. His taans are more intricate and accurate than more seasoned singers. Adithya definitely has a long way to go...

He is the future of Indian music. such a sooting voice.

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6Pankaj Udhas

He sounds like a gal at times!

Indian singer, credited in the Indian music industry, along with other musicians like Jagjit Singh and Talat Aziz, with bringing the Ghazal style to the realm of popular music. He rose to fame for singing in the 1986 film Naam, in which his song "Chitthi Aayee Hai" became an instant hit. - rebecabonham

7Runa Laila

Nice singer in Bangladesh

I love you with respect

She's way to old to perform any more. Used to sing well in her yester years!

Such a lovely voice she got.

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8Anup Jalota

Sound that comes from the soul

Anup jalota is the only modern Indian singer who really sings ghazals in ghazal style. He applies different classical music surs. I can compare him with ghulam ali and mehdi hasan. Other popular singers like jagjit and pankaj simply sing the ghazals like ordinary dongs. They don't qualify as ghazal singers.

9Talat Aziz

Why is he even on this list? He sings like some old hag!

He is a singer who is no more in the race.

Popular ghazal singer from Hyderabad, India. His first major performance was in Hyderabad at a place called King Kothi. He sang before a crowd of over 5, 000. He sang Kaise Sukoon Paoon and some ghazals by noted shaayars of Hyderabad. Though he was nervous at his first performance in front of audience yet he performed well. - rebecabonham

10Begum Akhtar

She is the best in my opinion, she has sung different ghazals in different manner. With a soulful, classical voice of hers even those songs have become alive which sound dead flat in the voice of other singers.

She must be placed at second number. After mehdi hassan she is the best

She was a great ghazal singer ilike very much her voice & style

The Contenders

11Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
12Lily Chakraborty
13Mohammed Rafi
14Chandan Dass
15Pervez Mehdi
16Jaspreet 'Jazim' Sharma
17Abida Parveen

She is one of the best ghazal maestro of modern era...

18Asad Amanat Ali Khan
19Yateesh Acharya

One of the finest artist continuing the legacy of Ustad Mehdi Hassan.

20Ashok Khosla
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