Good Songs by Bad Artists

This list is about bad artists/bands that made good songs.

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1Love Yourself - Justin Bieber

I feel like his music is getting a little better

This is an atrocious song from a bad (but not awful) artist - ProPanda

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2How You Remind Me - Nickelback

Oh god, yes! I grew up with this one. Why can't Nickelback release good songs like this? Oh, wait, I can answer that: that would mean they'd be releasing good music that isn't about sex and drugs.

Also, did you know this album was released on 9/11/01?

3Cheyenne - Jason Derulo
4The Comeback - Blood on the Dance Floor

One of the worst bands ever, but guess what, they made a good song!

5See You Again - Wiz Khalifa

I personally think Wiz ruined the feeling to this song with the rapping. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

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6Oui - Jeremih
7Halls of Illusion - Insane Clown PosseV2 Comments
8Hands to Myself - Selena Gomez

Now how is this song good? Because you see Selena half naked in the video?

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9Sorry - Justin Bieber

I hate this guy but that's a badass song. The video is kinda goofy

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10Goodbye Graceful - Falling In Reverse

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?How Can I Love - Manika
?Runaway - Kanye West

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11Payback - Attila
12With Arms Wide Open - Creed

This was written about Scott's son.

Not big on Creed, but, yes, I do like this song!

13Confession - Florida Georgia Line
14Reverie - Design the Skyline
15All the Lights - Kanye West
16Company - Justin Bieber

Justin Beiber will NEVER BE GOOD. - SeeU

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17Mirror - Lil Wayne
18Burn It to the Ground - Nickelback
19Blinded by the Sun - Seahorses
20Close - Nick JonasV1 Comment
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1. Cheyenne - Jason Derulo
2. Oui - Jeremih
3. Hands to Myself - Selena Gomez
1. Confession - Florida Georgia Line
2. Company - Justin Bieber
3. Cheyenne - Jason Derulo
1. How You Remind Me - Nickelback
2. See You Again - Wiz Khalifa
3. Pumped Up Kicks - Foster the People

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