Good Songs by Bad Artists

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101Walkin' on the Sun - Smash Mouth
102Fly - Sugar Ray
103The Reason - Hoobastank
104S Club Party - S Club 7
105I'm Too Sexy - Right Said Fred
106All 4 Love - Color Me Badd
107Naughty - Gwen Stefani
108By the Grace of God - Katy Perry
109Hands of Love - Miley Cyrus
110Shut Me Up - Mindless Self Indulgence

I honestly do not like Mindless Self Indulgence, but this song isn't too bad. - ElectricCorpseSlayer

111Save Me - Nicki Minaj

This song is better and more inspirational then the other songs on Pink Friday. Sure, she cusses once. But the rest makes me feel like I'm listening to something like Fall Out Boy or Adele. Nicki made this inspirational song and Grand Piano and ANACONDA is what gets her famous? Seems the Billboard gets drunk every time they choose songs to be ranked. - Hotheart123

112Runaway - Kanye West
113It Will Rain - Bruno Mars
114Clocks - Coldplay

This is certainly an interesting list. I can imagine it will lead to some controversy, by the contradiction of someone liking an artist, but that has yet to come.
Now usually, I cannot stand the whiny vocals, tuneless beats and hemmorhage-inducing twanging which Coldplay bring in abundance, but this is their one song which I have grown a custom to. This one I like. - PositronWildhawk

No. Coldplay are one of the best bands ever. Someone has no brain and no music taste, I guess...

This is one of the best bands ever! - SammySpore

Awesome song, but Coldplay aren't even a bad band.

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115Fight Song - Rachel Platten
116The Monster - Eminem

I put this here because it's the only Eminem song worth listening to in my opinion. Maybe everything before the second verse is ok…

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