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Tigers are more aggressive, faster and stronger than Lions pound for pound, they have better coordination and fighting skills, there are plenty of videos that prove this. Most people that are bias in favor of the lion don't take the time out to observe these facts. I am by no means trying to diminish the " King of the Jungle" title from lions, although most lions live in Savannah grasslands, and a more appropriate title would be "King of the African Savannah's" where they live in prides and may be considered superior in that region (since there are no tigers there), but when it comes down to the nitty gritty. The Siberian tiger reigns supreme as "Emperor of the big cats"
Lions have better coordination and fighting skills then a tiger
Tigers are the biggest natural cat in the world. Ligers and tigons should not exist and thy only do due to circuses. They only live 1-2 years poor things. Tigers are the most powerful of all the cats and they are the most intelligent and majestic. I love them, all 6 spicies of them. Oh and white tigers are NOT a type of tiger or seperate cat. They are simple albino Bengal tigers (yes it is always Bengal).


Larger stronger and more agile than lions. Excellent swimmers too. Common misconception that tigers lack fighting skills is garbage. They are solitary and thus hunt on their own unlike lions. They also regularly fight off other tigers intruding on their territory. So not only can they hunt but also fight. And the lions mane means nothing in a fight with a tiger! It's only for attracting lionesses!
[Newest]Tigers are independent, naturally hunt bears for prey (even mimicking sounds to lure them in) they can generate enough force in their paw to fracture or even crush a bears skull or break its back although they usually go for the throat. Umm male lions are just big lazy pussies that let the fems do the work. Also tigers have been known to acquire a taste for humans even going as far to exclusively hunt them in some instances. They also have the largest brain of all the big cats. Comparable in size to a chimp. Sorry lions you may have a bigger roar but the tigers got a better bite.
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Lions are the real heroes because they are born to fight but a tiger hunts and eat and hide in the forest and also lion have royal lion if they hunt 10 tomes they will get 8 times there hunt but when the tiger hunts 10 times but is successful for only one or two times
Male lion hunts only animals such as giraffe, elephant, giant buffaloes, hippo, leopards, crocodiles and cheetah and many more
Full grown male lions at the shoulder are about 4 feet in height, way bigger than your average tiger. Also male lions are born to fight, the lionesses in the pride do the hunting the males job is to protect the pride. Which means they are literally born to fight, its what they are built for. Not hunting, not stalking, just fighting. And if this top ten list is talking about the greatest big cat, in the fighting department, the lion would win every time.
I personally made a video that consists of over 30 clips where the lion destroys the tiger. Before that I had tried to make a tiger beating lion montage. After I realized how few clips there was for that, the Lion was then truly recognized as King Of Beasts by me...
[Newest]Lions are stronger than tigers

I'm glad I picked this one because someone putted a lot of words and detail but they said they love all big cats and animals which is my comment! As I was saying I'm keeping as a pet lions, tigers, panthers, jaguars, leopards, cheetahs and lots lots lots lots more so you better watch your words animals are in my blood because there cute, playful, funny, clean and their very INteresting to watch and play with and I had been searching and watched plus talked about animals all my life and a zillions of animals are going to kiss huge and play with me all the time and I will never ignor and leave them by my side and one day I asked god that I wanna be the queen of mother nature because I'm going to protect feed play and give them lots of love no one loves animals more than me have a nice day P. S I bet animals will attack and hate you1!
I love the beautiful lightning speed of cheetahs. Strength is nice, but speed and grace win it for me. It's hard for me to choose a favorite, though, because I love all big cats and all animals.
Cheetahs are so fast and they are a beauty of big cats there are 5 breeds of them and they are Cheetah, King Cheetah, American Cheetah, Melanism Cheetah and Albinism Cheetah. They are my favorite animals but I love all animals.
[Newest]Cheetahs are very fast and sneaky. They can only run short distances. They can reach the speed of 60 miles an hour, but they can't run that long. I love cheetahs for their speed and agility.

I think that jaguars should be first because they can take down anaconda and some can even take down crocidiles and the only cool thing about cheetahs is that there very fast and I never heard of a tiger taking down anacondas or crocs and lions there's really nothing really cool about them the only thing is that the have puffy hair and just to let you know experts are saying that there thinking jaguars are the strongest cats they have a way better bite force than a lionns have 600 bite force tiger haves 1050 bite force and the jaguar haves 2000 so get it right bro
Jaguars are my favorite. Exp black ones. Tigers are my number two.
Jaguar can kill an anaconda and it has the most powerful bite force of any big cats in world. If the tiger and jaguar starts fighting the jaguar will win this fight.


The internet said a jaguar is stronger than a lion and about the bite thing and jaguars are smaller than tigers so the can sneak up trees and kill the tiger

Leopards are graceful, tree-climbers, not only a great cat because of being a king of its trees they rule ground and trees! They are worthy of king just like tigers! I mean they must be strong to haul x2 their body weight up a tree! Don't you think!
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A beautiful, terrifying, cat. It have always been my favorite!
[Newest]Leopards are stronger than cheetah and I say that cheetah is just an ordinary cat

6Puma, Mountain Lion, Cougar
What? How is a cougar 10th? There is without a doubt if all the cats were the same size, the cougar would dominate all cats. Cougars are way better than lynx and bobcats. A bobcat or lynx couldn't kill a wolf but a cougar could easily kill a wolf. I've seen fights between a cougar and a lynx/bobcat and the cougar dominated them. Cougars kill prey bigger for there size. If a cougar were the size of a lion then they would kill the biggest prey. Cougars are also very pretty. There is no denying that.
Yes Cougars are kinda big but not really. Usually 130-200 pounds. About 5-6 feet in length. They look really skinny but are so pretty! Cougars are considered big cats because they can't roar. Sp they aren't small but are considered small cats. So Cougars are the best cat!
you know you're awesome when you have a shoe named after you


7Snow Leopard
Ruler of the snowy mountain tops, graceful and agile with excellent balance, beautiful coat for which they were hunted, not to mention the adorable fluffy fur, big feet, and long tail! The Snow Leopard is severely underrated.


I love them they catch there prey easily where they live in the snow! The babies are so cute and love to cuddle up to anything warm laugh out loud email me at s33458@parkhill. K12. Mo. Us and tell me what you think
So beautiful yet so strong can brave cold climates like no other not to mention the cubs are super cute

8Black Panther
Seriously. Black panthers are the most shy and mysterious of the big cats. They are rare and exotic. And awesome because their fur changes in sunlight and reveals leopard spots. Because they actually are leopards! RADD!
Black Panthers are epic, they are very rare and were once thought to be an entire different species! But zoo oligests soon discovered the hidden spots in the Panthers fur, most Panthers can be found in zoos

9Amur Leopard
I love the amur leopard. Not only is it almost extinct, they are very beautiful. Come on guys they have only 35 left in the wild!
I wish there were more...

10King Cheetah
This animal has beautiful spots AND stripes. Probobly the coolest breed of cheetah, but all cheetahs are cool.
I love the king cheetah! There spots and designs Re beautiful, I love the king cheetah.

The Contenders

11Clouded Leopard
I think these are most unique in their pattern and locale. Just see one to fall in love with them.

12African Cheetah
Cheetah is the fastest animal on earth. It can reach up to 200 km/h
Cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world! It can reach speed upto 120 kmph and that's very amazing!


The lion/tiger hybrid. The largest cat on earth.


The best of a tiger and a lion "THE KING OF KINGS" enough said
They literally never stop growing for their entire life


14Northwest African Cheetah
This cheetah lives in the Saharan Desert. It is very skinny and has a long, skinny face. It has huge ears.
Cool but weird looking cheetah. Lives in the saharan desert and is very skinny and has big ears.

15Female Lion



18Asian Cheetah
Cheetahs are the Fastest Animals. They can reach 200 km/h. Cheetahs are very beautiful.


I LOVE THEM. I think lynxes are strong enuf. Some people keep them as pets but that is a legel.
Lynx are omazing animals.And I don't care that they are the weecest of the big cats they are still grate animals.and gest because there the weecest of the big cats dose'ent mack them the weecest animals in the world.

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