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21Frozen a Warm Welcome - Queen Marisol of Eldora Family
22Rayman: The Movie
23Donkey Kong Country
24Garden of Fantasy

This movie contains mythical creatures allies - Fairies, Troll, Goblins and Gremblins. Humans-A modern medieval princess, an evil western twisted villain and villainess, King and Queen of the kingdom called Royalidias and the city villagers. Animals and Insects- Crow, Raven and Butterfly.
Cameos- The poisoned apple from Snow White and the 7d, Ursula's seashell necklace, containing Ariel's voice, Belle, Jasmine, Meg, Mulan, Pocahontas and Esmeralda - Princesssmooth

25Chihiro Ogino's Whole Entire Past Before the Movie Spirited Away
26Kohaku River's Whole Entire Past Before the Movie Spirited Away
27Studio Ghibli Crossovers
28Rumiko Takahashi Crossover World
29Borderlands: The Movie!
30Rocko's Mid-Life Crisis
31The Hyena Queen

This needs to be made... To repair the damage that The Lion King has made to the reputation of the animals!

32The Diddlybobs Meet the Wiggles Fun Movie
33Cree and Abigail Lincoln's Whole Entire Past
34The Blue Fairy
35The Blue Fairy and Jiminy Cricket Movie
36Cree and Abigail Lincoln's Whole Entire Past Before Codename Kids Next Door
37Big Hero 7
38The Princess Elements

Fire,Water,Nature,Snow and Wind are one of the greatest elements known to guard Earth. It is owned to enchanted princesses of the last monarch. They are called Nadine (Nature) Wilma (Wind) Summer (Fire) Serena (Water/Sea) Winter (Snow). But also there are 5 to defeat them. Rage (Fire) Wave (Water) Destiny (Nature) Melanie (Snow) and Willow (Wind). They must defeat them and guard Earth. But how? - kontrahinsunu

39Yoshi's Island
40The Kooplings
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