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The Top Ten

The Beatles
Are you kidding me? #3 that's crap. The beatles should be #1! The beatles are the most successful group in history! I'm 15 years old and the beatles are my favorite band. I mean hearts name will fade into the past along with their music. The beatles will live forever! They created everything we know. As president Obama said, "Elvis created rock and roll, The Beatles came in and busted the walls down. " We have to keep the beatles alive, otherwise my generation and generations to come will never know what real music is!
How does the jackson 5 make this list 2 times? The bands who really deserves to be on this list two times is the Beatles. They influenced more bands than any any other in history. There music varied from rock to pop and the Beatles dominated in every genre and still manage to be inspiring to artists always. I'll give up if you can give one artist, just one, that the Jackson Five or Heart influenced then I'll give up. The Beatles had albums upon albums where you can name many of there albums. The two bands ahead of the Beatles had no albums and almost 0 hits. God bless the Beatles for there forever engraved in my memory. By the way, why is the Velvet Underground not on here?
It's amazing how far down the Beatles are. Even more amazing is how far down Pink Floyd, the Who, and Jimi Hendrix are. Without them, where would any music be today?
[Newest]The Beatles owned the world for many years, no one compares except for maybe Elvis. Michael Jackson could not hold his own with either. Led Zeppelin, Stones, The Who, The Doors, Aerosmith, all good bands. Hendrix was good, never cared for his music.
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2Led Zeppelin
THE most influentual band ever. I bet if Micheal Jackson was still alive, Jackson five would be nowere on this list


led zeppelin is amazing jimmy page john bonham john paul jones robert plant four of the most talented musicians ever


First off, it's spelled led zeppelin, not zepplin. No band could match the aura of zeppelin. Within one hour that the people got the news that they were touring, all the tickets would be sold out. They outsold the Beatles and the stones put together 40-1
[Newest]The best! In love with this band forever! Led Zeppelin will never die!

3Pink Floyd
No seems to remember who founded the band, Syd Barrett. He started the band, gave it its name and wrote most of their songs until he took too many drugs, misbehaved and got kicked out. You know Roger Waters for many years wrote Pink Floyd's songs about him after he was kicked out.
Awesome song writing, music, voices, totally started a "new" progressive kind of music
Pink floyds songs are awesome amazing singer and guitarist


4Jackson 5
Of course the Jackson 5... They will alwasy live in the hearts of all who grew up to there beautiful music... Michael was amazing as a little boy/young teen frontman...


Was a great Band, just think that in this band was Michael Jackson!


Popular in the late 60's?
They were unheard of outside of their home town of Gary, Indiana until "I Want You Back" was released at the very end of December in 1969.
The album itself did not even chart until January of 1970.
[Newest]Mane my favorite boy band


They were absolutely brilliant! One, if not the best of female bands.
A personal favourite of mine. I have quite a few of their albums

Saw them in concert just this week and they are beyond great. Unbelievable how good the lead singer sounds. Best vocalist I've ever heard and one of the Top 5 hard rock shows I've ever seen.
Were brilliant?!?! ARE BRILLIANT! Just KILLED at the Greek last summer. One of the best bands and singers ever - male or female.



How could Heart be ahead of Queen? You don't know what music is


No, I say Queen is the most influential ever. Look at Lady Gaga... Hm...

Radio Gaga
Lady Gaga

I see something going on here
[Newest]All time favorites by them and the Beatles but still

7The Rolling Stones
Jagger-Richards, Aftermath, Beggars Banquet, Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers, Exile on Main Street, Goats Head Soup.

And Mick Taylor's lead guitar playing (1969-74).
The longest running band of all time really 1500 hundred dollars a ticket and still filling arenas obviously just as influential as any of the above bands and jaggers intencity speaking which wheres ozzy on this list and what about maynard slayer no mention of the darker side of music Michael jackson is a creepy weird man yet the 5 make top 5 really come on this is bogus
Grew up in the greatest era of music in history. A lot of unbelievably, really great bands. But nobody touches the stones. When the last note fades away, they are just quite simply alone at the top!
[Newest]The stones should be number one and stones always crush Beatles

8The Doors
All the best frontmen were REALLY messed up... John Morrison was no exception. A brilliant young man (and fun to look at laugh out loud) who, unfortunately, had serious problems. He was a true poet. Robby Kreiger paved the way for electronic music through the years, and provided some of the most melodic tunes of the era. He was, in short, extremely overrated. The Doors broke the mold... And there will never be another band like them.
Hypnotic, rich music, combined with poetic lyrics and a strong presence overall - the band, that seduces you, strips you naked, opens up your head and chest and dares you to look inside, to dig deeper every time you face fear and death, to go crazy and embrace the path you choose. Their music was bluesy, solid rock, individual and really influential, it had a message, it was like a door to a hidden face of our surrounding reality. And, no, I don't do drugs.
The most unique band ever. A poetic genius on the mic( as well as a drunk and an LSD abuser) but none the less a genius. Robbie Krieger is also quite possibly the most underrated guitar player of al time. Just cause the music was differnet doesn’t mean his talent wasn’t there...
[Newest]The Doors influence on music is vastly under appreciated. Forget Marilyn Manson, Jim Morrison was the first "rockstar" & he only developed more depth/soul as time rolled on. One of the most original & talented individuals ever to create music, surrounded & assisted with 3 talented musicians in their own right.

9Bob Dylan
Dylan's amazing lyrics and ability to adapt to various instrument styles makes him one of the most influential musicians of his era. On a completely separate note, why has Grateful Dead only gotten 0.2%!?!
Bob Dylan is the father of a lot of things we correlate with Rock. He should be WAY highter on this list
Are you kidding? Beatles over Bob Dylan? You must be joking. Without Dylan there would be no modern music these days.
[Newest]The greatest living poet, has written some of the greatest songs ever and covered by so many other great artists

10Jimi Hendrix
Jimi 'the dead God' Hendrix revolutionized the electric guitar and spearheaded psychedelic rock like no one before or since. The fact that he is 9th on this list is ridiculous to me. I'm sorry but if you cannot see the beauty that Jimi communicates through his music I just feel sorry for you. I am 16 & know for a fact that he is a master of not just the guitar but music as well. Please, go light a candle & throw on a Hendrix record. You won't be dissapointed, I promise.
"Music is my religion" - Jimi Hendrix
I loved Jimi Hendrix, he could really rock out on his guitar.
Jimi Hendrix was one of those people who should have lived because the world would be totally different like ozzy he was one who was suppose to live and he did and he is still going

The Contenders

11The Who
This is the greatest band of all time. Zeppelin has nothing on this innovative group. With the rock opera Tommy they made albums like The Wall possible. They were probably the best and most talented live band as well, each person brought a uniqueness to the group. The best scream in history in Wont Get Fooled Again, introspective songs people could relate too, and music that ROCKS! The Who are underrated, innovative, spectacular legends.
This was a monster of a band during the 70's. With Heart's original line up, only a few could claim to have ever had their musical talent. Ann Wilson on Lead Vocals, Michael Derosier on drums, Steve Fossen playing bass and three of the most underrated guitar players of all time Nancy Wilson, Roger Fisher and Howard Leese. HEART could play with the best of them and if they would have been able to stay together they would have easily dominated rock music well into the 21st century.
I like majority of the bands on this list but.. How is the Who #8? The Rolling Stones should be somewhere in the top five as well, which is crazy.
Saw The Who live once! Absolutely brilliant they were. Should be on the top five at least.

12The Eagles
The eagles should be on top. THEY're awesome! Come on people listen to their music and at least vote for the right band to get first! I mean seriously? The eagles"12"? Come on.. Without this people, we wont know about music especially the guitarist part. come'on people!
A real class one band. I have listened their songs more than one thousand times but I swear that each time I explore anew THE EAGLES. I recommend that every single soul should at least hear it once, then become a fan of their fame. Thanks. Bye. Navee Rehman.
An amazing group that served the likes of most everyone young or old
[Newest]The eagles should be on top!

13Elvis Presley
Without this man there would have been no beatles, no rolling stones and probably a lot more bands who would not have formed themselves, unfortunately he is responsible for cliff richards
You could dance and sing with Elvis' music. I have many great memories from the late 50's and into the 60's of Elvis' songs and music that I loved to dance to at Teen Town and enjoy with my friends at home! He really rocked during those days, and his music continues to rock and roll.
Sold more than other solo artist ( He has sold 1.5 Billion albums). Had more number 1 hits than anyone in the UK and that's why they call him The King of Rock and roll.
[Newest]The greatest there is

14Eric Clapton
I cannot believe Clapton is this far down the list.
What the F is EC doing 18th on the list? He's a legend who far surpasses most of the bands listed higher in ranking.


Legends. Greatest artists on the planet. No-one will ever exceed their status and ability.
greatest american rock band, should be much higher on your list.

16Michael Jackson
MJ should be #1. Are you all crazy?! He may not have been the best singer, blah blah blah... But he WAS the best, most influential, and most talented performer there ever was or ever will be. Y'all are trippin... #54. Whatever dudes. And how is the jackson 5 on the list twice... And before MJ?! Really? Get your facts straight.
Just have to say he should be #1
Are you kidding? He should be number ONE! He's the best! He's called THE KINNG OF POP!

17The Velvet Underground
Was the spaeter von raus kam, Lou Reed, John Cale... Schon Spitze!

18The Allman Brothers Band
The greatest band ever. Just a group of spectacularly gifted musicians who could play anything. They continued to evolve, even through the tragic deaths of Duane Allman and then Berry Oakley. I can only imagine what they might have been had those two not passed.
The Allman brothers have always been a great bunch of musicians "no side shows, theatrics or tricks" just great musicians playing great music.
What else can you say except... Fillmore East! That will live forever,... I rest my case, your honor.

19The Hollies
Loved The Hollies, they bring back some happy memories.

The Forefathers of ROCK N' ROLL DURING THE 70S
These guys were at they're prime!
Voted most popular band by teenagers in America
Most controversial
The most branded brand then and now
Most revolutionary, set the bar for what a rock concert should be like
Sold the most tickets
Most merchandise
Most fans
Had their OWN MOVIE for pete's sake!
First band to EVER debut for solo albums from all four members on the
Most popular band in the 70s? You better believe it! Then and now
Case closed! ;)

KISS Is The Basis Of 70's Rock.

21David Bowie
Bowie should be at the top of that list so inspirational admire him so much such a great vocalist and amzing at writing lyrics, such an amazing man and tye most outrageous fashion sense which is one thing I admire so much I'm 14 years old and to be able to do what bowie does would be a dream come true to e bale to walk around in the stuff he wore and not care what anyone thinks is just fantastic
Most successful artist whether be music or lyrics, undoubtedly, and with the most harmonious evolution over time.
Just after Johan-Sebastian Bach!
Bowie should be up there with Pink Floyd. They both put on the most Fabulous stage shows. They are the most creative artists and most definitely the best rock 'n roll in the 70s besides the Beatles.

22Ike and Tina Turner
Pure funk and soul
Nobody worked harder thn this duo with their music and dances!

23Marvin Gaye
One of the best of all time
Excellent singer.. with a superb voice...
Marvin Gaye sang some moving songs we all (Vietnam Vts) real loved his music. I'm a vet suffering from Parkinson's and have trouble remembering them but there was one from the 70's Sam "? ". ? Maybe Sam Cooke another was the one to sing the Tear's Of A Clown.. They were all great

24The Carpenters
Beautiful music that reached many people throughout the world. A real tragedy with the death of Karen Carpenter. There music is still very popular.
With the unique voice of Karen & the beautiful harmonies Richard wrote, much of my youth was spent listening to these guys.
[Newest]Karen Carpenter had the most beautiful voice I've ever heard. She is missed greatly!

25Black Sabbath
The original heavy metal band. They should be number 1 because without them every metal and hard rock band would not even exist.
I can't believe they're not already on the list. Black Sabbath RULES
Best band of the 70's bar none! Ozzy's best years by far and they haven't been killed by over-playing on the radio like Led Zepplin.
[Newest]Always be number 1 on my list

26Gladys Knight
The Empress Of Soul had mega hits in the 60's and 70's: Grapevine, Neither One of Us, Midnight Train To Georgia, If I Were Your Woman, The Way We Were, Imagination, On and On ^^ many more.

Saw Yes in the mid seventy's awesome band!
Say them when they backed Janis Joplin at the Albert Hall.
Just plain FANTASTIC! Always great music!

28Bee Gees
Totally, totally untouchable. The best group ever by several light years. No group now, or in the future, will ever get anywhere near them.

Number 1 Bee Gees fan
Gréât songs, sexy guys, super creativity
They wrote songs for other famous singers that made it to 1# and remained top longer than others
[Newest]They have more than 500 songs!

29Moody Blues
Nobody, but nobody can top the Moody Blues in continuing touring for so many years and still sounding like they did in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90, 2000 and to the very present day. Their talent supersedes any other group. Their songs are known worldwide, they have sellout crowds wherever they go and their music is timeless. It's just as valid today as it was when the songs were recorded. They'll always be #1 in my book.
These guys are the best band ever and are still going. They started in the 60's and are still touring and writing songs and singing the tunes that have influenced three generations of fans. I'll be on their Moody Blues Cruise in March and I'll see them again this year when they tour in the fall. They are brilliant!
The Moody Blues music is timeless, a classic band who are still around performing, selling out venues. What does that tell ya? They have the most loyal, devoted fan base who truly gets it. The Moody Blues made beautiful, incredible music.
[Newest]The albums were carefully crafted to include music that worked together, one song leading into the next. Today, crap like rap all sounds alike. There are no albums, but only single releases. If they tried to make an album, it would sound like nothing but a 30 minute cut of the same thing over and over again.

30Janis Joplin
Most powerful female voice; no one is her equal.
I love her. She was amazing women with unique talent and voice.


31Diana Ross and The Supremes

32Billy Joel
Come on guys billy joel has some of the catchiest songs

33Cheap Trick
Very under appreciated band, but they can rock hard.
The greatest bar band to ever come out of America.
One of the most underrated, but greatest bands.


Why are these guys not in the Rock Hall

34Sex Pistols

Record sales, beautiful voices, musical, what more is there to say. This was an incredibly popular band in the seventies and remains popular today, having the second spot in the UK's best selling albums list. They had eight wonderful albums and several hits, unfortunately only one in the US. ABBA is my favorite seventies band, because of the music. It's sad, but most people are unable to look past the band's cheesy appearance and lyrics, and see the brilliance in the music.
They revolutionized pop, put Sweden on the map, and had fans all over the world before anyone even thought of the internet. Two ladies with voices that no one could ever copy, and two gentlemen who put some of the most beautiful melodies into mainstream pop. Say what you will, but I absolutely love them.
So many of theirs that still catch my attention and make me wanna dance, after all these years. That's what makes it one of the best groups for me.
[Newest]Heartbroken that they never came together again. The best group from the 70s.

36Creedence Clearwater Revival
One of the most creative and best US rock group from the 70ests
Obviously Creedence is the best. No contest. People who thing anything different tell me this: Who sang "Fortunate son"? Yeah, CCR all the way.
Best american band of the time period

37The Four Seasons
The four seasons invented a new sound that still impresses to this day! Many people don't know that they sing a lot of good songs.

38Neil Young
Not a Neil fan I see, had to scroll all they way down here to find him.
He spoke the truth and nothing but the truth so help me God!
I was quite dissapointed to see him this far down the list. His guitar playing abilities alone should place him much higher on this list.

39New Seekers
Eve, Graham, peter doyle and lyn paul really made this band a class act.

Brian Connolly's voice is amazing! At least in the earlier days for them. They weren't superb however they're singing abilities may possibly have been the best! Better than Queen who've ripped them off completely.
Great group here! I'm surprised enough to even see it on this list. They have a lot of good songs but only a few of them are really original.


The sweet started glam rock their the most underrated 70's band

41Jefferson Airplane

42Grand Funk Railroad
They are without a doubt the most known unkwons of the underground, but definetly one of my top ten..
Nothing better than the song " I can hear him in the morning"
To me they were one of the best American heavy rock bands of the 70s. Awesome in concert, check them out on YouTube!

43Alice Cooper
Alice is still great and still puts out great albums. Alice had a ton of hits in the 70's as a solo artist and with the original band as well and there is nothing like an Alice stage show.
Great onstage as well as off

44Linda Ronstadt
Power, range, great entertainer, so hard to pick a favorite song, to many to choose from, okay I'm going "Heatwave"
Beautiful woman, beautiful voice Should be ranked higher
The best female singer, ever.

45Grateful Dead
Dead Should be #1
Jerrys THE MAN

46The Turtles

47The Animals
Love to hear Eric sing, very sexy voice and just sexy! Under-rated definitely

48Elton John
Elton John Is Simply AMAZING! He is a musical GENIUS! I'm 15 years old and he is my absolute favorite singer ever! I play the piano and I would love to be able to play the way he does! His music is so beautiful!
Definitely should be #1. How many of the other artists of the era are still filling large stadiums and recording #1 albums?
Led Zeppelin will always be my favorite band, but Elton John is what introduced me to music. He will always be one of my idols.

49Emerson, Lake & Palmer

so great with the tom scholz brad delp combo.
the most underrated band ever!


Boston's vocal and guitar harmonies remain signature rock accomplishments. Boston took the best of the past and created the future of harmonic and melodic rock and roll.

51The Beach Boys
The Beach Boys should be way higher, a lot of great hits, and came out with an album last year that was in the top 5... lets see the stones or kiss do that... not to mention the fact that the Beach Boys have had 3 times the top 40 hits that Kiss ever thought of having.
Come on - they actually were the only bad that knocked out the Beatles in a number 1 slot. Also Paul McCartney gives Pet Sounds high praise.
The Beach Boys should be number 1, Brian Wilson a genius


53King Crimson
Lets here Epitaph, you may say that it happens only for the others.A. sOUFARGI

54Fleetwood Mac
The best music from the 70's and 80's, one of the best selling bands of all time and it's obvious why.
Should be much higher. Like the eagles they were all musical.
My favorite HighsCOOL band,79-82. they should be in the top 10, remember (RUMORS)!

55The Jackson 5
Can You Feel? Don't blame it on the sunshine, don't blame it on the moonlight... Amazing group. Michael and his brother made magic.
This is one of my favorite bands growing up and I always used to come home after school and listend to it nonstop
Whyare there twojackson fives? Whats upwith that haha I don't know

56Electric Light Orchestra

57Peter, Paul and Mary
Iconic in their persistence to sing about peace. Harmony and consitent audiences until Mary passed on.

58Leonard Cohen
I never knew who he was until an ex roommate had me listen 10+ years ago. Never realized how many different variety he played including in movies. I can now pockets him out its amazing thank you
The most amazing singer and song writer.. A legend!
Saw live in Christchurch nz just bloody incredible

59The Grass Roots

Legendary eric clapton ginger baker jack bruce. no greater supergroup than these 3
All 3 were masters of there instrument

61Crosby, Stills & Nash
The most intricate harmonies and deep meaningful music of any era. With out a doubt they were American's Beatles.

62James Taylor
Sweet baby blue eyes!
James Taylor is the best artist there will ever be.
WRONG, JT One of the Greatest Song Writer

Gotta love Santana. I've seen them 4 times - the first was the early 70's in Milwaukee.
Top 10 guitarist ever. In my opinion.

64Kate Bush

65Simon & Garfunkel
The greatest musicians of all time. This list is crap.

66Lynyrd Skynyrd
Should be up there with the Allman Brothers. Great band whose time was cut short by a plane crash.
Should be up there with the Allman Brothers. Great band whose time was cut short by a plane crash.
Should be a lot higher

67The Mamas & the Papas
Everyone love them, if they listen, fantastic
Speaks to the heart, thanks Cass

68Flo & Eddie

Maybe one of the most influent rock band with gabriel collins banks rutherford and hackett.
Best Band ever of all the time.

70Helen Reddy

71Dave Mason
Most underrated musician of all-time... Listen to any of his albums and you will get an immediate respect for his music... See him in concert and you will be a fan for life.
Dave Mason is still the best, beautiful songs he is an excellent guitar player and singer.

72Black Oak Arkansas

73Status Quo

74Herman's Hermits

SLADE should be in the Top 10 of any 1970's rock list!
Before KISS.
Real clasics still enjoy Far Far, Away

76The Kinks
The Kinks should be in top five. Most underrated group of all. Ray Davies is a one of a kind writer. It is an insult to have some of the people listed above the Kinks. They don't belong in the same conversation.
They should be at least in the top ten, they were extremely versatile and have influenced many groups from the past and present but still, they are impossibly underrated which is deeply saddening!
They were the best thing since Sliced Bread... God Save the Kinks

77Jethro Tull
Tull (Ian Anderson) are one of the best bands of all time. They have been going for so long and have played many different genres of music not to mention the number of albums sold. They are still touring. can't beat that.
All time best overall music.. Original genre... Follows no pattern.. But is above the standard... Unbelievable timing, modulations, effects... Just unbelievable...

78Johnny Cash

79Delaney & Bonnie

80Sonny & Cher
Sonny and cher made me a very happy person in California at the age of 16 being all alone I ENJOYED LISTING TO I've GOT YOU BABE

81Jefferson Starship

82Sly & The Family Stone
Ya gotta have some funk on the list!!!!!!

83Carly Simon
Loved this girl! All her songs were so heartfelt and I loved every minute of them. I am still a fan.
I'm going back to re-discover singers I liked. Carly is one.

84Dave Clark Five
I like their theme "Because"
Best rock band of that era for me anyway!

85Three Dog Night
A great group of the 60's & 70s. I followed them through my 1st & 2nd Navy enlistments and like them to this very day as a now 72 year old man. Their music to me is timeless.
Legendary group from the 70's. Played in 2 super bowls.

86Good Rats

Greatest BAND EVER! Enough said...

88The 5th Dimension


90The Zombies
Brilliant keyboard player; Rod Argent, coupled with brilliant lead voice; Colin Bluntstone equals brilliant group!

91Neil Diamond
One of the best singer and song writer. Coming to America and Sweet Caroline are the best among many others.
How do you count him out?

Songs like Ventura Highway, Tin Man, Daisy Jane and Sister golden hair are some of the best of the 70's.
Greatest harmonizers of all time.
Great music and and song writers

Was the breakout performer at Woodstock in '69. She continues to sing all over the world with her message of peace, love and light.
Should be much higher.

The most underated band in the history of American Metal rock, ever, Music Talents, Monster Rockers, your collection, is empty with out them.
One word only, AUSOMBAND...


95Diana Ross

96Martha and the Vandellas

97T. Rex
Unicorn even better period

98Ted Nugent

99Jack Jones

100The Real Thing

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