Greatest 60s and 70s Singers and Bands

July 28, 2015 - This is a compilation of who I believe is the best from the 60's and 70's! Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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The Beatles
Are you kidding me? #3 that's crap. The beatles should be #1! The beatles are the most successful group in history! I'm 15 years old and the beatles are my favorite band. I mean hearts name will fade into the past along with their music. The beatles will live forever! They created everything we know. As president Obama said, "Elvis created rock and roll, The Beatles came in and busted the walls down. " We have to keep the beatles alive, otherwise my generation and generations to come will never know what real music is!
How does the jackson 5 make this list 2 times? The bands who really deserves to be on this list two times is the Beatles. They influenced more bands than any any other in history. There music varied from rock to pop and the Beatles dominated in every genre and still manage to be inspiring to artists always. I'll give up if you can give one artist, just one, that the Jackson Five or Heart influenced then I'll give up. The Beatles had albums upon albums where you can name many of there albums. The two bands ahead of the Beatles had no albums and almost 0 hits. God bless the Beatles for there forever engraved in my memory. By the way, why is the Velvet Underground not on here?
This is the most influential band in the rock era. They wrote most of their music, and changed their style so rapidly that no other artist (s) could match them. Elvis Presley was undoubtedly a good singer, but his songs were written for him by other people. The Rolling Stones first learned how to write songs by watching Lennon and McCartney, and their style never evolved anything like the Beatles did. Brian Wilson may have been on a par with Lennon-McCartney as far as creativity goes, but the total body of his work does come close to the Beatles! This is like comparing Shakespeare with Neil Simon! The difference in the relative quality of their work is that much above almost all of their contemporaries.
[Newest]The Beatles are amazing they changed my perspective of music witch is amazing that kind of thing is hard to do to someone
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2Led Zeppelin
THE most influentual band ever. I bet if Micheal Jackson was still alive, Jackson five would be nowere on this list


led zeppelin is amazing jimmy page john bonham john paul jones robert plant four of the most talented musicians ever


First off, it's spelled led zeppelin, not zepplin. No band could match the aura of zeppelin. Within one hour that the people got the news that they were touring, all the tickets would be sold out. They outsold the Beatles and the stones put together 40-1
[Newest]Still listening today, still the best.

3Pink Floyd
I understand why this is number three but at the same time I don't. More people like the Beatles and Led Zeppelin ( I am a huge fan too) more than the number of people who like Pink Floyd the best so that's why they are third buy why they like em better is what I don't understand. I'm not saying that the number one and two are not good I'm saying because I absolutely love them both I'm saying that Pink Floyd id just better in my opinion but it makes complete sense that floyd is 3rd because the number outweigh and its totally predictable seeing as how many fans they have and had but I just had to put in my vote for floyd but all three are like my favourite bands but I've just had more of a personal liking to Pink Floyd more ever since I was like 5 but its really close because on a scale from 1-10 floyd is a 10 and the Beatles and Led Zeppelin are both a 9.5 but yeah I'm not arguing or soundin like a douche I just sorta wanted to say this because I'm in school and bored and not wanting to do my essay so I'm talking about stuff I actually care about so um yeah nobody will see this but I did this for the purpose of not being bored and yes I am posting it because I took time to write this and even though it sucks I don't care
Awesome song writing, music, voices, totally started a "new" progressive kind of music
No seems to remember who founded the band, Syd Barrett. He started the band, gave it its name and wrote most of their songs until he took too many drugs, misbehaved and got kicked out. You know Roger Waters for many years wrote Pink Floyd's songs about him after he was kicked out.
[Newest]Considerably more musically influential than the Beatles

4The Doors
Hypnotic, rich music, combined with poetic lyrics and a strong presence overall - the band, that seduces you, strips you naked, opens up your head and chest and dares you to look inside, to dig deeper every time you face fear and death, to go crazy and embrace the path you choose. Their music was bluesy, solid rock, individual and really influential, it had a message, it was like a door to a hidden face of our surrounding reality. And, no, I don't do drugs.
All the best frontmen were REALLY messed up... John Morrison was no exception. A brilliant young man (and fun to look at laugh out loud) who, unfortunately, had serious problems. He was a true poet. Robby Kreiger paved the way for electronic music through the years, and provided some of the most melodic tunes of the era. He was, in short, extremely overrated. The Doors broke the mold... And there will never be another band like them.
The Doors influence on music is vastly under appreciated. Forget Marilyn Manson, Jim Morrison was the first "rockstar" & he only developed more depth/soul as time rolled on. One of the most original & talented individuals ever to create music, surrounded & assisted with 3 talented musicians in their own right.
[Newest]The greatest band ever!

5Jackson 5
Of course the Jackson 5... They will alwasy live in the hearts of all who grew up to there beautiful music... Michael was amazing as a little boy/young teen frontman...


Was a great Band, just think that in this band was Michael Jackson!


Popular in the late 60's?
They were unheard of outside of their home town of Gary, Indiana until "I Want You Back" was released at the very end of December in 1969.
The album itself did not even chart until January of 1970.
[Newest]Mane my favorite boy band


How could Heart be ahead of Queen? You don't know what music is




No, I say Queen is the most influential ever. Look at Lady Gaga... Hm...

Radio Gaga
Lady Gaga

I see something going on here
[Newest]All time favorites by them and the Beatles but still

7The Rolling Stones
Jagger-Richards, Aftermath, Beggars Banquet, Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers, Exile on Main Street, Goats Head Soup.

And Mick Taylor's lead guitar playing (1969-74).
The longest running band of all time really 1500 hundred dollars a ticket and still filling arenas obviously just as influential as any of the above bands and jaggers intencity speaking which wheres ozzy on this list and what about maynard slayer no mention of the darker side of music Michael jackson is a creepy weird man yet the 5 make top 5 really come on this is bogus
This group should be somewhere in the top 5. They were 2nd to the Beatles in the 60's an 2nd behind Zeppelin in the 70's among bands. Overall they were relevant in four different decades. How many other artist or bands can say they have these credentials?

They were absolutely brilliant! One, if not the best of female bands.
A personal favourite of mine. I have quite a few of their albums

Saw them in concert just this week and they are beyond great. Unbelievable how good the lead singer sounds. Best vocalist I've ever heard and one of the Top 5 hard rock shows I've ever seen.
Were brilliant?!?! ARE BRILLIANT! Just KILLED at the Greek last summer. One of the best bands and singers ever - male or female.

9The Who
This is the greatest band of all time. Zeppelin has nothing on this innovative group. With the rock opera Tommy they made albums like The Wall possible. They were probably the best and most talented live band as well, each person brought a uniqueness to the group. The best scream in history in Wont Get Fooled Again, introspective songs people could relate too, and music that ROCKS! The Who are underrated, innovative, spectacular legends.
This was a monster of a band during the 70's. With Heart's original line up, only a few could claim to have ever had their musical talent. Ann Wilson on Lead Vocals, Michael Derosier on drums, Steve Fossen playing bass and three of the most underrated guitar players of all time Nancy Wilson, Roger Fisher and Howard Leese. HEART could play with the best of them and if they would have been able to stay together they would have easily dominated rock music well into the 21st century.
I like majority of the bands on this list but.. How is the Who #8? The Rolling Stones should be somewhere in the top five as well, which is crazy.
[Newest]Saw The Who live once! Absolutely brilliant they were. Should be on the top five at least.

10Bob Dylan
Dylan's amazing lyrics and ability to adapt to various instrument styles makes him one of the most influential musicians of his era. On a completely separate note, why has Grateful Dead only gotten 0.2%!?!
Bob Dylan is the father of a lot of things we correlate with Rock. He should be WAY highter on this list
Are you kidding? Beatles over Bob Dylan? You must be joking. Without Dylan there would be no modern music these days.
[Newest]The greatest living poet, has written some of the greatest songs ever and covered by so many other great artists

The Contenders

11Elvis Presley
Without this man there would have been no beatles, no rolling stones and probably a lot more bands who would not have formed themselves, unfortunately he is responsible for cliff richards
Elvis is THE KING, THE BEST, EVERYTHING! Without him we'd be stuck with crappy music. He brought a new era, he was a humble, nice, caring person. He has sold more than ANY other solo artist in the world... EVER! What an accomplishment! Elvis changed the world forever, and still is changing it! Without Elvis, there is nothing.
You could dance and sing with Elvis' music. I have many great memories from the late 50's and into the 60's of Elvis' songs and music that I loved to dance to at Teen Town and enjoy with my friends at home! He really rocked during those days, and his music continues to rock and roll.
[Newest]The Beatles, Jackson 5, Heart, and Queen were active in only one of the two decades.


Legends. Greatest artists on the planet. No-one will ever exceed their status and ability.
I LOVE Steven Tyler. Without him the band would be nothing. Lead singer The best

13Jimi Hendrix
Jimi 'the dead God' Hendrix revolutionized the electric guitar and spearheaded psychedelic rock like no one before or since. The fact that he is 9th on this list is ridiculous to me. I'm sorry but if you cannot see the beauty that Jimi communicates through his music I just feel sorry for you. I am 16 & know for a fact that he is a master of not just the guitar but music as well. Please, go light a candle & throw on a Hendrix record. You won't be dissapointed, I promise.
"Music is my religion" - Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix is a rock god and it's so shocking to see him so low on this list he was amazing in every way and played the guitar in a way that you could feel and hear his soul running through every tune and play - forever living on he is amazing! 0_0
I loved Jimi Hendrix, he could really rock out on his guitar.

14The Eagles
The eagles should be on top. THEY're awesome! Come on people listen to their music and at least vote for the right band to get first! I mean seriously? The eagles"12"? Come on.. Without this people, we wont know about music especially the guitarist part. come'on people!
A real class one band. I have listened their songs more than one thousand times but I swear that each time I explore anew THE EAGLES. I recommend that every single soul should at least hear it once, then become a fan of their fame. Thanks. Bye. Navee Rehman.
Heart in front of the Eagles. Are you serious. I really cannot take you seriously.
[Newest]The eagles is friend's GOD

15David Bowie
Bowie should be at the top of that list so inspirational admire him so much such a great vocalist and amzing at writing lyrics, such an amazing man and tye most outrageous fashion sense which is one thing I admire so much I'm 14 years old and to be able to do what bowie does would be a dream come true to e bale to walk around in the stuff he wore and not care what anyone thinks is just fantastic
Most successful artist whether be music or lyrics, undoubtedly, and with the most harmonious evolution over time.
Just after Johan-Sebastian Bach!
Bowie should be up there with Pink Floyd. They both put on the most Fabulous stage shows. They are the most creative artists and most definitely the best rock 'n roll in the 70s besides the Beatles.
[Newest]I love David Bowie. And like the others here said he should be way up.

16Simon & Garfunkel
Simon and garfunkel I Discovered them when I was 11 (i'm 14 now) and I have been to a concert with Paul Simon and sting and another concert 3 days after with Art Garfunkel (in Denmark🇩🇰)
I'm only 14 and I fell in love with Simon and Garfunkel from the minute I first heard them! If only today's music was this good, what they have out now is garbage.
They should definitely be #1, or at least in the top 10!
The greatest musicians of all time. This list is crap.

17Eric Clapton
I cannot believe Clapton is this far down the list.
What the F is EC doing 18th on the list? He's a legend who far surpasses most of the bands listed higher in ranking.

18The Hollies
Loved The Hollies, they bring back some happy memories.
Under rated band :(

19Billy Joel
Come on guys billy joel has some of the catchiest songs

20Michael Jackson
MJ should be #1. Are you all crazy?! He may not have been the best singer, blah blah blah... But he WAS the best, most influential, and most talented performer there ever was or ever will be. Y'all are trippin... #54. Whatever dudes. And how is the jackson 5 on the list twice... And before MJ?! Really? Get your facts straight.
Just have to say he should be #1
Are you kidding? He should be number ONE! He's the best! He's called THE KINNG OF POP!

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