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Led Zeppelin


Their music will go on forever; my 26 yo son loves them! For that to happens really means their music is timeless! THere is NO ONE that can come close to them! I've never heard a voice like Plant's in my entire life (with the exception of Freddie Mercury)!
Still played on all classic rock stations regularly. Never gets old.
I was there from the beginning of Rock and Roll I went through the Beatles period and in my humble opinion nobody comes close to LED Zeppelin
Led zeppelin is the best band ever and is 6 times over. The fact that it is not #1 is sick and disgusting
I am 11 and my favorite band is led zeppelin. Sure the Beatles are good but can you really say they are better than Led Zeppelin?
John Bonham never die he alive for ever in our heart
Love led zeppelin the best of this generation
Since I've been loving you says it all by itself
Led Zeppelin the ultimate in classic rock...
Very unique with their own sound.
* Led Zeppelin is the ultimate musical gift to us all! Created from the talents of the 4 best musical artists, that, under some fortunate hand of fate; came together and united into one band.

I know of no other band that can take one singular note --> explode it through stars themselves and then return it ever so gently back down into our awaiting hearts.

"Forever live the climatic zephyr of these 4 wizards! "

A lil Side Note:
A battling title is not needed here, for no list # or placement could ever tarnish "Zepp's" greatness!

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